Health Regulations updated to allow for electronic monitoring


A new paragraph was added to the COVID-19 health regulations giving the government the authority to use an electronic device to monitor people in quarantine.


Paragraph 16, which introduces “Electronic monitoring” states that “a person who is required to remain in quarantine shall be monitored by an electronic device.”


According to the new provision, ‘the use of the monitoring device shall be solely for the purpose of preventing the transmission of the Coronavirus COVID-19 into the community.”


It also explained that the health authorities will use the device to monitor “whether the person has left the designated quarantine area and the health status of the person”.


The regulation said the electronic monitoring “shall be terminated immediately on the expiration of the quarantine period” and assured that information obtained from the electronic monitoring shall be stored securely for the duration of the quarantine.


The new provision also makes it a criminal offence if anyone “tampers with the electronic monitoring device issued by the Health Authority”.


Offenders are liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars or to imprisonment for six (6) months or to both such fine and imprisonment.


Paragraph 16 was added under Regulation 5A of the Public Health Act (Dangerous Infectious Disease) Regulations 2020, Statutory Instrument No. 16 of 2020.


Regulation 5A governs the special measure applicable to the period 31st July 2020 to 29th October 2020.


News that the government intended to utilize monitoring devices caused some public concern over the constitutionality of the move.


However, last week, Cabinet Spokesman, Melford Nicholas explained that the measure falls within the scope of the State of Emergency.


“The State of Emergency still obtains and it is under the State of Emergency that these regulations come into being. The action of the Ministry and the government comply with obligations and authority that come with the implementation of the state of emergency”, he said.


The State of Emergency is currently due to expire at the end of October.

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  1. Three cheers to the govt for introducing these surveillance bracelets!!! I tip my hat to you…… As civilized individuals, a degree of responsibility is expected from each one of us…. Regardless what we think, laws should be adhered to….. Now if we chose not to comply to those laws, then we should make up our mind to face the consequences….. I find it very strange that persons object to the bracelets but do not object to creating the risk of transmitting the Covid virus….. My life, your life and our love ones lives are all important…… So, if we choose to be so reckless & irresponsible, then according to the cliche, ” who can’t hear will feel ” especially at a time when we are given a yard, but we decide to take it upon ourselves to take a mile….

    • Buddy Bloke – Nobody is suggesting that anyone break the law. What is being said is we don’t like the restrictions and that they make no sense.

      They claim to be ‘following the science’ but in reality they are doing no such thing. By definition, the ‘pandemic’ was over a long time ago. There is no reasonable justification for the continued draconian rules that protects no one.

  2. Government response to covid-19 situation is ratcheting up with each new announcement. More and more severe rules and regulations are enacted while the ACTUAL situation shows the virus has slowed to a stop. It is time for the people to demand the PM to explain his actions in a way that makes sense to the people, because so far everything he is saying doesn’t square with the facts.

    It is past time to end the lockdown and the curfew and manitory mask wearing, social distancing, along with the dangerous erosion of our constitutionally protected rights and liberties.

    The government’s reaction to covid-19 has been way too overblown and unnecessary. It has destroyed businesses and lives. Our MAIN source of money, tourist dollars, has been endangered by this worldwide freak-out.

    It is time everyone stop for a minute, take a deep breath and calm down.

    • Will, in times of media fueled mass hysteria, there is no place for rational thinking! Over 200 people have died in Antigua since April and only 3 from Covid but Covid is the deadliest thing in the world for Antiguans and Barbudans?

      Opposition forces will not let this hysteria go to waste and will capitalize on every positive case, where the person is not even sick, to blame the Govt. And the Govt is using this as a shackle on the people.

  3. Nothing is wrong with laws but is not everything is to be accepted out of fear. If they make a law to enslave people will the majority fight against or accept that law? People need to observe whats going on and stop being fearful. Alot of homeless people in Antigua, if they care so much about people health and well being address those issues also not just getting bracelet to track people.


  4. We havent seen the impact of deaths in comparison to large countries, and i dont want that either, People are alive so no need to panic.The government tells up they are doing a good job handling covid,alot of things are implemented , alot of contractions. People tend to not listen when what they see, hear and feel does not add up. (A man live on redonda for the past 10 years by himself . No contact with anyone.A medical team goes there to test him they find he has covid) how comes? Is the covid test full of covid? They say it is not an imported case. The news i use to watch said it started in China other international countries got it, travel to the caribbean and it spread. More laws, restrictions and less honesty from authority! Thats why some people find difficulties accepting what going on

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