Healthcare System Faces Criticism as Glanvilles Polyclinic Struggles with Issues


REAL NEWS: The fractured primary healthcare system does not appear to be getting any better, as nurses at several clinics have been complaining about the lack of tools and medication and the physical condition of the facilities.

One of these is the Glanvilles Polyclinic, which, since its opening, has been plagued with issues.

According to Senator Alex Browne, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St. Phillip’s North, the most recent complaint by nurses at that facility is that an unpleasant odour is emanating from the building.

The premises are not being cleaned properly, Browne says he was told.

Additionally, due to challenges with the All Saints Clinic, persons from that community have been directed to the Glanvilles Polyclinic for medical attention.

However, Glanvilles residents and those from the surrounding communities are claiming that the patients coming from All Saints are receiving better treatment than they are.

It is alleged that a doctor who usually operates from the All Saints Clinic refused to see a woman from the local community when the practitioner assigned to the polyclinic was not on duty.

Browne claims the woman was told it was “not her day,” which, he says, he finds ridiculous.

Meanwhile, up to now, the clinic is experiencing issues with water, which recently forced it to close early, the UPP caretaker adds.

Senator Browne says the Gaston Browne Administration and, in particular, Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph need to address, seriously, the shortcomings in the healthcare sector.

He reminds the Government of its responsibility to ensure that the people, especially the elderly and the young, have access to proper health services.

The health of a nation is its wealth, the senator notes, and this administration appears not to care about the population and the quality of care it is being offered.

If the polyclinic were being utilized properly and for the people’s benefit, there would be some improvement in the healthcare system, Browne believes.

For instance, he says, there are other amenities that could be offered at the facility, which, he says, is large enough to accommodate a pharmacy and dentistry services.

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  1. Nothing to worry ’bout my fellow Antiguans, because everything will be resolved by this government, because Gaston Browne recently declared that Antigua is now an economic powerhouse.

    We shouldn’t have any concerns about our Health care system at all. Remember Gassssston 🥸 knows whats best for the country after two terms
    in office 😁

  2. You need to walk in the back area of the compound and take pictures to see the rubbish and filth the Chinese left behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if human waste is back there as well. How in the world you have a medical facility and the grounds are filthy. Walk in the back and see what I see.

  3. TO ALL THE CRITICS: Let us not forget that this country belongs to all of us….. it is always great & very easy to identify & complain about problems but why in Heavens are you not contributing the solution? Action always speak louder than words. If you are really a patriotic citizen then it’s all about ” EACH ENDEAVORG ALL ACHIEVING “

    • Don’t complain, never explain. What a wonderful world we live in. Well, wise guy, how about going to Glanville’s and help to clean up the filth and mess described. “Each Endeavouring, All Achieving”. And while you’re about it don’t forget to fix the obnoxious odour too. Don’t forget you are a patriotic citizen.

    • And never forget @ Bluddy Bloke, our beautiful and great anthem also says:


      As a patriotic tax payer, aren’t these words so encouraging?

      I adhere to this, unlike yourself who thinks that Gaston Browne is doing a good job for this country, and the sun shines out ah he … foot bottom.

      Remember, Brixtonian will continue to pull apart the false rhetoric of the ABLP acolytes and Gastonites.

  4. And in the meantime, I am waiting for the fogging in my area, that was advertised..Is there a wait for a really serious outbreak of dengue?

  5. Can someone explain to me what does “it’s not your day” means? Did she have an appt for another day?

    From All Saints to Glanvilles is a hell of a way to go. What happens to those who don’t
    have ways or means to get to Glanvilles?

    Why would anyone in their right mind add more patients to a facility that is having major issues operating and is also unable to provide the care to the community it was built to facilitate in the first place?

    In the end, only one suffer is POOR PEOPLE! Where the hell is Robin in all this chaos? St Phillips North open your eyes.

  6. I visited the glanvilles clinic a few days ago and the step to the entrance was covered with goat shit , and it seems as though the people in st Phillips north is comfortable with that because they’re not complaining , according to kubli song , if labor give them shit fu naym them will naym um.

    • I can never fully understand how half to most of the population can have the most to say about everything but can’t help to find out why something is happening or even try to find solutions. The place smell funky and bad, who is supposed to clean the area? Why is only one person being blamed when it’s supposed to be a collective effort by a community to make sure everything is up to standard. Then people complain that ABLP, especially Gaston, is not doing anything about water when the situation about the water was worst 10 years ago and even worst before they even got there, natural/clean water has always been an issue in Antigua since Adam & Eve. I don’t care which party is elected but it makes no sense to get party out when they are doing a fine at their job. It’s not a 10 or 9 but at least it’s an 8.

  7. Facts my arse… can you even count…5 is lower than 8, do you know this?
    Blame the royce sir fu ebryting cause he lub fu inna ebryting. He jus chat and nah follaw thru
    He jus hab no sense, pompus, fake, tink he is God but he’s a pee wee.
    The man suck mi tomach

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