‘Help the youth and hold the politics,’ Harriette says, following DCA action


Tevaughn “Peter Redz” Harriette condemns the Development Control Authority (DCA) for the “severe action” it took in demolishing the business place of several Parham youth last weekend.


Harriette says he is also “very disappointed with the Prime Minister’s remarks about the situation – and those who are making the issue political without genuinely having the youth’s interest at heart.


“If, indeed, the youngsters broke the law, I’m calling on the DCA to act swiftly with others that we see [doing so] daily across Antigua. Make it a level playing field!” he says.


Harriette is the United Progressive Party’s Candidate for St. Peter and a resident of the village. He reports that, so far, he has had discussions on the matter with a DCA representative and remains in contact with the youth and their families, keeping them up to date with his efforts.


In terms of “offering comfort and guidance as to the next step,” Harriette says, “I’ve organized a meeting for today, January 18th, with a DCA representative.”


Coming out of that meeting, he says, he will actively “seek funding to help the boys rebuild their property at whatever location they decide.


“I will also offer any support I can when the process of rebuilding takes place – whether it be man power or an attorney-at-law to provide assistance and understanding of the legislation, to make it clear what they can and cannot do

– and/or offer substantial financial assistance.”


Going further, Harriette declares: “The boys, their families and I do not want it to be political!


“This is personal for me. I grew up with the boys, so I’ve known them for years. I feel their pain and I want to advocate for them,” he says.


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  1. Did you get a phone call or WhatsApp from gisele Isaac-Arrindell COMMANDING YOU to do this Peter Reds? At least you are an obedient puppy.

  2. This is so sad to see how our youth are being treated just to be entrepreneurs. The young men can’t find work in the country so they decided to start a partnership small business in their community. The business was legal because all the necessary documents were approved by the appropriate authorities including DCA. I am so proud of these young men. The advice for these 3 young men, do not give up on your dreams as an entrepreneur in the partnership agreement. God will make a way when it seems impossible.
    I understand that the area is needed for another young man to start a carwash business. DCA, is that a good fit location to construct a carwash? Would there be proper water drainage for the carwash wastewater to avoid road erosion from the water just running anywhere? Especially constant water running under the roadway foundation.
    Please give the 3 young men back the area to apply their entrepreneurship.

  3. Mr. Hariette one look at you with that earring in your ear and already you remind me of Wilmoth Daniel and “his” STRIPPER POLE BUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now little football boy, we have heard your “speech” at a upp virtual rally and you sound like you were raised in a backyard full of ram goats and pitbulls. So……did you get a crash course in Politics 105 to tell you to “say something”?? By the way WHICH MINISTRY are you the Shadow Minister for?

  4. It would have been nice to hear the reasoning behind DCA knocking down this building. I know that they are to give written notices for breaches in building and developmental issues that may have breached a law or regulation, but at the same time there are a lot of issues, MUCH bigger than this that DCA haas been very silent about or had turned a blind eye to.

    Illegal buildings going up, and not building according to plans, and can’t hear a peep from DCA. To be honest, I always found DCA to be a waste of a time government entity in this country. As I write this, I recall the elderly couple in McKinnons who reached out to DCA to deal with the very large warehouse right next to the people home, and I don’t recall DCA doing much about that.

    Anyway, if these guys broke some law or regulation, then I hope that DCA will go after others also

  5. Peter Redz is Shadowing MINISTRY OF STPIDNESS.
    Ian Magic Hughes ( CONVICTED MOLESTER ) is his Spokesperson.SHAME SHAME

    • How much molester Alp have .on the move u need to do some homework.before u start talking.because if i start u will be shame.


        “The court was told that the violation had impacted the young victim so severely, she wanted to end her life and had engaged in SELF MUTILATION. In this case, Hughes, who was ***50*** years old at the time, touched the child’s breasts and tried to force her to kiss him more than once, while they were in his vehicle.”


  6. When you get notice after notice from DCA to stop and desist, and you think you are big enough to ignore them, well then you get what you deserve. The DCA is not a political arm of any government. They take independent action and make independent decisions.

  7. Harriette, everything is politics for the Labour Party, and gutter politics at that. You have to learn how the game is played. You are not going to win anything by being nice.

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