GUYANA: Girl, 15, confesses to helping bury sister in shallow grave


(kaieteurnewsonline)The Guyana Police Force has issued a wanted bulletin for 21-year-old Shaquan Alleyne after the decomposed body of his 20-year-old girlfriend, Shonette Dover, was discovered by ranks in a shallow grave at the back of his Canvas City home in the wee hours of Friday morning.

The woman was missing for 28 days leaving family and friends deeply concerned about her whereabouts.

Shaquan Alleyne and his father Shawn Alleyne

The boyfriend on the run, Shaquan Alleyne

According to the police, Dover’s 15-year-old sister was contacted on Thursday evening, and was interviewed in the presence of a Child Care and Probation Officer.

During the interrogation process, Kaieteur News understands that the teen allegedly confessed to the crime and agreed to take investigators to the scene where she said, she, along with Shaquan, allegedly buried her sister.

The teen told investigators that on the night the victim went ‘missing’, Saturday April 3, last, Alleyne was oiling his brownish gun in his living room. She said the 21-year-old then pointed the gun at her sister who told him “he like play and he should put away that thing.” The young lady said she then heard a loud sound, akin to that of a firework.

The deceased, Shonette Dover

Alleyne who is not a licensed firearm holder subsequently exclaimed, “Oh shoots, I shoot that girl!”

The 15-year-old said she then saw her sister’s mouth open as her blood quickly started to cover her face. Upon seeing this, she said to Shaquan, “Let’s take her to the hospital” but the boyfriend refused as he retorted, “No, she dead already.” Alleyne then accompanied the sister to his father and told him of what he did. Alleyne’s father then told him “don’t tell (me) stupidness, why (you) playing with the gun?”

After doing their collective deliberation about what to do with the body, they decided that it was best to bury her in the backyard unknown to other parties. Armed with a spade, Kaieteur News understands that the suspects dug a shallow hole after which Shonette’s body was rolled into it and covered up. Alleyne then hid the gun.

Commander of Region 10, Hugh Winter, said that the father did not participate in burying the victim while adding that the sister and the boyfriend subsequently left the scene on a motorcycle. He said the sister related that Shaquan instilled fear in her and told her both of them would be jailed if she disclosed what occurred to any family member, or the police. But the teenager who perhaps, could not deal with the weight of the terror she felt, confessed to the police about what had occurred.

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, the 15-year-old led ranks to the Canvas City home and dug up the area where Shonnette was buried. By the time they had reached four feet, they stumbled upon her partly decomposed body, which made it difficult to see any marks of violence.

The latest news of Shonnette’s death sent shock waves throughout Linden yesterday as hundreds of persons converged at the Canvas City residence, where the body was found.
Upon learning of how her niece met a horrific demise, Odessa Luther told Kaieteur News that she is scared for Shonnette’s mother who has been thrown into a state of deep emotional distress and turmoil.

Shonnette’s grandmother, Constance Dover

It was only a few days ago the family buried an uncle.
“I feel very sad because the mother deh home there, and she come from a very poor family and she is taking it real hard because only the other day we bury an uncle and now Shonette,” she said.

Her grandmother, Constance Dover shared similar sentiments as she said the family is deeply saddened by the news. “I feel bad, very much hurt, is only God can heal this wound right now, nobody else can heal the wound, only God because He knows what we are feeling, what we went through and what we got to continue to go through because of her absence,” she said.
The family is also grieving for the 15-year-old sister who is now implicated in the murder. Constance said she believed that her granddaughter was threatened by Shaquan to stay quiet.
But what came as a shock to the entire family, Constance said, was the fact that the boyfriend was involved. Kaieteur News was told that the boyfriend was helping the family search for Shonette every chance he got. In fact, it was he who prompted the family to file a missing person’s report as the pain was supposedly too much for him to bear. He wanted answers and demanded the police’s involvement.

With this behaviour, the grandmother said, “I never suspected that he was involved. I didn’t expect that he would do anything of this nature, never ever think that would have happened and I want to believe he threatened her (the 15-year-old) because she never exposed or tell us anything…So according to my knowledge, she was threatened, that is why she kept silent.”
Speaking about the relationship, which she shared with Shonnette, the grandmother said they were very close while adding that her death has affected her health. “I am living upstairs (in Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, Linden) and she was downstairs…If I cook, she eats up here. She used to help me clean up too. We were very tight…,” the distraught grandmother said.

After living with her boyfriend for three years, Shonette had told her cousin, Esther Dover that she wanted to move out and return to her grandmother’s home.

“She was planning on leaving her boyfriend to move back with the grandmother where we used to stay, she was planning to move back and leave him…I am the only person she told, I am the only person that know what she was planning…he is a cheater but she never mentioned him being abusive,” Esther Dover said.

After Shonette had gone missing earlier this month, her boyfriend Shaquan Alleyne had told Kaieteur News that he and Shonnette had no issues. On the day that she disappeared, he said he had left her home, “good, good.”

The suspect said he had woken up on the morning of April 3, last, and had breakfast with Shonnette. After this, he said he left their home to drop some clutches for someone who was involved in an accident. From there, he said he went to his aunt’s home where he ate lunch and ‘chilled’ with his family before returning home in the afternoon. Alleyne then shared that his girlfriend’s sister related to him that Shonnette had already left for work. He then dropped her little sister to another sister’s residence before going to a party in Blue Berry Hill with his friends, after which, he said he returned home and realised that Shonnette was not home. “When I go and look and see I left the key right where it was earlier and I said this girl ain’t come home. But I know the first time she did something like that and I was looking for her, she was at her mother’s residence so I didn’t dig nothing, I sleep,” he related. After calling her phone the next day, April 4, last, and it was going to voicemail, he went over to the mother’s residence who told him Shonette was there.

He had said, “Right away, I start getting suspicious and I start calling all she friends to find out if they see this girl. Is then I got to understand that the brother saw her over the river (Mackenzie) with a girl.”

Upon learning this, Alleyne said he decided to make a report at the police station on Monday, April 5, with Dover’s family present. While doing this, Alleyne said the sister related that Shonnette was allegedly seeing someone else. “The sister start telling me about this man (name given) that she used to meet up at she place and is now I gon get to learn about this (name given). She said he used to come and meet Shonnette by she house and Shonnette would go out and go in the car and they used to meet up steady by the sister house.” It was the same name, which he claimed to have seen calling her phone on previous occasions.
The suspect said too that he not aware Shonnette was planning to leave him while adding that she had walked out before after learning that he cheated with another woman.

Shaquan is no stranger to the law as he was remanded to jail for possession of narcotics when he was 17-years-old. His father, Shawn Alleyne, is a high school teacher.
Investigations into this gruesome case are ongoing

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