Healthcare Standoff: Doctors, Nurses, and Patients Boycott Filthy Parham Clinic!


At present, doctors, nurses, and patients have gathered outside the Parham clinic, steadfast in their decision to abstain from entering the premises. Reliable reports indicate that the clinic has not undergone any cleaning procedures for several weeks.

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  1. The people of this community will be neglected because the didn’t vote for the ALP candidate. That’s the kind of spitefulness that some in leadership will perpetuate in their country and its people. Those that voted against the ruling party are relegated to third class citizens — They are being sent a subtle message that nothing beneficial happens for them if they’re not willing to fall in-line.

    Imagine, a place that supposed to deal with healthcare is quite possibly a hazard to health.

  2. Where is Disco Dumpling or the MP to fix this??? Millions spent on campaign and nothing for the clinic in the Arabic constituency????


  3. I guess when people fail to do their job it’s the minister’s fault. When they do their job, they get kudos. I wonder if they want the minister to micromanage the clinic as well. Makes me wonder who really runs the clinic. Isn’t it the doctors and the nurses? Shouldn’t they make sure their workplace is kept clean all the time? Or should the minister step from his job at the ministry developing policies and take care of things. Give me a break. People should be held accountable for not doing their job. That is what you pay them to do.

    • @sidelines
      Who exactly did not do their job? The politically appointed cleaner or the politically appointed liaison officers or the politically appointed caretaker? A DIRTY CLINIC (no cleaning since before LABOR Day) SAYS ONE THING TO ME, PEOPLE ARE SO DEMORALISED THAT THEY DONT SEE THAT THEY ARE LIVING IN SHIT!!!

      Wait maybe it is the politically appointed duncyhead people who love to be seen, who love power&money, but dont do no work OR who just dont have the experience and know how THAT ARE NEEDED TO COMMUNICATE AND GET SIMOLE TASKS ACCOMPLISHED or MAYBE THEY ARE JUST TOO BUSY LOOKING ABOUT THEMSELVES TO CARE JACK SHIT ABOUT POOR & SICK PEOPLE!!!

      YEP, EveryThing in this country is about politics…so yes get rid ah molwyn and his puppets& marionettes AND greater MORALE WILL RETURN TO THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH

  4. Gaston Browne, I and many hardworking Citizens of Antigua & Barbuda pay our taxes, get your finger out and start improving the pay and working conditions for our doctors and nurses.

    Start using my tax dollar for the correct and appropriate purpose, you useless waste of space.

    I’m beginning to wonder if our Prime Minister HATES autochthonous Antiguans … awful awful man!


  5. @ Truth Be Told IS ASOT THE GOVERNMENT?

  6. Disco Dumpling quiet bad now that election over and he LOST the war. Watta rum staple belly style

  7. We can expect nothing better from @Sideline. Indeed,Gaston Browne controls the nation’s purse and Asot has clearly stated that Gaston stated that since St.Peters is a shore ALP constituency, they don’t have to do anything.
    We blame Molwyn Joseph for any health related issues, and rightfully so; Daryl Matthew took the stick for education, but the real problem is Gaston Browne and his mismanagement of the nation’s purse.

    • Hope you also give him the praises for what happens in healthcare. Such as more Kidney Transplants in this country performed at SLBMC. A new Renal Center. And many other accomplishments during Covid.
      But while you guys keep barking the wagon moves on. And we are making more and more strife in the medical industry in Antigua and Barbuda. Look at what is happening with STEM Cell. Dr. Joey John is building a new clinic to take it to the next level.

      • @frontline What iS happening with stem cell ??? Please tel us!!. ….tel us also how is the average antiguan benefitting and how is the unwell antiguan benefitting… ?Just like the cancer center, the stem cell establishment is private.
        While at it, what is happening with covid?
        What is happening with our garbage?
        What is happening with the gutters!!!!….its hurricane season now!!!
        And lastly: our roads, what is happening with those? Each pothole we drop in makes our cars weaker…each pothole makes my pocket lighter and gives me a headache, cause I am Sick&Tired of buying front endparts and shocks!!!

        • @ Delta, Sideline won’t respond to your pertinent questions. He never does when pushed on the inadequacies of this terrible government.

          According to he, everything in Antigua & Barbuda is running smoothly by them; and he disappears when the criticism of the ABLP gets way to hot!

          Hopefully, he has NO senior position in any business or the church, or they are in BIG BIG trouble.

