Guns and Masks Seized in Police Operation

Davis, Burton, Francis

Gun and Masks Seized in Police Operation

Three men were detained Wednesday afternoon after police, with assistance from the Defence Force, seized a gun, ammunition, and masks near Factory playing field in Gunthorpes.

Authorities believe they thwarted imminent criminal activity.

Efforts to combat gun crimes have been intensified by the security forces.







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  1. Now look at yall???? The gyal that y’all wanted to impress when you get the money ain’t gonna give a damn now…No money to buy weed to flip….No money to buy two gears to touch road and floss…. No nothing but a jail cell now…..

  2. The Police are policing and are not preoccupied with writing lengthy opinion pieces which is essentially The Broken Window Theory and basic criminology on how to prevent BARRK, but all one needs is to project an indicium of wealth, and to utter some cut, copy and paste legal jargon and the gullible ones will bite.

    I have not read the peer reviewed dissertation for which they obtained their BA and MA utilizing Antigua & Barbuda as their case study. He lost all credibility with me when he commented that he often slept with millions in US currency lying about at his residence.

  3. LMAO!!!!!!!! Oh the shade in this read *flips my fan* wonder how Mr Know It Alll will reply after this🤣🤣😭😭

  4. Well done. The article said 1 gun (a gun) but the picture shows 2 different guns? Are these guns from the same incident?

    However, this is to be celebrated but not anyway close to completion.

    Credit to be given to those people who made this happened. Wink.

    A small island like Antigua and Barbuda should have a tremendously low crime rate, with women having no fear of rape from wearing their short or tight clothing and men who have achieved success they never thought not having to fear burglary and robbery for following that trend of sleeping on hundreds of thousands of dollars of millions so these men can say they have done it.

    I am telling the force, listen to the ideas I have provided, do not be an idiot and think finding 1 or is it 2 guns will end the frequent BARRK crimes that have been occurring. Do not be an idiot like some and think this is over. Also incompetent people think that way.

  5. If you are referring to this world is a messed up place all I will say is….He/she may not have been there but he/she is not wrong in what was stated in the comment….It always trickles down to those mentioned factors…..No matter how you twist and turn it.. It will boil down to the fact that there was a planned mission to get some form of prize or reward….They must look hard work…There is no excuse…..

  6. Solicitation, the elements of solicitation from my memory.

    Requesting, encouraging, demanding, supporting of another to commit a crime with the intent for the crime to occur.

    Sufficient evidence is available to prove there is a request and support for the crimes of burglary, robbery, assault, and murder is within the comment area.

    This however happens when victims are doing good, making a difference, there will be those incompent folks with no jobs, no goals, who are good at nothing, who must protect their party by all cost will attempt to eliminate you because there is no other way but to have you murdered. Well premeditated.

    I am so bold about what I say, it is known who I am and you?

  7. Who slept with millions at his house???? In USD currency?😳😳 your comment jus makes no form of sense what so ever….I am trying to figure out where your going but it’s jus a bunch of wasted finger tip movements..Comment on the topic and stop trying to sound smart…It’s not working out well for you…

  8. @ I know I know nothing and @ Mr. Entitled, is this one person? Ha ha ha ha. That is a good strategy for what you are attempting to do, grouping-up. Brilliant. That is exactly the same tactic my research says will work, except I call it flooding. I would love to have your legal name to commend you on your great strategy ha ha ha ha ha.

    Also, you mentioned peer review for a research paper that is being submitted for a grade, while attending a University, I understand you have never went to a university to understand most essay/research papers are required only for a class and submitted for a grade with nearly never a peer review requirement, unless meant to be published or others on their own freewill pick your essay or research paper to do such?

    I understand you know you do not know anything or as you say nothing but I can teach you. I have quite a few things I want to teach you if you tell me who you are certainly. People like you must be rewarded for your contribution.

  9. Please provide your research documents for which you obtained your BA and MA utilizing Antigua & Barbuda as your case study is all I ask. You wish to remain anonymous therefore the documents can be redacted.

  10. Proactive Commujity’s, that get involved from all angles, not only curtails crimes and criminality; where technology’s and updated crime fighting techniques are lacking, they(Community’s) become more productive and thrive in unexpected ways.

    Law Enforcement MUST now concentrate on these ‘budding’ #NO_GO_ZONES, and eliminate/destroy their roots before they become unmanageable. It’s not too late; however, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE.” We all know the meaning and power, of this Cultural Concept/Practice of living.

    Kudos to ‘law enforcement’ personnel for stepping up.

    The Authorities MUST consider burning containers underground, to serve as prisons and rehabilitation centers. The laws which govern guns and gun/other weapons used in the commission of crimes MUST be amended to match the times which were living in.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  11. “I literally did my research paper (BA and MA) on the Island’s police, policing and the country.
    I spend years analyzing these groups and individuals.

    If there is anyone who pragmatically understand the society of Antigua and its police, it would be me.”

    Please provide a redacted copy (to maintain your anonymity) of your research paper.

