Harriette exhorts St. Peter not to reelect Michael because of constituency stagnation, but try something new in Peter Blue


A call is being made by the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Peter, Tevaughn Harriette, asking voters in that constituency to make a change and not consider re-electing independent candidate Asot Michael or the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) candidate, Rawdon Turner.

St. Peter, which has been won by the Labour Party for decades, has been neglected, Harriette says, even when Michael and his former party enjoyed a good relationship.

Local critics agree, saying that, in spite of being generous with his money, Michael has not been able to improve the infrastructure in the constituency.

Harriette says that Michael does not deserve another term, having been elected on four consecutive occasions, while the constituency remained the same.  And he notes that it was only after the fallout between Michael and Prime Minister Gaston Browne that the representative disclosed that he had not been receiving any assistance for St. Peter.

Hence, Harriette is advising voters, “If you want something new, vote in Peter Blue.”

The UPP Candidate says the people of St. Peter deserve better, instead of the constant neglect, with no proper infrastructure and sub-par healthcare and sporting facilities.

Further, Harriette says the youth want employment and not just handouts during an election cycle.

Therefore, he is calling on the constituents and the wider community to elect the UPP if they want improvement and advancement for the country.

St. Peter is a battleground constituency this election, with four candidates contesting the seat. They are Harriette, Michael, Turner and the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate, Chaniel Imhoff.

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  1. Peter “blue” my foot….then after election you become Peter Red..again.
    All of …all you is the damn same…trying to fool the people….if you name Peter Red…ah Peter Red


    No worries Peter Red, blue, then Red again. Your not the first, if you to do it, and your not going to be the last.
    Asot cares, you and he done good.

  3. As much as I’d love UPP to win all 17 seats, St Peters is a tough one to call.

    I believe that the constituents in St Peters will be loyal to Asot Michael after Gaston Browne’s recent behaviour and also totally ignoring the courts decision that Asot Michael is the LEGAL representative for the area.

    If Tevaughn Harriette wins, It’ll be a welcome bonus for the UPP, but I’ll be more than surprised if he did so.

    Beating Gaston Browne at the polling boths on Wednesday is no longer impossible, or even daunting now, because he’s proved that he’s not capable of looking out for the welfare or betterment of Antiguans over recent times.

    However, St Peters is a different basket of fish 🐠 for UPP (and even worse for the ABLP).

  4. A vote for ABLP is a vote for dictatorship. Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda we have a mandate to remove Gaston just like how he mandate for no jab job let’s remove him and not forget

  5. Latest poll:
    ABLP 7 seats: SJCW gone a gwassa
    UPP 9 seats.
    Independent:1 Asot Michael

    Chet/Maria will be up for Leader of the. Opposition

    • Delusional much! SJCW will be one of the biggest ABLP victory margin. UPP will be lucky to get more than two seats. Say I told you so when it happens.

      • Wait and see. You’ll be in a depressive mood for the next five years. You’ll be walking the streets in the dead of night. Asking yourself.lWait, Gaston actually loose he seat? MURDA!!!!

  6. Why is this young man letting #HFWL and the rest of the #UPPNEARGA turn him into a fool? If you are Peter Redz you are Peter Redz. Anyway after you get the beating from either Asot or Turner you will become Peter Pan!!!!

  7. My granny does say, “Boy, you head good? A chuppit you chuppit?”
    When you were balling and feasting from the trough of ‘the action man’, didn’t you think that the constituency was ‘lacking’ or had a severe case of ‘stagnation’? It did not bother you when you and your family members were reaping the benefits of your close connection to the action? Right down to burials of the dead!
    Boi, don’t forget Antigua is just 108 sq. miles…
    Most of the generation of your grandparents and great grandparents may have gone to the great beyond, but it’s not like all of them gone. And there are some of them that are your parent’s generation around still and younger too, that remember.
    Old people say, “ungratefulness woss dan obeah”!
    Or in other words, “ingratitude is as the sin of witchcraft!”
    Wheel and come again boss! Chuptz!

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