Heart-related ailments claimed the lives of two tourists, pathologist’s post-mortems conclude


Two separate post-mortem examinations conducted on the bodies of tourists who died here have been completed, with both showing they died from heart-related ailments.

Government pathologist Dr. Petra Miller-Nanton conducted the examinations on separate days at the Holberton Hospital Morgue.

Her examination of the body of 89-year-old John Mizsak of New Jersey determined that he had died as a result of myocardial infarction with other related conditions.

Mizsak, from Manchester township, New Jersey, passed away on Monday, January 29.  His inquest was held on February 7 by coroner Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards, along with a five-member jury panel.

Meanwhile, Dr. Miller-Nanton has concluded that 42-year-old Ian Glen Wilford of Canada died as a result of acute cardiac failure (heart failure with aspiration).

While Wilford’s body had been identified by his father, Laurie Wilford, also of Canada, during the February 7 coroner’s inquest, it was identified for the post mortem by Roy Bento, honorary consul to Canada.

Wilford, a guest staying at Jolly Harbour, died on January 25 during a diving expedition with his wife, Julie, and three other people, off Ffryes Beach.

At the conclusion of the post-mortem examinations, certificates were issued in both instances, outlining the cause of death.-REAL NEWS

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  1. Wow! Just think about it. Two years ago, you could go nowhere without the c19 jabs. Prior to this, this was almost unheard of, but the massive spike in myocarditis and pericarditis among males is not normal. Of course, we offer condolences, but this is alarming.
    Antiguan and Barbudan men between 16 and 45, get yourself checked if you took C19 jabs or boosters of any kind. They are ALL problematic. It would be interesting to see what our death count is for 2021 and 2022. Checked the vital stats but there is nothing there. Wonder why? There may be dark days ahead in the wake of the government mandated poisons. Who in this country has not been attending endless funerals? Why?

  2. The gene therapy bio weapon (aka vaccines) doing the job of reducing the population as intended. This is becoming part of the new normal. Any baseline medical problems can be worsened by the jab. Roughly 15 % of mRNA jab recipients are injured of which 2.5 % sustained cardiac damage.
    It took 40 years for the medical establishment to acknowledge that smoking caused lung cancer; and, it’s going on 20 years for them to admit to the opioid crisis. Therefore, don’t expect them anytime soon to declare covid quackceens dangerous.

  3. There is a tidal wave of evidence of injuries and harms caused by these 💉💉 — but conflicts of interest and corruption will keep the evidence hidden. Profit over people is the most dangerous virus.

  4. … And as if matters couldn’t get any worse citizens of Antigua & Barbuda.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) as most of us already know, is vastly funded by the Bill Gates Foundation, now want to over-ride our global sovereignty by allowing non-consensual vaccinations when future pandemics occur – and they will!

    The MARBURG VIRUS plandemic is already being mentioned in the main stream media by these UNELECTED devils, and not only so they can prepare for future mass global vaccinations, but more importantly with compliance from our ELECTED governments.

    • Since when? Do you have the data to back up your spurious claims about the vaccines and boosters are now working?

      Let’s play a game and exchange each others data. You can go first with your above claim.


      Brixtonian awaits with bated breath … COME ON!

  5. In a way @Antigua me come from is right @ Brixtonian. They are doing exactly what this plandemic was all about. Money and mass genocide. Now, in wake of these poisons, people are dropping like flies world over. You who are vaxxed and boosted, should be afraid. Very afraid. You have within you what is equivalent to a ticking time

    • I hear you @ Watching, but it’s brainwashed people like @ Antigua me from that sickens me to the pit of my stomach, because more and more evidence is coming out – and now on a daily basis – from medical experts, virologists, whistle-blowers and embalmers (that are highlighting snake-like blood clots in the deceased).


  6. 100% of jabbed people checked in a study had elevated d-dimer levels, which is a marker for blood clot and stroke. If u are not killed or maimed by this poison u are lucky.

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