Health Minister Molwyn Joseph Calls for Zero Tolerance on Disrespect and Punctuality Issues in Healthcare Services

Sir Molwtn Joseph

CNW: The government of Antigua and Barbuda has enacted a zero-tolerance policy against any form of disrespect towards patients or visitors at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

“Let us all agree today that we will restart with a commitment that we must elevate our services to the level of excellence because the people deserve it. It is not by accident that the upgrades have started at the entrance since this is where service begins. Thousands of people will go through this door, and the question is, how do we feel from Minister all the way down to even the person who is the janitor in the hospital?

“How do we look at ourselves in terms of the commitment that is required? Disrespect, whether from staff to patients or vice versa, will not be tolerated.

Every employee of this institution must take it seriously that there is zero tolerance for disrespect of any patient or anyone coming to this institution for service.

I have witnessed the disrespect.”

There also will be a zero tolerance for staffers who are not reporting for duty on time, zero tolerance for workers who straggle in at 10:00 when they should be at their desk at 8:00, zero tolerance for workers who are in the emergency room and this is the time for truth-telling, who will play games on their telephones. Zero tolerance. I’ve witnessed it. I’ve seen.” – Health Minister Molwyn Joseph

During the unveiling of the newly expanded emergency room at the nation’s primary public hospital, Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph reinforced this resolute stance.

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph stated, “There are many doctors and nurses who work beyond their requirement in order to serve the public, and I’d like you to get a round of applause. But you know what, those who do not meet the expectation of their service are the ones who are tainting this institution, and we want to say as the minister, it’s time for us to up our game. We must put the Patients First.”

His message, delivered on April 7, 2024, coinciding with World Health Day, echoed throughout the ceremony, attended by dignitaries and medical professionals alike.

A milestone in healthcare enhancement

The event marked a significant milestone in the hospital’s ongoing mission to elevate healthcare services and address the evolving needs of the community.

The expansion not only introduced a new waiting area and operating room but also incorporated state-of-the-art facilities to bolster medical care standards.

Calls for operational reset

Minister Joseph emphasized the imperative need for an operational reset within the hospital, targeting issues such as tardiness and unprofessional conduct among staff.

His directives included a zero-tolerance approach towards tardiness and distractions, stressing the importance of promptness and dedication to patient care.





















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  1. What a man can talk f*ckery a
    When he go mayo clinic, maybe they roll out the red carpet
    When people have to figure out how to pay for their week of groceries and figure out how to pay for shocks and front end parts while still caring for elderly parents, he can’t possibly except them to bubbly everyday … who looks about staff wellness?
    Just seeing him up there everyday, makes some staff wanna puke

  2. Hey Joseph! Any updates on more or better equipment?

    Or improvement on the pay and conditions for our hard-pressed health workers?

    And how about the concerns of sick patients? Will receive the treatment, care and recovery like you yourself (and other ABLP Ministers) receive when you travel to America?

    All this “window dressing” and “cutting of tape” means nothing if you do not address the aforementioned.

    Oh, BTW, do you have the appropriate qualifications to be our Health Minister, or does your royal knighthood cover you?


  3. He needs to hush!
    I know the staff be rolling they eyes when he’s making these statements!
    Whatever molwyn!!
    Give me a break!
    You should really look about retirement now
    And by the way!
    Take granny from parliament with you🤔

  4. Mr. Joseph are you sure that you putting the cart before the horse?

    Yes the ER needs expanding but the problem is not with the waiting area in the ER. The problem exist in the asmatic bay area where more space & beds are needed..

  5. I was there and the black doctor and nurse was so rude, I reverse course in donating my $100,000 and equipment to that hospital. Also, those at the helm is in denial of the horrific service at that place.

  6. You talking about punctuality. I’m still waiting on my covid19 monies.
    Bigger space is the same stress, greater workload, and no monies, but u expecting $1000 service while the staff receives $2.00 pay. What u give is what u get back.
    U speaking about respect for patients and visitors, what about the respect for the stress out, underpaid staff it seems as if patients and visitors are humans but the dedicated workers are objects they don’t have feelings or even families.

  7. I am in total agreement with the minister in terms of the employees of our health institutions improving their services. Nothing he said in his speech was wrong . We don’t need to play any politics with our health care system fellow bloggers. Our health care system affects Red, Blue and Green alike.
    However, the government has also failed miserably in the maintenance and upkeep of our health care system. Without a Operating Theatre for several months is criminal. The closing of several health clinics is backward. The lack of supplies- as simple as cleaning supplies is ridiculous. The lack of medical supplies is suicidal.
    This can also cause frustration, low morale / demotivation amounts the staff. This frustration can lead to disrespect from both staff and the frustrated public.

  8. Editor, just incase you didn’t know Minister Molwyn Joseph needs to be addressed as ‘Sir’ Molwyn Joseph. But I suspect you are deliberate when dropping the Sir.
    The most accomplished and competent minister in our politics today. Every ministry he has ever managed he has taken to higher heights. Look at how we manage Covid 19. Opposition predicted Straffie and Barns would be overwhelmed. Our hospitals would not be able to keep up. But nothing like that happened. When he came in charge of the hospital the place was a mess. The then minister didn’t even set foot in the hospital for years. None of the machines were working. Since then Antigua has done so many kidney transplant, glaucoma surgery by the thousands and we ae getting ready to do even more. We have a whole renal center. So many can now go and be treated for dialysis. Not to mention the many that have received expensive medical treatment overseas. One will remember the young girl that had to flown out after her mother threw hot water over her and burnt her badly. This and many other things are to the credit of this man, Sir Molwyn Joseph. Complains reach him about the hospital and he steps in and voila, he takes action and remedies the situation.

    • Less we forget….Are u senile?
      Did you forget the container of bodies? Have you forgotten all the blatant obfuscation that transpired during covid? Where is the money for the cemetery? Whose delusions of grandeur led to him lifting a car over a fence and pure hatred for women who are not impressed by his bullshit?
      Strafffie and Barnes are corked full currently and have been for years!
      There is no sir required before that man’s name, he is a confusionist and who he can’t manage, he damage. There is nothing good to be said of him.
      Anyway, it’s people like you, and ministers like him, who keep the health care institutions in business cause both ah unno sick ppl stomach

      • Remind him again @ Just a matter of time. @ Less We Forget has a very “selective” memory, we should question whether or not he is linked, affiliated or even a fully fledged member of the ABLP.

        It will seem so by many avid readers.

        His response doesn’t come over as an “nornal” ANR blogger. Far far from it!

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