GUYANA-CCJ Says Vote Of No Confidence Valid


The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Tuesday ruled that the motion of no confidence filed against the Guyana government last December was successfully passed in the National assembly.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had challenged the ruling of the Court of Appeal in his country, that invalidated the motion of no confidence that he had successfully piloted in the National Assembly in December 21, ast year.

One of the main issues in that case was whether 33 or 34 votes were required to carry the motion given that the membership of the National Assembly totalled 65 members.

When the matters came before the High Court in Guyana in January, it ruled that only 33 votes were required. However, on appeal to the Court of Appeal, the three-member panel by a 2-1 majority held that 34 votes were required.

CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders, who delivered the ruling, said the Court has found that 33 is the majority in the Guyana Parliament and therefore the motion was passed by a majority.

Charrandass Persaud, who was then a government legislator voted in support of the motion in the National Assembly, ensuring that the coalition administration lost its one-seat majority in the 65-member legislative body.

The CCJ also ruled that it could not invalidate the vote of Persaud and also threw out the argument that he needed to vote for his list.

The parties will meet on June 24 when the possible consequential orders will be discussed.

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    Not even ‘…Duncy Bat,’ now elevated to ‘…Grade 2 Brightness,’ would deny that if he had ‘…65 Julie Mangoes,’ and gave away ‘…33,’ he would not be left with ‘…32.’

    Not saying that ‘…Duncy Bat’ is judicially brighter than the judges, but ‘…mathematically,’ in a ‘…Class of three Judges,’ he appeared much more mathematically-sound than some at the Bar.

  2. So 33 is the majority of 65 says the CCJ.

    33 + 33 =66


    Therefore the previous must be right.


      Melchie, my good friend ‘…Duncy’ might be brighter than a bat, but only in math.

      He looks at the situation this way by saying to us, there is ‘…no half a man,’ and so there can be ‘…no half a vote.’
      There are ‘…65 Members in the Guyana Parliament.’ This means ‘…One man and one vote.’

      Duncy Bat’s math is this, ‘…33 of those members voted for the ‘…Motion of No Confidence.’ This means that 32 voted against it.

      Duncy Bat’s logic is that ‘…33 votes is one more than 32.’

      Seems that his math and logic is correct.

      He should be applauded or awarded.

      Because of his ‘…brightness,’ he would be given both.

      Since he might still come up later on with something as ‘…Duncy as a Bat,’ the ceremony, unfortunately, is ‘…delayed indefinitely.’

      He now has the opportunity to regard the delay as a breach of something, and make it a complaint before the ‘…CCJ.’

      There is ‘…No Half Member and there is ‘…No Half Vote.’

  3. The CCJ got it right again.
    Simple math which got corrupted by politics. In every world, 33 are more than 32. How could grown men get that so wrong?

    • Only in Guyana! I really think that the government was caught flat footed by the vote of no confidence and the unpreparedness of GCOM (Guyana Elections Commission) to host an election. Any right thinking person would think that updating a voters list should be an ongoing process….in Guyana it is different as GCOM has stated that the voters list is flawed and need purging and updated and the process would likely take months to correct. In a country with a history of flawed elections, that is totally unacceptable.

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