      • @Sideline: Is healthcare free to the indigent in Antigua, like Cuba?
        Why are pensioners complaining about not being able to receive their medications from medical benefits — Why aren’t they reimbursed their out of pocket cost for those medicines?
        Whom exactly are the beneficiaries of all this forward and upwards movements in healthcare?
        If the poor man doesn’t have access to the same services as the rich man, then only the rich should heap praises on “him”– But you don’t give a damn about the poor man, do you? Sadly, many of the poor themselves accepts that they are excluded
        from this “Next Level” progress which will be leaving them even farther behind.

  8. I have inspected that all kinda lackie driving G plates to pick up child from school and gf from the nail salon, but can’t these lackies drive from another clinic to Parham clinic to drop off a cleaner!
    Multiple Cleaners are hired in every department of the health ministry, some talk/gossip and ‘min other people business’ more than they work. Yet they get paid-in-full every week (cause the supervisors hardly get support when they report them; cause they are sent by MP so and so). Some have three & four jobs, so they spend one hour cleaning the government office and the other 6-7 hours of the 7-8 hour work day is spent resting up for job #2 and recovering from job #3.
    I know of someone who was up at 2am baking bread, went to clean office at 7 o’clock, sleep from 9am til 11am on the job, got lunch, then sit down til 2. By 4 o’clock that person had another separate full-time gig cleaning a completely different government office and by 5:30pm she was on her family’s farm. A hustler for sure, but at who’s expense? Some clean for statutory and government.. some clean for private and govt.

    I applaud the ” work like a mf ” attitude but, as human beings ‘something just has to give’ and most times, it’s on the government job that people half-step ( at all levels) .

  9. Disco Dumpling punk out with going with Chaku Waku to government house to submit petition for Antigua Airways.

    No time to study Parham people that vote for him.

  10. You know sometimes I really have a hard time having debate with inept people. It drains my energy.
    @Sideline: Is healthcare free to the indigent in Antigua, like Cuba?
    Cuba is a Communist state. Antigua is a Democracy. Here we have personal wealth and personal responsibility. Only a dumb person would ask such a stupid question. It tells me that you would like to have free healthcare but still would like to have your freedom to do as you like with your money.
    @ Delta, Sideline won’t respond to your pertinent questions.
    These are not pertinent question Brix. They are dumb questions and warrant me to have to time and time again go low to these people’s level of understanding and explain things to them. Which I have done over and over again. But they don’t learn anyway. So it’s wasting my time.
    @frontline What iS happening with stem cell ??? Please tel us!!. ….tel us also how is the average antiguan benefitting and how is the unwell antiguan benefitting… ?
    Perhaps you should start reading articles about StemCell research and understand how it can revolutionize the healthcare system. And yes, it is not affordable for everyone at the moment so I guess not many people will see the benefit of it on the healthcare side. But lets look at the economic side. Medical Tourism. That is what you call diversifying the economy. So, Antiguan’s benefits from that directly and indirectly.{utm_source}&utm_position=&utm_network=g&utm_target=&utm_placement=&b=b&utm_source=google|search&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content={utm_content}&utm_match=b&am=2021&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmZejBhC_ARIsAGhCqncaTuaTnHcIcV1YXHgzA1gfTTBc5mCFvXShVJCjzDhDJNFPPK9IljUaAt0KEALw_wcB&targetid=kwd-444365504573&loc_interest_ms=1000138&loc_physical_ms=1000138&extensionid=
    I mean guys please do not show the entire world how stupid you guys are. This internet thing is not just limited to Antigua. Remember that when you are posting. And although you are anonymous, it still reflects on you.
    Sir Molwyn has been the most successful Health Minister not only in Antigua and Barbuda, but in the region. And he has gotten regional recognition for handling of the Covid Pandemic and presently for leading the WHO when it comes Climate Change. He has been choosing to chair many of these groups.
    But just like with Gaston, you guys’ hatred does not allow you to see and think rationally.
    There is no comparison between when the UPP ran the healthcare sector and when the ABLP run the healthcare sector.
    @Delta May 17, 2023 At 3:06 am
    Just like the cancer center, the stem cell establishment is private.
    Just the other day when the cancer centre announced it closure you held the government accountable for it.
    And when a private investor announces not to continue a project you hold the government accountable for it. But when they do start the project, you do not want to give the government praise for it.
    You cannot have it both way. Damn if we do, damn of we don’t.

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