Has Ambassador Hurst been careless with the truth (or) Is Mr. Algernon Serpent Watts being callous with a crown jewel media in Antigua-Barbuda?


By Arvel Grant, Political and current Affairs Analyst (Read more of Arvel’s analytical pieces on arvelgrant.com and [email protected])


It is natural that as general elections approach, partisan temperatures will rise to   “fever pitch”

However, I am bemused by the idea that the Antigua Observer outfit,   would choose to abandon its mantra, that all voices are welcomed over its microphones and to go so far as banning the Government’s chief spokesperson, from a dedicated weekly guest slot on the Observer AM…


More particularly, the decision of the Observer Board is baffling, especially, since, its business model is a profit-making, commercial Enterprise. Why would a broadcast enterprise (in Antigua-Barbuda) committed to a viable profit-making operation, choose to discourage listenership by Labor party supporters? At the most recent general elections, those voting labor, outnumbered votes for the UPP by more than 3 to 2. Rather than seeking to shrink its support-base, the Observer Board should have a premium on preserving and expanding its listenership, because that is its advertisers’ primary draw to the media system…


Importantly, if Ambassador Hurst is careless with the truth, that creates more media and journalistic opportunities for reporters and producers, working with the Observer.  Conversely, banning the Government’s Chief spokesperson from a dedicated guest slot (in which he answers questions arising from the weekly Cabinet briefing)   only hardens the attitude of ABLP supporters; while discouraging listeners wishing to hear all sides of the story. Making it nigh impossible) for Journalists and producers (at observer) to do their jobs…

The decision of Cabinet, to embargo participation of ministers on any of the Observer platforms, is a case in point. It could be    a matter of time, before such a Cabinet decision, includes all government entities. Furthermore, left unresolved, the ripple-effect could   begin to influence how advertisers spend their marketing budget…

One hopes that the Observer management will step back from this and focus on setting policies inspiring: Quality programming; Continuous expansion of listenership and revenue-base; Paying   its employees and its bills; continually invest in more efficient systems and processes; Expansion of its holdings strategically and make a profit. Guests to appear on news and current affairs programs, should be determined by: Producers, Journalists and presenters, without interference from management…

Politically, “banning” Ambassador Hurst from a dedicated guest slot on Observer AM, is stranger than fiction. Certainly, what the UPP and its friends at observer should want, are programmes with the widest cross-section of listeners. That way, its targeted political messages, can be heard by other than its “hard-core supporters”???

Is it the case that, the Government’s Chief Spokesperson spins on the issues very well?  Could the UPP be so frustrated because its team of “spinners” is   incapable of matching him? I agree with any opinion that (for reasons known to the UPP) the party removed its best spinner (young Taber) from front-line duties.  So, unshackle Senator Tabor; bring him on the day after Max and caution him to “spin” as legally and loudly as he likes, without causing further dissension in the party. He spins very well and (like Max) Taber has the “gift of the gab” A rare talent.

Walk good and Handle the observer Jewell with care.  Some advertisers could lose patience and switch loyalties.

Arvel Grant, Political and Current Affairs Analyst

Authorized for publication without changes or modifications- All rights reserved

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    • You need to worry about the murders that are taking place in Jamaica and keep out of antigua politics

  1. Algernon Watts is all up in his feelings. Making decisions like a female on her period.
    Serpent should have taken the advice of former Editor, Mickel Brann

    “Serpent MUST separate himself from editorial decisions! ~Mickel Brann

    “Immediately, a clear and concise statement from Serpent indicating he is an owner and programme host, but he will be removed from programming and newsroom decisions, and be seen to be REMOVED FROM these PROGRAMMING DECISIONS, should happen. And then he should let his word be his bond.
    “The Daily Observer itself needs an editorial statement and they need to recommit to FAIR AND BALANCED news process and they need to be seen to be doing that REGARDLESS OF WHERE THE OWNER SITS and what their editorial i.e. their opinion is,” Brann added.


  2. In other news, the UK has just announced that it is dropping all covid related restrictions on travellers from Friday, March 18. It’s all over bar the shouting.

    A&B better up it’s act, drop its own restrictions, and stop grovelling to the Hoteliers and discredited ‘public health’ officials are now out of step, and have been plain wrong, respectively.

    Their beloved tourists will now go elsewhere otherwise.

  3. Can Arvel Grant write an article about how the administration handles ABS TV and RADIO. This myopic thinking by PIP so call analyst must be ignored by non bias people .

  4. Just an opinion. You’re entitled to that. OMG is entitled to hold the guest that appear on its shows to speak with a truthful veracity. Not spread propaganda and half truths.

    Night Soil Radio down in the point. Which by the way has an irregular supply of potable water. Does a good job of that on any given Saturday.

  5. Well said Mr. Arvel Grant. Serpent is a novice in the political arena and he is also a novice in the world of managing such a successful media organization as Observer. He lacks wisdom in my view.
    I stopped listening to Darren Matthew-Ward morning show because if Mr. Hurst is a problem for serpent and observer management then I am not going to support observer radio period. Yes Darren Matthew Ward show is a very nice morning show but serpent is slowly destroying the essence and neutrality of the purpose and intent of the same.
    Winston Derrick must be turning in his grave

  6. Grant if you have a problem with the decision you don’t have to appear on there anymore, with your friend miss Wickham.
    I for one would not miss you and him/her drivel. So you can go watch a TV chet bought down blind school if they still have them.

  7. Sing Arvel sing. Singing for your supper. Observer will continue to be the Number one radio station…..the People’s radio station, with or without Max and the ABLP. Seems like you want businesses to stop advertise with Observer, because of a decision they make . But the people of A & B will never let Observer fall, because they too want Max and the ABLP gone. They will give their last cent to see Observer remain on air. The most loved, the most trusted and the most listen to radio station. Tek dat in you nenen!

  8. Arvel Grant,you are needed in your country,Jamaica. The crime rates there are higher than Mount Everest. Go back there and help your Government clean up that damn place. Keep your lazy arse outta are we Antigua and Barbuda business. I do not want to her you and or hear from you and your Labor Party,kiss arse,diet tripe. All of you would come into Antigua and want to take over our political processes. You and that Bajan man that is married to another man. Keep out !!

    • That “Bajan man that is married to another man” is mighty lucky he isn’t in Bermuda, and he knows why. He should stay out o our business, too.

  9. Max Hurst is banned, but……………………meanwhile a COMVICTED PEDOPHILE is given free reign in the airwaves on the other UPP radio station.

    Winston Derrick must be rolling over in his grave and kicking up dirt

    • The ABLP Minister. A couch. A blood stain. Need I say more. Please turn on the radio . Please turn on the TV.

      So the other one was acquitted. But what really happened in the back seat of the car.

      Who plucked his wife from the school sand box when she was 14.


      • Don’t forget human trafficking, kidnapping and murder, stealing of lands, no maintenance or upgrades to our infrastructure.

      • You can go by rumours. I will go by facts. The FACT is that a CONVICTED – not rumoured – PEDOPHILE is a UPP radio host and Campaign Manager.

        Not to mention the one who doused down his mother with water because she permed her hair.

        Another *FACT* is that a UPP CANDIDATE took the life of a young girl and has the garl to run in the same constituency where she was born and raised.

        These are straight F-A-C-T-S!!!!!!!!

  10. Ha ha Lie No Hell is an ambassador. Well I not surprised. Only criminal in position. Antigua love vote in criminal anyway and that’s why we here today.

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