Fiennes workers protest for monies owed to them


Dozens of workers from the Fiennes Institute are protesting outside the treasury building this morning.

The institute  provides care for elderly persons in Antigua and Barbuda.

According to reports reaching Antigua Newsroom, the picket is to demand monies owed to them since 2019.

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  1. Food prices high,cost of living high, housing crisis, salaries same,workers cant get paid, pensioners cant get paid, local contractors cant get paid, GrabSton Labour party administration is a failure,only his cronies with the self enrichment scheme not feeling the pains and sufferings. Antigua TREASURY is shithole
    We are in a quagmire

  2. Don’t worry, you will get paid after Gaston Browne takes his portion 1st and if any left back for you. He is the minister of thiefing, I mean minster of finance after all. Now you know what I meant by Gaston is back stabber.

    I will never vote for backstabbing Gaston Browne again.

    Figuratively speaking, he should be decapitated.

  3. Let the PROTESTS spread across the entire island.
    This is not about just ONE small group that is protesting unfair treatment. We ALL must JOIN TOGETHER and have MASSIVE PROTESTS. The labor unions, airline workers, retired people, Fiennes Institute workers, EVERONE NEEDS TO STAND UP IN SOLIDARITY with them.

    It may not YOU today but eventually it will be you and your family as this situation continues to be inflicted on the people. How long does this feckless leadership think people can survive without earning money?

  4. These are front line workers. They have toiled through COVID and make sacrifices. Paying these people should be a priority of the ABLP.

  5. It seems like the teachers who have been waiting on back pay for up to 5 years now have to picket too. Teachers where are your voices? Are you nah want are you money? SMH! Where is the union? There is no solidarity with teachers. Is there no togetherness for progress? They sit and allow the heads that be to walk all over them. Wake up teachers!

  6. Some of you all deserve the blows ayo a get ..cause most ayo like spineless crab in a barrel..fighting each other instead of having a United front to address the unjust system…if 10 ..50..100 .people come out you think they going pay attention..Lock down st John’s like juvert morning and I bet you see results..them can’t lock up 20,000 people and if they use force the world would be watching….But then again ayo frade only got mouth ..

  7. Good for you workers of the Fiennes Institute. Stand up for you rights.For if you do not,or did not,no one would be doing it with you.

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