Health Officials Tour Chinese Funded Polyclinic


(Health Officials Tour Glanville Polyclinic and Community Center)

Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, the Honourable Molwyn Joseph led a team of Health Officials in a walk-through of the Polyclinic and Community Center in Glanville on Thursday 20th August, 2020.

The team included Permanent Secretary-Ena Dalso-Henry, Chief Medical Officer-Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, MSJMC Director-Albert Duncan, Administrative Secretary of Health Institutions-Suzanne Lake, Principal Nursing Officer, Margaret Smith, Director of Pharmaceutical Services-Alfred Athill, Acting Superintendent of Public Health Nursing-Almarie Coates and other Health Officials.

The Poly clinic mainly includes: lobby, public health nurse consultation, regional midwife consultation, psychiatry consultation, gas cylinder room, dental clinic and supporting disinfection room and toilet, laundry room, storage room, physical therapy consultation, rehabilitation area and its matching dressing room with toilets, ophthalmology clinic, offices for environmental officials, nutrition officials, and family nursing doctors, pharmacy, medicine collection, triage, vaccination room and supporting changing room, power distribution room, public toilets, laboratory, kitchen, staff room and supporting toilet, meeting room, portable X-ray room, ultrasound examination room and electrocardiogram room, duty room, medical waste room, emergency medical vehicle parking area, emergency medical technician area and supporting toilet, observation ward and supporting toilet, general practice room and supporting toilet, etc.

The community center mainly includes: entrance hall, auditorium (70 people) and supporting makeup room, audio-visual room, meeting room, power distribution room, equipment control room, athletes’ locker room (2), pump room (underground), storage and management room of sports equipment and ground equipment, auditorium equipment room, western-style kitchen, reading room, telecommunications room, computer room, public toilet and sanitary ware storage room.

After the project is completed, it will mainly provide local residents with basic medical services, public health services and carry out community service activities.



  1. WOW! After forthy years in political office finally Sir Robin Medical facility will be completed. The old renegades can retire now and say he did something.


    While you keep on chatting CRAP on OBSERVER RADIO.ABLP is moving with the Business of Antigua and Barbuda. This is PROGRESS. You should be ASHAMED of yourself commenting on this page. ABLP is doing a WONDERFUL job in Antigua and Barbuda . Take a Good look at theses Clinics. They are HOSPITALS. While you curse each night goods things are happening. I would like to hear you the day after the next election when ABLP win all 17 seats.

  3. This Guy KNIGHT is just a LOUD mouth without substance. I hope someday HON. GASTON BROWNE will bring a LAW SUIT against Knight for DEFAMATION .

  4. The people of Antigua and Barbuda are so proud of what the ABLP government is doing, even in the time of crises throughout the world. We are so blessed to have a true people’s government in office. In the next election they will totally teach the opposition some manners, and win every seat. we are so blessed to have a natural leader at the helm, in the tradition of our founding fathers and mothers. We ARE blessed! The Red Flag of international labour and social democracy flies proudly in this great land We are workers together!

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