GUYANA: Irfaan Ali officially declared President

Dr Irfaan Ali

Chairman of GECOM Justice (rt’d) Claudette Singh has officially declared Mohamed Irfaan Ali of the People’s Progress Party as the President of Guyana.

This was confirmed by Public Relations Officer of GECOM Yolanda Ward.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful news. The people’s choice wins. Guyana with all that oil will be an economic miracle in the Caribbean. With a self-declared democratic socialist at the helm, the dreams of Cheddi and Janet Jagan will come fully alive, again. The position of Antigua and Barbuda should nothing less than full solidarity with the Government and people of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. The possibilities are endless.

    • Antiguans & Barbudans should set up in Guyana – GT, now that oil money will be flooding GT Streets, like dirt; just like Market street, in Antigua and the rest of the Nation, Antigua & Barbuda, which much, much Guyanese love!
      BTW – It must be Ron Sanders duty, to set up, the proper diplomatic channels, in Guyana. Antigua, Barbuda & Redona, have done a lot for not only, he, Ron Sanders, but a whole bag of Guyanese; to include, Da Good! The Bad! Dem Ugly!

      • I suppose now that oil money will soon be flooding the Guyana streets, most of the Guyanese here will soon be going home. That will free up a lot of housing here, and more jobs available here for those Antigua born. It’ll be a good thing for everybody.

      • It is time for Ron Singh to wave bye-bye to Antigua. Your country needs you. Give us a chance to breathe on our own. Go and do a For Your Eyes Only for Ali. All Guyanese should be packing their bundle and heading home for the rich old fields. We are no longer the land of opportunity. you have it all. Just go. Maybe that will encourage us to fight on our own to rebuild Antigua.

  2. Quite some world record set here. 5 months after poll, a winner finally announced. Just hope this is not the new norm in Caricom.

    • CErmle, how much do you know about Guyana’s politics, to reference Cheddi and Janet Jagans’ dreams becoming a reality? Stick to your usual commentaries about here. As for Guyana, I am finally glad that the five month ordeal is over and that Guyana is continues its journey of becoming the CARICOM economic powerhouse. In the process however, watch out for those who mistreated, disrespected and abuse your citizens, and now want to become friends.

      • Without the Jagans the co-operative Republic of Guyana would not exist as an independent nation. They are honoured as heros in Guyana. Their vision of a just society was the calling that inspired them both. They lived for the people, and they did so with modesty. Cheddi is acknowledged as the Father of the Nation. Together with the workers, Cheddi with Janet led out of the colonialist nightmare. Yes, their vision is very much alive in Guyana. Both of them were elected as Presidents. Janet, the white Jewess from Chicago, who married the love of her life, and became totally Guyanesse in every way, led the people into Freedom along with her beloved Cheddi. They would honour her later as the freely elected President of Guyana. What a life!!!! These people of conscience were standing in the tradition of great West Indians like Vere Cornwall Bird, Fidel Castro, Michael Manley, Tim Hector, Ralph Gonsalves, and Maurice Bishop. May the new government, the party of Cheddi and Janet Jagan, fulfill the dream. Rest in peace. Rest in power, dear Cheddi and Janet. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  3. CErmle, it’s so nice that you are teaching me about my country’s history, which is not remotely close to my experience as a black person.

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