Health Minister warns non-communicable diseases are deadlier than COVID-19


The country’s Health Minister, Molwyn Joseph revealed statistics showing that in Antigua and Barbuda lifestyle diseases are far deadlier than the coronavirus.

The Minister told state media of the close to 300 deaths so far in 2020 only 3 were related to COVID-19.

On the other hand, he said “70% are deaths from non-communicable diseases, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, that’s what’s killing Antiguans and Barbudans, not COVID.”

“I’m not saying that to say fighting COVID is not important. It is important but the world will eventually get a vaccine to stop COVID, but the deaths will continue.”, the Health Minister explained.

“You’re worried about COVID, but you must also be concerned about your lifestyle, what you’re consuming, all the sugars, the fats, the starches and not taking exercise, not resting”, he added.

Joseph concluded “this is an opportunity in the context of COVID to say let me make a renewed commitment to my own wellbeing. Let me take my life seriously and as much as I am trying to wear my mask, do the right thing, also do the right thing by eating right and following the advice from your doctor.”

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  1. As paddywould sy it’s not what is said bit who said it.

    Since the onset of COVID19 I have been making this point.

    Influenza and cancer respectively has infected and killed more people than COVID19 over the same period hence the term PLANDEMIC.

    The wearing of masks will result in new illnesses never seen before also this will come to light in the future not now.

    The constant washing of hands with chemicals and the constant use of alchohol and sanitizers will create new illnesses this will manifest in the future not now.

    Remember I said so, so when Mr Joseph say it remember where he got it.

    • @@@Melchesidec…
      …Nothing, as in No Thing!
      …’Tis the only Thing!
      …that, occurs as a result of a mistake!
      …All others, are by design!
      …and, over time as We sublime in its wake!
      …Eating to Live, not living to Eat!
      …Regardless, of how sweet is the treat!
      …Is protein to the cells!
      …To this be Wise!
      …for, if you compromise!
      …your life, can become!
      …and, to some!
      …the Sum, is a living hell
      …even worst, than being jailed in a cell.
      …oh well! According to Orwell
      …the Animals knows this!
      …only HUEmans Ignorance,
      …keeps them dancing, as if in a hypnotic trance
      …as if, they’re in bliss!

      • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The Afrocentric method considers phenomena to be diverse, dynamic, and in motion and therefore it is necessary for a person to accurately note and record the location of phenomena even in the midst of fluctuations. This means that the investigator must know where he or she is standing in the process.” – Dr Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity!
        The MoH is not using Data Analytics to arrive at and inform the conclusions!
        If one who suffers from hypertension is shot and goes into a serious state of shock, suffers a heart attack, ends up in a coma and dies, what is the cause of Death!
        Only The DON would relish and delight in MoH’s rationale!
        “The Method enthroned no critical reflection and reveals the environment of monolithic power as nothing but the projection of a cadre of adventurers.” – Asante!

    • There has been over 35 Million deaths in the world so far for 2020 and just about 2% attributed to Covid. Of that 2% over 95% are over 55 and most with a pre-existing condition. This is one deadly disease!

      We should therefore continue to lock down until 2022 when, hopefully an effective vaccine will be available. At least, that is what we, mindless sheep, have been told by the media and celebrity doctors.

      Of course, these “experts” are baffled that Africa hasn’t been overrun with deaths but the simple fact is, all the vulnerable in Africa are already dead due to lack of care, empathy and attention from the developed world. Their sophisticated medicines used to preserve the lives of their elderly and vulnerable, which were too expensive to save black people, has not been able to protect them from a simple virus.

  2. This is one time I have to agree with MP Jospeh. Non communicable diseases are the biggest health threat in Antigua and Barbuda. It’s usually persons with underlying conditions that have a greater risk for complications from illnesses like dengue, Chikungunya, Covid-19 etc. I unfortunately had Chikungunya and to this day one of my fingers still aches every morning when I wake up. God forbid if I had hypertension or diabetes, I might not be alive today. We all need to watch our diets and get in better shape.

