‘Harold Lovell is in a lot of trouble’ over airport runway deal


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced that the forensic audit into the the airport runway extension loan of US$ 94 million has started.

Browne says the transaction under the United Progressive Party Government was the biggest rip-off in the country’s history.

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  1. WOW. WOW …What A RIP OFF. Harold and UPP Have too SKELETONS in the CLOSET . Now the SKELETONS are falling out. Where is the $49,.000 , 000 cost OVERRUN. UPP bunch of HYPOCRITES.

  2. A 15-year old airport story is being resurrected? Why now? Very lame attempt at deflection. Are we going to resurrect the Vere Bird Jr story too after 30 years?

      • Really, Gaston Browne is the Prime Minister and Minister of Self-Enrichment. Tell him to explain the irregularities of SHARE and Pointe FM.

        • Did he say on Pointe FM on Saturday that his son bought lands in English Harbour? Is this government lands in the national park? We know who bought park lands in English Harbour at a steal and who Vere Bird lll said took lands at Long Bay that his grandfather acquired for a national park. May I say that the minister of lands is doing the excellent job she was put there to do.

  3. Add this to the growing list of Harold Lovell´s legacy

    -Romantich Rhythms
    -Wadadli Power Plant
    -Car Park
    -100m+ of govt taxes kept by hotelier and approved by Lovell
    -badplay Joanne Massiah for party leadership

      The YIDA deal where YIDA DOES NOT PAY TAXES
      Unanswered questions at the port
      Who signed Gaston’s signature
      Where is Mr Who from Hong Kong who owns WIOC
      Who is Fancy Bridge
      Why Gaston got unfair deal for Pointe FM
      Maria tell us about share-Where the money gorh
      how much money was spent on the e-books
      How come you had to get a loan to send your son to university, then as soon as you got into power the son is a millionaire
      Why investors don’t trust you
      What happen to the ghost cemetery
      What happen to the CIP funds
      Why did Antigua lose its visa-free status from Canada
      why is Gaston taking away land from born and bread farmers to give to white people
      Why LIAT workers can’t get paid
      What happen to the Barbuda relief money
      Why was Top Dawg’s name called in the Oberbrecht scandal
      Why did Asot accuse Top Dawg of corruption


      Oh by the way, isn’t Gaston making plans to go to the IMF using Harry’s plan!

      HMMMMMMM — people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. If you want we can go head-to-head. I have more for you!!!!!

      Gaston Browne is the worst prime minister the Caribbean has ever known. GASTON, you going straight to hell.

    • Yeap…only politicians who has embraced LLC’s and concubine hedges. Even Baldwin had called out these hedges remember 18-6?

  4. PM Brouwne while you continue to dig for dirt on Harold Lovell who was never the PM of Antigua, why don’t you tell us about yourself and your family and the many accusations leveled against you. Tell us about more current events and stop deflecting.
    The Antigua Labor Party and its supporters sabotaged everything any other ruling party tried to do to benefit Antigua, Antiguanns and Barbudans.

  5. The PM have clean hands a perfect man in all his ways, that’s what he want people to believe he probably fears if Lovel to win an election a lot of corrupt deals will come to light so he try to place Lovel in the spotlight for corruption like his hands are clean.

    Land swap
    Share inc
    Forge signature?
    Too many corrupt practices to mention, he claimed Asot to be corrupt hide the corruption then when they fall out expose the corruption, he is just as guilty.

    The fool and his money shall perish, continue with your greedy spirit you will be exposed, Remember Allan Stanford!

    • ALL LYING POLITICIANS (ALP) you have forgotten one of the major scandal that will land Gaston Browne in jail and that is the Odebrecht scandal. The day the details of that scandal come to light, that will be the end of Gaston Browne. Absolutely shameful.

  6. What would happen if the UPP won the upcoming election and the Political Leader lost his seat? Can he be appointed a Senator and then become PM?

    • ALEX under our Constitution the Prime Minister and Finance Minister must be members of the House of Representatives (Lower House), in other words they must be elected. A non-elected member such as a Senator could not become Prime Minister.

  7. Is Gaston going to work his magic with the justice system to have a case brought against Lovell after an election is called? Is this the only way he thinks he can win? Is he paying people for his investigation with the money for the pensioners.

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