Health Ministry To Combat Coronavirus Misinformation

Molwyn Joseph

The Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, as well as, other Health Ministers and officials from the Caribbean agreed to draft a comprehensive Communication Strategy to combat misinformation surrounding the novel Coronavirus.

The Minister of Health, WELLNESS and the Environment led the Emergency meeting of the
Council for Human and Social Development which comprises the Ministers of Health from the CARICOM region.

The Ministry wishes to assure the public that there are no suspected cases of Coronavirus within the Caribbean region.

Additionally, the Ministry wishes to inform that the individuals under quarantine continue to show NO symptoms of illness.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment will continue to update the public on ALL developments related to the novel Coronavirus.

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    Professionally speaking, that which is widely known is that, ‘…people are left to speculate when there is ‘…lack of public information.’

    This often leads to ‘…Misinformation or Disinformation.’

    There is either;


    …Fiction; or


    Seems that;

    (a) …Some individuals;

    (b) …Some entities;

    (c) …Some organizations; or

    (e) …Some institutions’ are not only causing confusion in the minds of people, but also;

    (i) …Seeds of Doubt and Suspicion.’

    Amidst ‘…growing concerns among regional people’ over the ‘…Deadly Coronavirus,’ ‘…Health authorities and Medical professionals shall not give any impression of speaking with a ‘…forked-tongue.’

    Lest people become more confused, this idiom speaks to;

    (a) …Telling lies; or

    (b) …Saying one thing and meaning something else.’

    Now, in this news story, ‘…Health authorities and Medical officers’ are reportedly saying that;

    (i) …There no ‘…Suspected Cases of Coronavirus within the Caribbean’ [ANR: Paragraph 3]; yet they are also saying;

    (ii) …The individuals under quarantine continues to show ‘NO’ symptoms of illness’ [Paragraph 4].

    A better understanding might be discerned from this very irrefutable scenario.

    When a crime was reported and being investigated, ‘…Individuals under Police detention’ are considered nothing else, but ‘…Possible Suspects.’

    In other words, ‘…Police investigators’ may have ‘…Reasonable Suspicion’ that such individuals might be the culprits of a particular criminal act, or in some way connected or implicated.

    Clearly, it has to be some darn frightening thing why, according to this news story;

    (i) ‘…The individuals have been placed under Quarantine; and

    (ii) …Being medically monitored for ‘…Symptoms of illness.’

    Perhaps, a simple ‘…suggestion to achieve the considered objectives’ of ‘…Combating Misinformation or Disinformation,’ though primarily as a ‘…precautionary measure,’ lest people are left to speculate, might be useful to ‘…say what is suspected when an individual has been placed ‘…Under Monitoring Quarantine.’

    Don’t shoot. Accept the message.

  2. Pompey you hit this one out of the park. People will speculate when there is lack of information. As with Dengue, now corona virus everything in government is classified top secret and for your eyes only. This dates back decades or even a generation. Try getting simple information on Antigua from any government web site and see how it pales in comparison to the CIA Facebook. The size of our economy, our population breakdown by race or nationality, the census results, getting scholarship funds not even our roads and houses are named or numbered.

    Now that the shit has hit the fan the reactionaries do what they do best close the stable now the horse has bolted. You put the info out there that two people were quarantined – what else on earth would they be quarantined for ???? Mumps or measles ????????? Chicken pox???? The entire civil service is one big intelligence agency, the CIA and KGB have nothing on them when it comes to hoarding and hiding information.


      Really don’t know what the hell, they say ‘…individuals are under quarantine for; and being’…monitoring for symptoms of illness.

      But whatever the darn thing is, aint goin drink no darn ‘…Corona Malt,’ until they say.

      For now, taking ‘…Quack Doctor’s Advice,’ from ‘…Duncy Bat’ and his brother ‘…Rock Head.’

      Don’t want no advice from ‘…Ras Smood,’ either.

      He might diagnose ‘…Lack of Irieness,’ and prescribe ‘…Medicinal Ganja.’

      As far as is known, what is good for ‘…Pleasure and Irieness,’ is not necessarily good as ‘…Medicinal Cure.’

      Might be good as ‘…an ingredient for Sugar Cakes.’

      Duncy Bat’ believes it makes it ‘…Sugary Tasty,’ and likened to ‘KFC,’ makes people ‘…lick fingers.’

      Well, ‘…Irieness’ or ‘…licking fingers, that is not what ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ wants for frightened people.
      Might ‘…lick’ some darn kind ah virus too.

      Given the developments in ‘…China and Hong Kong,’ all that is needed is;

      (i) …Sustaining good health and wellness,’ and

      (ii) ‘…Free From Fear of Virus Infestation in the region.’

      And don’t mix this ‘thing’ up with ‘…Free and Fair Election,’ though.

      Already contending with ‘…Giant African Snails.’

      Though ‘…dey ketch and sarl dem,’ nobody ‘…Under Quarantine’ for them yet.

      Except in Africa, not even anyone who is as ‘…Duncy as a Bat,’ would fry them.

  3. Mr Pompey, Giant African land snails are eaten as bar snacks in Nigeria. When raised in captivity as pets or food, (snails) are fed a diet of lettuce, chicken feed, and commercial snail food. They’re also cooked, sliced, canned and sold as escargot!


      Today, everything darn thing is about ‘Virus.’

      Heard that plentiful with ‘…Common colds; …computers and certain Websites.’

      Darn thing seems to be getting out of hand now, travelling from the ‘…Far East’ to the ‘…Near West.’

      One sneeze, and it is ‘…Virus.’

      Placed on the internet, and it is ‘…Viral.’

      Except for ‘…St. Vincent and the Grenadines,’ people not only ‘…fraid people with it,’ but also ‘…Boats suspected of carrying passengers with it.

      Seemingly, from recent grumbling, ‘…Taxi Operators’ are clearly not afraid of two things;
      (i) …Virus: and

      (ii) …Money.’

      Here is their presumptive logic, if they ‘…ketch Virus,’ they would have ‘…some Money’ to spend on medicine.

      The other view to such logic is, if they ‘…Ketch Virus’ and it is not ‘…Money Virus,’ somebody must provide for their funerals.

      Now, given the information provided, seems that these snails can be allowed to decimate or flatten vegetables, ‘…Lettuce; …Cabbage; …Tomato; and Carrot beds,’ and then the same can be done to them.

      ‘Escargot’ alright.

      Not sure about ‘…mouth-watering,’ but seems a darn ‘…Inviting Delicacy.’

      Now, ‘…What about contracting Snail Virus?’

      Rather ‘…Conch; …Lobster and Crayfish’ for ‘Escargot,’ though.

      A person eating Snails, whether ‘…African or West Indian,’ runs three serious risks;

      (i) ‘…Developing a condition to be called ‘…Crawl-Walking;

      (ii) …Crossing the road, could easily be run over; and

      (iii) …Crawl-walk on people’s land, could be heavily Salted.’

      Nowadays, have seen lots of people ‘…buying plenty Salt at the Supermarkets,’ much more than they buy ‘…Lettuce and Chicken Feed.’

      Seems it would not only make ‘…Economic Sense,’ but also assist in maintaining ‘…Food Security.’

      Now, it begs the question, ‘…Why has the Pest Control Authority been advising people to feed them on ‘…expensive poisonous baits,’ knowing or ignorant of them being used as ‘Escargot?’

  4. Check all the big countries, if any coverup is happening its over in the East. Also some police commentators should know that some techical terms have secular definitions so leave the jargon alone. May the country survive the dunce virus after the ‘star’ virus is long gone.

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