  12. Check ANR get my email add and do the IT work……You will know who I am…..

  13. @I know I know nothing, such papers was given to the office of the police commissioner since 2006 and 2010. It was also sent to the AG office and every government email I could find back then.

    Do you recall the acronym P.E.A.C.E and the other acronym name after….?

    Who was in office those years, every minister in government got such email, as long as I could find it online.

    Ask your government for such papers, great record keeping in a government office will ensure you have such documents. Plus, I am live and well here for more detail.

  14. I do not know who I Know Nothing is. My comment is base on your entitled attitude and the comments you have made on this news portal. You behave like a spoiled entitled brat who can’t get his way so you resort to insulting persons who has a different opinion. You claim to have all this money and resources but from reading your comments and articles you are nothing but a creep. There is a reason why you were denied that firearms license. Some of your creepy comments confirm why especially the one you made about the Carnival Queen constant.

  15. I am willing to bet I know who the blogger is now. Nice. Not that he wasn’t the first person I thought of.

  16. Good morning to each and everyone lord keep on helping the nation of Antigua and Barbuda well done officers but remember you all still have loads of hard work to do Pompey and all the other ex hi ranking officers that is on retirement that are writing those ignorant books and bringing down the lawful authorities if they can remember they were part of it they are the ones that started it they are responsible for the corruptions in Antigua and Barbuda i won’t say anymore but who the cap fit let them wear it and i can give account for anything i said i know all you vagabonds

  17. These criminals knows the system therefore they will be back on the streets in a few short months.
    They will plead guilty at first opportunity.
    Display remorse
    First ofence
    Time served on remand
    Good behavior in prison
    The judge shall take all these things into consideration.
    Start with 8 years and reduced to 15 Months.
    Remember this 15 months story.

  18. Not celebrate for now…this punks will get the mega- police and prosecution slayer- lawyer.

    Not body note their sonically smile in this ugly Blackie punks???

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    It is also despicable that respectful men seeking a female women would make the blogger listed above upset, I am not gay and I am not interested in you Sir. I only enter a female.

    Also, please do not ne jealous that a person like me turned $0 into million, morally and legally, while yours did so only while in office? I can teach you how to make money, a lot, morally and legally, without you having to be forced to do what you are forcing me to do, have a man. I will never be doing that, so please stop wanting me to love men. I love women. I will enjoy looking at women and I will continue to respectfully approach women.

    Also, why are you so focused on my money, my network? Do you want some? You want some to borrow? Honestly, I have extra to do something I wanted to do but do not have to do, do you want some from that?

    The gun license you claimed was denied, has been pending with 0 denials, was told no decisions will be made until I am on Island. They told tenman. Your willful untruthful and deceptive statements only shows how incompetent and deceptive you and yours are.

    Also, I am willing to place a bet, let me, you and your leaders you lie for enter into a game, it requires who can make $1,000,000.00 in one year using no politics, no friends, no family and just morality and legality alone and let us see who makes it.

    I should be excited today because of a major achievement but here wasting time with an idiot. And idiot that cannot even reach where I have, without using dishonesty, fraud, misrepresentation, deception and manipulation.

    Wow I am so happy of this status that is killing you. “YOU HAVE TO SAY NO TO THESE MEN GETTING UPSET BECAUSE YOU LOVE VAGINA”. I love vagina and I will never stop loving it.

    Also your solicitation to get me robbed, assaulted, raped by men and murdered is documented. Keep providing me with evidence, I promise you know know how lawfully powerful I am in my home country.

  20. The police needs to carry out random stop and search on all vitz with heavy tints regular

  21. When people make assumptions they make an ass of themselves. And you are really doing a wonderful job. You immediately assum to know who I am and could not be further from the truth. There are probably thousands of people who follows rhis news room. They just like me read your creepy and arsine comments. You once again showed your foolishness when you assume I am attacking your sexual oraintan. There is no way shape or form i could ever be jealous of you. You obviously have a lot of deep seeded issue and if I were you I would use all that wealth to go seek help because you clearly need it. Coming on a news blog to be cussing out people who you don’t even know is a sign of being delusional.

    PS I’m not reading that long winded book. I have better things to do than argue with a creepy.

  22. Tenman, you just mentioned assume? What you say about assumption idiot?

    Those same thousands of people now know how lie and idiotic you are. You literally have now caused folks to hate you and your ABLP. Well played idiot.

    You are going to need a new job soon

  23. See what I mean about assumptions and you making yourself into an ass.
    I AM NOT TENMMAN. I am one of the many readers of this blog and this will be my reply to you because when you argue with an idiot you make yourself into a bigger idiot.
    My opinion of you remains the same: you are an entitled brat who is throwing a temper tantrum because he cannot get his way.
    It’s clear you have wayyyyy to match time on your hand to keep relying with all those long winded paragraphs and unlike you I might not have millions of US currency lying around my house but I know I work hard for what I have and NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL DEPEND ON NO POLITICAL PARTY FOR NOTHING I HAVE and when I can get my way I come to a news blog to cry cause I can’t get what I want.

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