Health Minister Says Antigua Is Virtually COVID-19 Free

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph

The Minister of Health, Molwyn Joseph, informed the Cabinet that only two known persons are now infected with the coronavirus in Antigua.

There may be others who are a-symptomatic and may pose a threat to their daily contacts. However, the data with which the Ministry is now working, it is reasonable to conclude that: “We are virtually Covid-free,” the Minister informed. He provided the data to support the claim in the Cabinet meeting.

According to chief of staff Lionel Hurst, the Cabinet’s next challenge is the importation of the disease  which the people and Government will face when the country reopens. In that regard, the Cabinet determined that managing the risk is now the dominant mode of operation.

Hence, avoiding community spread by a single infected person is challenging. Community spread is used to mean that the origin is unknown. Hurst informed that this did not occur in Antigua and Barbuda precisely because of the imposed measures which the people of Antigua and Barbuda continue to willingly abide.

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  1. Why are we locked up ?

    Every business providing employment can risk human infection however please do not talk to anybody or enjoy a beer, or a sandwich on a patio at the beach.

    Everything went fairly well when there was no lockdown and Covid running wild.

    Now with Social distancing, (Really physical distancing and not social distancing) how is it possible we can not sit six feet apart and socialize?

    The mental health of 100% of the populations is being harmed by this unnecessary lock-down.

    How is this helping?

  2. Virtually?

    Here we go with our ministers marking their own examination papers again.

    I wonder if one can catch the virus virtually or does it have to be literal.

    isn’t that what tests are for, to determine whether one has the virus or NOT? Not in Antigua.

    They test at a bare minimum and then declare the country virus free. All I can say if that is you you go first.

  3. Only in Antigua, we virus free but we only tested a handful of ppl. I know that Antigua is a small country but the lack of transparency is so vase. We can’t even do local tested but we r virus free. # of test subject 128+, # of virus infected individual 0,population 90k+. Country’s status “VIRUS FREE”

  4. These people (Molwyn Joseph etc) really take us for fools. How many tests have been done to support his non-sensical “virtually covid-free” statement? When was the last time he provided testing statistics to the nation? Molwyn is using dolly-house arithmetic to fool us. How can the number of positive cases increase if we’re not testing? SMDH

  5. (There may be others who are a-symptomatic and may pose a threat to their daily contacts.) By this statement please tell me how are we covid 19 free?

  6. This makes ZERO logical sense. There’s no way you can know that Antigua is “virtually COVID free” if you don’t have a regular, island wide, random testing process that samples the population. If the Ministry of Health had teams of people going around the island and administering tests or if they were a couple of drive-thru testing locations for Antiguans to go and get tested, then I might believe what the Health Minister is saying. But he has no SCIENTIFIC basis to say what he is saying.

    Our Island needs regular random testing. Anyone who works with the public and engages in work in the tourism industry should also be tested. For example, a good population to start with would be the taxi drivers on the Island. It’s a hard job and you’re always exposed to the public. These folks should be regularly tested.


  7. I think this man need a week in the psychological hospital to check to see if he is normal. How can he made such statement and the government have not being testing the people….Jesus take the wheel.

  8. The island has done and amazing job at containing this virus and decreasing transmission. No new cases in weeks during a global ‘crisis’ is commendable. All over the world cases are decreasing. Things are improving. Have faith in the ministry to continue to guide with the people’s best interest at heart.

  9. There are laws and there are new laws made during the covid lock down. And they constantly rescind them. This only goes to show that they are making decisions without thinking them through which makes them look like fools. Now here we are on the verge of summer: the new ones ‘ no wearing of headgears or sunglasses/ transition lenses while wearing a mask. Wow! This is so dumb l can’t even crap. Me ‘ hardbound’! How do these people come up with these decisions? On an island like Antigua where this is customery, are we supposed to just comply!?!? Had you done your research thoroughly via optometrists/optomologists you would have noted that there are folks with eye diseases who must protect their vision from the sun and light hence the hats and glasses. How are they to leave themselves unprotected and act like it’s business as usual!? Some of us also have to deal with photophobia which means being sensitive to light.Dear Mr law makers you need to address this. l am aware it is a kneejerk reaction to robbery that took place in Parham Town. But do you not think that by allowing the kerfue to start at 9:00pm will encourage more robbberies???? Do, God bless you, tink bout um. Yuh nar help de siterration in wan gud way.

  10. Molwyn Joseph is a punk a very fake person check out his facial expressions and especially if you try to hail him in the streets he acts like if he doesn’t hear people can’t trust that bredda day!

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