Heads Of UK And Antigua Defence Force Discuss Heightened Cooperation


On 31 January 2020, the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) welcomed UK Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Sir Nicholas Carter with a Guard of Honour parade at Camp Blizard.

Following the parade, General Carter and other British officials, namely the Designate-Resident-British High Commissioner, Lindsey Thompson, and UK Defence Attaché to the Caribbean, Lieutenant Colonel Anton Gash met with CDS ABDF, Colonel Sir Trevor A. Thomas, Vice CDS ABDF, Lieutenant Colonel Telbert Benjamin, and other senior members of ABDF to discuss areas of mutual cooperation and support from the British Military.

The discussion included ways for partnership between ABDF and the British Military through mentoring and Regimental affiliation.  They also discussed the possibility of the British Military lending support to capacity building at all levels from senior leadership to mid-level management within the Law Enforcement Organizations throughout the Regional Security Systems.  Col Sir Thomas also sought support in the form of subject matter expertise for the completion of the ABDF Strategic Defence Review.

The meeting ended with both CDS’ reflecting on the historical relationship between the ABDF and the British Military sharing the desire to continue building on the foundation already established.

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