Harold Lovell says he will take AstraZeneca or any approved vaccine

Harold Lovell:

Will I take the Covid-19 vaccine?


Yes, I will.


In my lifetime, I have taken vaccines for Polio, Yellow Fever, Malaria and other viruses.


I will take the AstraZeneca vaccine or whichever vaccine is recommended by our medical and public health professionals.


It is absolutely important to get vaccinated.


It will protect my life, the lives of my family and friends and most of all the lives of the people of my wonderful country.

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      • I believe humanity is more so under threat when a news article says that a nurse is fighting for her life on a ventilator and a commenter can suggest that that is what she deserves because she wants to eat 5-course meal instead of bread and cheese…this is humanity under threat, my friend. #Insensitive #Heartless

  1. Not many people in advanced or developed countries are taking the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine as it is substandard material. Items made in India and China are usually not of good quality. Nothing is wrong with buying a cheap ribbon to put in your hair, but it is not wise to do so for an injection that goes into your body.

    Please have discretion and think carefully. Certain decisions once made are not easy to fix. All it take is one mistake and nothing can ever be the same.

    • @ Bilbo
      Are you a scientist to know that this vaccine is substandard? Because a lot of the so-called developed countries are talking the high tech vaccines does not make them better. If the manufacturers of these vaccines had so much confidence in their products why would they insist on no legal liability?
      Think carefully, when your DNA is altered can it be fixed?
      Are you aware that a lot of the so-called developed countries are also taking the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine?
      Give me the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine any day that is manufactured from a tried and proven method and does not alter my mRNA.

      • The AZ vaccine is also a new vaccine technology – adenovirus vector

        There are some old school vaccines coming like Novavax and the Cuban vaccines and Coronavac which are inactivated virus or protein subunit vaccines

      • I am a scientist although not in the medical field. I am able to read reports and studies done by virologist and other scientists who are working on vaccines. I am able to use discretion to come to my own conclusions instead of what popular people say on TV.

        I am willing to take the Pfizer vaccine and not the Oxford-AstraZeneca. I have encouraged my family to take the Pfizer vaccine as well. For the people I don’t care about, they can take the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

        Do you have a problem with me preferring the Pfizer vaccine to the Oxford-AstraZeneca?

  2. The double-mindedness of HL is legendary. A few days ago he stands with the nurses who argued against the vaccine, today.. A few years ago he was for CCJ, yet his party campaigned against same. Days before the vote he came out against it. Bible makes clear that if you are neither hot nor cold, you need to be discarded

    • He is doing it for cheap political points point blank. He needs to retire and go enjoy he pension. He had a long political carrer now its time for someone else. And make sure when he leaves he walks with his elite club. Make room for freasher younger more people friendly persons in UPP or else they will be in opposition again!!

      • @Mmmmm
        You like them two face people in government who pretend to be humble to get your votes. There is a person in the labour government who is over eighty years old, do you think it is time for him to go? Your leader should also leave as he has been in office long enough and cares only about how much more wealth he and his family can accumulate.

        • So cause labour party have a senior citizen club UPP must have one to. Don’t you see the problem with UPP is Lovell is the leader and under his leadership UPP suffer two humiliating defeats. Time for Lovell and his elite club to go. Let freash young minds run the party cause they are not going anywhere under Lovell and his elite club. Note everytime a member leave same script diffrent cast. Lovell retire and go eat your pension. And be sure you walk with the elite club.

          • If you ask me, I will tell you that the Labour government should go as they are doing nothing for the majority of Antiguans. There is a small clique that is allowed to get rich and don’t even have to pay their taxes. No party or leader should be in office for more than two terms. We should change the constitution like St. Kitts did.
            Lovell is not the reason for the two defeats. It is the foolish Antiguans who don’t recognize good government and will sell their votes for ham and turkey and a couple months concession on their utilities.
            It also doesn’t help that the government allowed in a lot of hungry belly people (as they say in Guyana) to vote for them.

      • When you mention elite club you must be talking about the politicians with their massive hillside and beach front mansions who send their children overseas to university and their children come back as lawyers. Or their children return to Antigua to join the family’s rip off the government business.
        These politicians are so humble that one of them has two sons who are lawyers, and another one has children who are already multimillionaires.
        I guess a lot of Antiguans like to see their politicians rich while they remain poor and talk about grass root.

        • Lovell is the problem in the UPP. If they were such a good government then why under his leadership UPP lost two eclections in such a humiliating manner. The only thing wrong UPP is Lovell and his elite club. The sooner they go the sooner the UPP will be taken seriously. Time for Lovell to retire and let someone else lead and when he is leaving walk with his elite club.

  3. What is known about astra Z vaccine: It provides reasonable protection against covid except for the S African variant. For the S African variant it doesn’t protect against mild or moderate cases of covid and it is unknown whether it protects against severe cases as this was not tested, but the scientists involved say it probably does given the extent of blood antibodies in the relevant experiment. But to reiterate, it is unknown whether it protects against severe S African covid variant and it doesn’t protect against mild or moderate cases of the variant. S Africa is currently giving away their doses of Astra Z to any country that wants them because they are useless against tier variant. Therefore you will likely be protected in Antigua against covid by getting the Astra Z vaccine UNLESS the S African variant occurs here, and this we wont know because they don’t have the genomic facilities to test the variant type.
    The nurses are perfectly within their rights to demand the best for themselves and their patients, currently either PSIZER or Moderna. The government are able to source the Moderna version as seen by the fact the PM secretly has himself vaccinated with it. If the rich “private individual” who sourced this vaccine by jumping the queue really cared about the Antiguan population, or if the PM did, they would source the moderna vaccine for everyone, not just themselves, or at least for frontline workers. Of course we know this is never going to happen, so let’s just attack the nurses, even though they are the only ones acting responsibly here.

    • I have always wondered about South Africa and what is going on there. They had a disproportionate number of the aids virus and now they have half of the number the corona virus in Africa plus a new variant. I am sure that it is one of the countries where Oxford-AstraZeneca did their vaccine trials. Black people and the black leaders have to protect their people as some people consider us dispensable. South Africa is a country rich in natural resources. Think about it.

  4. Why it always have to be cheap political points when is the political points will get expensive. Some people are so politically blind everything has to be politics, i won’t be surprise if it is a frontline worker for ham and turkey make that statement

  5. @ Melchisedec i was not agreeing with the population that like free ham and turkey feathers who like to say everthing is for cheap political points because they dont like the opposition. I was asking what one does to earn expensive political points

  6. Dictator and traitor Gaston took the Moderna vaccine on our tax dollars. Gaston gets the inferior vaccine for the rest of us. What kind of “leader” is that? Every day he shows his true colours and shows he is above the law.

    Read for yourself on the effectiveness of Astrazeneca. It’s the least effective of all the vaccines.


    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?

    • Well, well, well, whatever you have against gaston Browne cant be healthy for you. You have to let it go before the envy and jealousy consumes you.

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