Head Of SPARC Says Antigua Is Leading The Region In Marijuana Use

Head of the the new Substance Use Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation Center (SPARC), Feona Charles Richards, sent ripples through the crowd on Tuesday with the announcement that the twin island state is the leading the field when it comes to the use and abuse of Marijuana.
Charles Richards, who was speaking at the Rebranding and Relaunching of the Substance Abuse Prevention Division, disclosed that recent data has shown that Antigua and Barbuda is the heaviest smokers of marijuana in the region.

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  1. No one will ever be able to beat Jamaica with the use of marijuana. Is like the birthplace of Rasta. And just the population alone is more than 30 fold of that of Antigua. The person making this statement must have a gripe with us decriminalizing 15 grams and 4 plants

    • Clearly, she was speaking of the quantity consumed compared with the size of the population (or per capita basis), and not the absolute amount of marijuana consumed on island. So when @FromTheSideline and @SMDH speak of fake news, they need to understand what is being said before issuing condemnation

      • Where is this so called ‘data’ where is the compartives to justify her statments. She wanna make these claims but not putting out the proof to back up her claims?? Give me an asprain. Unless she presents her ‘data’ she can keep her fake news to herself

      • My sentiments exactly, some people just like to pop off at the mouth without getting the full understanding of what was said.

      • Sorry I’m reading the article here and there is nothing here that says she compared this per capita. So if you have that information good for you but the editor did not choose to share that here

  2. For her to use such a statement must mean every last person here in Antigua and Barbuda smokes or use marijuana which is false. Where is this ‘data’ she is talking about. Where are the compartives? Just cause you want to prove a point doesnt mean u spread a false narritaive or in the words of President Donald J. Trump ‘fake news’ SMFH.

  3. Can someone please check this persons aircon,as I think herb is being burnt close to the intake fan and this woman HYYYYYYY no frig!…🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  4. I don’t know why persons are finding this hard to believe. Do u guys live in Antigua? I implore all of you to do some observative research for urself. Marijauna use in Antigua and Barbuda is pretty high. Children as young as 9, 10, 11 (I’ve seen them in my village) are smoking. There has also been an increase in Marijuana usage amoung our young women.

  5. @Dunlop

    No one is saying it is not high. What we are asking for is the data, facts or evidence of same.
    For her to make such a claim means that she has comparative data from all the other countries which I seriously doubt.
    Antigua does not have the discipline or wherewithal to collect marijuana usage data, hell we can’t even name our streets and number our houses much less
    This is an alarmist call to arms with a view to getting funds allocated to the cause.

  6. A lot of people living in Antigua, don’t really know what’s going on in this country, I realized people don’t know the amount of marijuana plantation in Antigua that one can go and just purchase it like you buying groceries from the store, I don’t know if am going to live between the next 10 to 20 years, but there’ll be a lot of zombies walking on the streets of Antigua

  7. I see many of you are surprised by this finding.Substance abuse is high in Antigua.When matters are close to you.Many would see it as just normal.Because seeing it often becomes a habit,custom as we say.There are too many adults,young adults and children abusing strong liquor and weed in Antigua.They would do it openly without fear.That is what I have seen with my naked eyes.I do not know about the Data.However,you guys and gals that think weed is the be all and end all.You would be in for a very rude awakening.What good is derived from weed and or alcohol if you abused them.Absolute poverty and high crimes in my opinion.

  8. At least have some data/information to share. I mean is this even an article. Six lines. Who needed the news to tell us we smoke the most. We are actually increasing the smoking so we stay on top.

    Interesting to know we smoke more than the Yardee dem but we have no facts. How much per capita ? How much pounds ? How often ? What age group ? What REGION is the article referring to ? OECS, or Leeward Islands or the Caribbean region ?

    Waste of time to tell us that. We voted for GB Admin so we can smoke more. Up to the Times.

    Signed 15 Grams/4 Plants

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