Health Officials Say Individuals Under Quarantine Show No Symptoms Of Illness

YICHANG, CHINA - JANUARY 21 2020: Travelers wearing protective masks walk outside a railway station in Yichang in central China's Hubei province Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020. China has stepped up the measures to control the spread of the new coronavirus that has infected hundreds of people in China.- PHOTOGRAPH BY Feature China / Barcroft Media (Photo credit should read Feature China / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The Ministry wishes to assure the public that there are NO suspected cases of Coronavirus within the Caribbean region. Additionally, the Ministry wishes to inform that the individuals under quarantine continue to show NO symptoms of illness.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, as well as, other Health Ministers and officials from the Caribbean agreed to draft a comprehensive Communication Strategy to combat misinformation surrounding the novel Coronavirus.

The Minister of Health, WELLNESS and the Environment led this Emergency meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development which comprises the Ministers of Health from the
CARICOM region.

The Ministers of Health agreed that the current “”infodemic”” is causing unnecessary
pandemonium which is in itself unhealthy.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment will continue to update the public on ALL developments related to the novel Coronavirus.

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  1. How bout you tell us What you plan to do once people hit the airport any exposure to a infected person can contaminate the other people travelling on same flight or on other flights that end at our airport ?? Are you going to quarantine everyone and test them?

    It not just the people that traveled to China or from China..The virus not studying only who traveled to and from..It can jump from person to person

  2. We all Lax until it hit home..then what? Are your kids still going to be going school where they can contact the virus? All it takes is one person in

    • So you want the ppl dem to make up information cause you are inpatient?
      The best of the best are all baffled by this thing!

      • No ..I dont want the people dem to Make up information Who would want that?

        ..I want to know what exactly they plan to do and how. Are you telling me, the virus hit all over and they still have no idea despite what other measures other countries are doing? Are you saying they have no plan, no idea.. or they are not even thinking about a plan that they can share to make people feel more comfortable beyond the “If you suspected..quarantine you esp when you know other people are around the airport?

  3. So you want the ppl dem to make up information cause you are inpatient?
    The best of the best are all baffled by this thing!

    • The best of the best are baffled ? What fooly Bush you drinking. This virus was designed in a lab decades ago set to be unleashed now. Do your research!

      • @Cry in the Wilderness, The best of the Best Baffled but at least those all over taking precautions to a point and they TALK about certain measures being done..we just want to feel a bit confident or safer here where all things pass through like the man that slip under all our noses esp immigration with a fake Antiguan Passport..What are our chances then with a virus like that one?

        He can talk all he wants but we have a right to know

    • You can talk about impatient..I hope you are singing that same tune when cases slip through and someone you love (God Forbids)gets it. What will you say then? How will you feel then?

      It is natural for anyone to have questions..I sure as hell don’t want to be added under the death toll.

      • People die every day, get over it!
        Black people especially are killing each other. People are killing themselves with fried chicken, so what if the birds now fight back?

        • Ya People die every day…Black people killing each other over nonsense yea.People killing themselves GRADUALLY with Fried chicken (What a pleasant way to go) , so what if the birds fight back..why don’t you go to meet them then?

          GUESS you don’t have kids or care at all about anyone not even yourself..guess we should sit back and be reckless..

          Hey maybe I should leave all my doors open in the house, go lie on a beach in the dark with a sign saying mug me…oh no wait…since someone dies everyday , we should embrace it and have a don’t care attitude..maybe we should turn cannibals and eat each other..would you like that? bring the barbecue sauce when you coming TD

          • Idiots dying slowly. People just like passing the buck, enjoy the chicken and mind you dont choke.
            Death is a part of life. Y’all so bright, you should have a cure by monday.

        • @TD you sound so ridiculous..smh. LOL Go to China then and visit your Bird brained friends then, We will miss you

          • And the idiocy continues lol

            However Since you welcome death ..You eat the chicken and I am sure you wont mind if you choke . And as YOU are brighter, please find a cure on your own time

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