Health Inspector Offers Tips on How to Handle Rodents After Dead Rat Incident at General Post Office


Following the suspension of duties at the General Post Office due to the stench of a dead rat, the public has been advised on how to handle rodents.

Acting Principal Health Inspector, Julienne Mannix, gave tips on dealing with rodents in various situations.

Regarding food eaten at a work desk, Mannix advised individuals to remove any bits and pieces of food that may have fallen on the floor or desk and wash their hands thoroughly after eating.

She warned that touching paperwork after eating greasy food could attract rats, who tend to urinate where they feed.

Mannix also cautioned against contracting diseases like leptospirosis through unconscious actions such as touching one’s mouth or eyes after coming into contact with rat urine.

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Leptospira, which is contracted through contact with the urine of infected animals. Symptoms include fever, headache, chills, eye redness, muscle aches, and yellowing of the whites of the eyes.

Mannix advised against using cats to eradicate rodents, as they can carry diseases that are harmful to humans.

Instead, individuals with unwanted objects in their yards should contact the National Solid Waste Management Authority for removal, as overgrown vegetation can also attract unwanted pests.

Additionally, Mannix reminded the public to be cautious when using rat traps and other methods to exterminate rodents, as they can be hazardous to both children and animals.

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  1. Excellent article but cat is a natural predator rodents? Environmentally friendly and proven.

    Please give statistics from Antigua to support the assertion that rats carry diseases. Humans carry diseases also but we must go exist.

    • What so excellent about it? We’ve been infested by rats even before I was born. Who amongst us and where was the Health inspector back then telling us about leptospirosis. Is this the new world? Cats, traps, didn’t hear anything about poison, but we all used them. Man we had a rat so brave and smart we called him Ben, cause no trap or poison could catch him, you entered the kitchen at night and the first eyes you saw was Ben. I saw my brothers toe nipped, the stench is bad, but you just have to locate and dispose of. Solid Waste already moving stuff but rats travel in many ways, I guess we need to import some night Owls, breed them and let them roam wild.

  2. …and the cage traps make a convenient place to store the dinner entree until dinnertime 🙂

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