Harvard Law School threatened with court action over reparations


Harvard Law School could be sued by Antigua and Barbuda unless it provides compensation for its founding benefactor’s participation in the slave trade in the same way as Glasgow University.

Gaston Browne, the country’s prime minister, said his government considered “Harvard’s failure to acknowledge its obligations to Antigua and the stain it bears from benefiting from the blood of our people as shocking, if not immoral”.

Isaac Royall Jr, the university’s founding benefactor, bequeathed his fortune, built on a sugar plantation in Antigua, to the institution.

Dr Lawrence Bacow, Harvard’s president responded by noting that the university had made efforts to acknowledge its ties to slavery.

Mr Browne pointed out that the University of Glasgow had “provided resources” for a new university in his country and said Harvard ought to do the same.

He told the Miami Herald this week that “if they fail to engage meaningfully, we will be forced to pursue all legal remedies available to us”.



  1. Suing for reparations? Really? In a court of law? What is the cause of action and the law that supports your claim? Please take legal advice before you open you mouth about suing, Mr. PM. It may prevent you from sounding stupid.

  2. Stupidity is an earthly gift.Gaston Browne threatening to sue Harvard for Reparations.It would not stand up in any darn Court.Antigua and Barbuda is so broke.That this man would do just about anything to get cash.I thought there was a Reparations Group in Antigua.Now he is jumping on the Reparations bandwagon and want to take over.That man talks too darn much.Continue talking on your Radio Station.That would be your Waterloo.Cannot wait to see some of you Politicians in shackles and ankle chains going off to 1735.Walking from the Courts to Prison.

  3. The comrade Prime Minister is right. Carry them to court. They mus pay, and pay plenty. The PM is a man of vision, a champion for justice, and makes Antigua proud. We are blessed.

  4. Gaston Brown is all for his pocket. He is one of the worse Prime Minister Antigua ever had. Personally the man reminds me of Hitler. Antiguan need to start demonstrate for the wrong Gaston is doing. Antiguans stop talking and take action. There is no effective policing in Antigua, the citizens of Antigua needs protection.

  5. Wow attacking the person calling for justice? Really? You think a nation of slave descendants have no legal challenge to an institution that gained from the proceeds of the said slavery?

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