  3. Where did he get his medical degree? Most health practitioners would concur that Covid morphs into several conditions. People with preexisting conditions are most susceptible to Covid which is deadly. Someone lacking basic medical knowledge or training should not be giving information without empirical data. Antigua’s Covid numbers are low because appropriate measures were taken to protect the citizens.

    • You don’t need a medical degree to know that sugar, fat, high cholesterol, cancers and the like will kill you. It’s up to you. Don’t listen and live your life.

  4. Adjunct Professor
    Your empirical data is available to everyone on the internet who can read.
    The so called ‘protective measures we’re not a factor because covid-19 has a survival rate of 99.997%
    The whole plandemic was an attempted globalists overthrow of western governments and the crash of their financial systems so they could bring in their evil New World Order which, thankfully has so far failed.

    • @Will, You should bottle what you’re smoking or the coolaid you drank. Millions all over the world have been affected and hundred of thousands died from Covid 19. What new world order CRAP you ate, drank or smoked? This virus is air bourne and deadly. If the ports weren’t closed it would have decimated little Antigua. Conspiracy theories and 5G are a bunch of hog manure, and you should stop sniffing it.

      • So da airport has been open since 4th June 2020 today is 10th September 2020 an am yet to hear da hospital being over run or people ah drop down dead please expalin this to one dunce lakka me

      • Adjunct Professor,
        Name calling won’t change the facts.
        Covid-19 deaths in the US for example had to be lowered to just 6% of the CDC’s original number. You can continue with your little fantasy about how deadly the virus is but it isn’t supported by any knowledgeable person anymore.
        As for my OPINION on the reason for the pandemic, it’s as valid as your inane opinions. So stop with the insults fool.

      • @Adjunct Professor…according to you, “this virus is airborne and deadly.”
        I, am a simple carpenter, who for the most part, try to live by a Nautroparhic lifestyle(I’ll eat some ‘phat pork’ on grandpa’s birthday, since, he enjoyed and lived for his ‘phat pork;’ and, some cloved goat water, on grandma’s birthday, since, she enjoyed, sucking on those bones).
        I, for one was never on “lockdown,” throughout this whole, Pan, Plan, Epi DEMIC, and would travel freely around the DMV(DC, Maryland, Virginia), at times being one of maybe, 50 vehicles on the Beltway, and depending on what time, of day, the only one(I keep a dashcam which records, just about 360* around me, whenever, I am driving. That sim card is in a vault, in case, you doubt me).
        Now, from this vantage point, I’ve had the opportunity view the Pan, Plan, Epi DEMIC, as it went from total lockdown, to phased in reopenings, to re-lockdowns etc, to include, the wearing, not wearing, improper wearing, of face coverings – masks, bras, handkerchiefs, ski-mask and the likes.
        OK, a little too much information, as my introduction to my question; but, nevertheless, you’re the #AdjunctProfessor, therefore, you should not have an issue with my, idiocy!
        Now, being an idiot who strives to learn something new, everyday; please help me to move from my idiotic realm to “fooly-beadee/jack azz” realm, in regards to the AEROSOLIZED virus COVID-19 reaping havoc, in the New Virtual World, referred to, as The Matrix by some.
        If, this virus is as deadly(I do agree, that as it morphs from a non-living entity, to a Flavian Monster), that devours the HUEman body, why isn’t it, the AEROSOLIZED COVID-19 virus, affecting and killing more people, like an Aerosolized aids virus, Ebola virus, herpes virus, chicken pox, etc.??????

        Oh, by the way, I had the opportunity, to knock the COVID-19 virus out of a very close relative, in FIVE DAYS, using Nautroparhic remedies, such as onion therapy, black seed oil, oregano oil, epsom salt, turmeric, home made chicken broth etc.(I am taking wagers on this one, any takers?)

        Please excuse, the epistle! Send the bill to Roylston Pompey, for your time!

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