Haitians have some of the biggest penises in the world, study finds


American men’s penises are only the 59th biggest in the world, a study reveals.

The average length of 5.35 inches is shorter than their Haitian, French, and Aussie counterparts.

The poll, of 86 nations, revealed that French men’s genitals are 6.20 inches in length, while Australia ranks 43rd at 5.69.

Men in Haiti have an average penis size of 6.30 inches when erect, according to the data.

Ecuadorian men apparently have the biggest penises, at an average of 6.95 inches, while the smallest can be found in Cambodia at just 3.95 inches long when erect.

Men in the US narrowly beat those in the UK as the average size recorded was 5.17 inches.

Online pharmacy From Mars analyzed Google data from 86 countries to come up with the findings.

Pharmacist and spokesman Navin Khosla said: “Most men have wondered at some time or other if their penis is big enough.

“Penis size can have a massive impact on confidence and self-image.”

We reported on how Roberto Esquivel Cabrera claims to have the largest penis in the world.

American men have shorter penises than their French and Australian counterparts, a survey reveals.
American men have shorter penises than their French and Australian counterparts, a survey reveals.

He claims his privates measure 18.9 inches in length – claims which are disputed.

Cabrera hit the headlines in 2015 after a video of him measuring his manhood went viral.

The gargantuan size of Roberto’s penis makes sexual encounters impossible.

He suffers from frequent urinary tract infections and he keeps his manhood wrapped in bandages to escape chaffing.

Cabrera claims his penis is so long because he attached weights to it to try and stretch it out.

One doctor, who examined him to verify the size of his genitals, Dr. Gonzalez said: “He began with this enlargement since he was a teenager, wrapping some bands around his penis with some weights and trying to stretch it.”

This practice would place tension on his skin and resulted in small tears.

And, a medical advisor exclusively revealed a series of tips for men to improve their sex life.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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    • You are such a hater. Two hundred years ago almost everybody was living in muddy streets and taking shits around the bushes. Check out your ancestral tree , you would realize that they were all peasants toiling on some lord’s lands. Your generic code has not changed that much , has it ? When the leviathan was written , the author was not talking about the masses in Haiti , he was talking about the masses in Britain. Almost all of us come from illiterate poor pesants not too long ago. Look at Australia ? Wasn’t it a dumpster for criminals at some point ? Almost it is not human intelligence that improved but societal structures. And by the way , I do not believe in these penis length studies because girth is as important. Too much length can make the penis limp.

    • Do you also know that Haitians have the highest percentage of painters per capita ? Do you also know that art is what anthropologists and cognitive psychologists consider as the defining line between human and non-humans ? Also the only successful slave revolution of any color ik History occurred in Haiti ? Toussaint succeeded where Spartacus had failed. Also when it comes to poverty , China , a millennial civilization , could not even feed its children 70 years ago. And people , in India , another millennial civilization , are still using rivers as toilets. So you see. Haiti is barely two hundred years old with a history of internal plots against it yet you are being so impatient with it.

    • It was brain that our ancestors used to beat Napoleon and his officers who graduated from the best military academies in Europe. We did not just beat France , we also beat some form of European Union because the napoleonic expedition was the same that had just gone to Egypt. The army that came to restore slavery in Haiti was an international bunch made of several European ethnicities. Remember my ancestor beat Napoleon before Wellington did.

  1. As a woman I can tell you that half of the men out there with the long d**ks can’t use them.

    1) can’t stay up and
    2) can’t last long

    All talk about allllll the things they want to/going to do to you and then DISAPPOINTMENT!

    Ladies am I right???

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