GUYANA: 4 in custody for alleged rape of 98-year- old woman


Four men are in custody and police are seeking another in connection with the alleged rape and beating of a 98-year-old woman of  East Berbice, Corentyne.

One of the suspects is known to police and has several matters engaging the courts.

The incident occurred between Monday night and Tuesday morning at the elderly woman’s home. She resides alone.

According to a caregiver, she went to the home of the nonagenarian to prepare her for an event in the town and upon arrival she noticed that the door of the house was opened. As she made her way in, she found the battered woman with blood oozing from her mouth and nose.

Upon further checks, she noticed blood on her clothing and bedsheet. The caregiver said the traumatised elderly woman revealed to her “them boys come in, beat me and push their hands down meh throat, they choke meh”.

The police were summoned and after arriving on the scene, they instructed that the woman be taken to the hospital. While tidying and preparing her, the caregiver noticed that the nonagenarian underwear was torn and had traces of blood. A glass with rum was also found on the step of the home of the elderly woman. The caregiver called on the police to be more vigilant in the town and to increase their patrols.

“It’s something that makes you think a lot. Top up on the patrol, check through them small streets, be vigilant in this town; too many abusing drugs. Take it seriously, examine it and come to a real conclusion and find the culprits. We have to take care of our elders. We have to make our community safe and we have to be the watchdog for our elders.”

Meanwhile, a neighbour who lives a few houses away and who would also check on the elderly woman daily, said the incident has left her in a state of disbelief. “I does pass and check on her. And if she wants anything, I would go to the shop for her, come and gaff with her, make her smile.

Yesterday, I saw her and told her I will come and help her get dressed to go out and she was so happy. This is extremely sad what happened,” he said.  Meanwhile, a friend of the victim, who was nearby said he heard the frantic calls from the caregiver, and, like her, he too was shocked when he saw the battered face of the elderly woman. “I deh on my neighbour step and I hear come see, see what happen to (name provided) somebody beat her up.

When I go I see her eye beat up, nose buss up and them interfere with her. When I see that if you could ah cut me you wouldn’t ah find blood. This is mean and despicable and when they must find who do it. Let them face the highest penalty there is; this is the oldest person in the town. She is respectful and loving and did not deserve that. It’s pure evil,” the friend said. Meanwhile, a medical examination confirmed that the 98-year-old woman was sexually assaulted. Police are investigating the incident.

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  1. There is a special place in hell for these men! I hope they rot in the lowest and hottest part of hell!!!!

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