GUNNED DOWN: A Distraught Mother Cries


By Rawlston Pompey

In their coming, the births of children were known to have brought joy and happiness to parents. In their existence, some were known to have brought trials and tribulations for parents and woe unto themselves. The defiant, worthless and lawless were known to have caused many to fuss and frown. Then the bell tolled. They have left nothing but pain and sorrow, weeping and mourning. The distraught and traumatized mothers are overwhelmed with sadness and grief. These are not only part of the everyday human experience, but also speaks to the inevitability of that which shall occur in human socialization and existence.


Frequently, there are ‘Gun Battles.’ These are the doings of the lawless, retaliatory and ‘Trigger-Happy Gunmen.’ Many were widely known to have sustained livelihood, albeit, without justification, by ‘robbing the innocent, unsuspecting and defenceless citizens. Accompanied by aggravation, there is wounding, maiming, revengeful and coldblooded killings. In most instances, unknown gunmen have targeted rivals or those involved in gangsterism. These suggest two inferential and contributory factors: (i) ‘…The proliferation of firearms: and (ii) …Easy accessibility.’ Then there are the ‘Deadly Shootings and Killings’ by overzealous agents of the State. The time may have arrived to scrutinize their ‘Operational Behavior.’


Firstly, this commentary looks at the ‘St Lucia Experience.’ Then it reflects upon that which daily ‘Stares, Scares and Fears,’ of the law-abiding citizen. It also reflects that which confronts the ‘Security Forces.’ In the instant case, that which ‘Police’ reported was possessed by the deceased prison escapee, ‘Shanell ‘Malice, Mabz, Silence,’ appeared not to have been recovered. That which now seems inexplicable, may be the apparent ‘Imaginary Perceptions’ of ‘Unidentified Objects.’ It also looks at several ‘Cases,’ as they relate to recent ‘Police’ reported ‘Confrontational Killings.’ These are viewed from the perspective of consequential results of ‘Gun Battles’ reportedly ensued between; (a) ‘…Criminal Suspects; (b) …Prison Escapees; and (c) …Members of the Security Forces.’ It is representative of well-known occurrences and researched information. Comprehensive, troubling and frightening, but worth reading.


By any ‘Stretch of Imagination,’ it could never be said that ‘Prison Farm Escapee, Shanell Thomas’ (deceased), ever went in search of a ‘Police Search or Hunting Party,’ to combatively engage them in ‘Gun Battles or Shootouts.’ Neither can it be officially said that he was lying in wait to ambush any such party. Given the adequacy of ‘Fire Power,’ it would be considered idiocy or lunacy, to seek to engage these ‘Criminal Combatants.’ As far as was universally known, it was always the duty of the Security Forces to search for ‘Criminal Suspects or Escapees’ from ‘Legal Confinement.’ Seeking out their whereabouts when at-large, was always dependent upon (a) ‘…Criminal Intelligence; (b) …Public trust, confidence and support; and (c) …Cooperation of the civic-minded and law-abiding citizens.’


Seemingly out of an abundance of caution, the ‘Prison Farm Escapee Shanell ‘Malice, Mabz, Silence’ Thomas’ reportedly requested the assistance of a religious leader, ‘Bishop Charlesworth Browne.’ A preacher is more trusted, than a ‘Police officer’ holding a ‘Bible.’ He may have been aware of the only ‘Known Narrative’ was that he had a ‘Confrontation with the Police’ [Press Association: June 21, 2014]. In spite unfounded and misleading media reports, in the instant case, ‘Police’ have yet to confirm; (i) ‘…A violent confrontation: (ii) …Exchange of gunfire; and (iii) …Recovered ‘Perceived Object’ they saw the deceased removed from his waist’ [ANR: February, 9, 2022].


Startlingly and frighteningly, ‘Global and National Gun Deaths’ showed numbers surging and fluctuating yearly. For instance, ‘Global Statistics’ show some ‘250, 000 Gun Deaths’ annually, while nationally, ‘Gun Deaths’ statistically numbered for the ‘Years 2000 – 2017,’ stood at 79’ [Gun]. Grief-stricken ‘Mothers’ were often forced to turn to the ‘Heavens,’ seeking ‘Divine Intervention.’ Most cried, ‘…Lord, why me: …Give me strength to overcome tragedies and associated pain, sorrow and punishing grief.’


That which had telling effect were suspension of training and other assistance, while ‘Senior Police officers’ had their ‘Non-Immigrant Visas’ cancelled. That which the Officers appeared not to have appreciated or reckless not to know, was that when they would have; (a) ‘…Trained; (b) …Developed killing instinct; and (iii) …Deployed them with such ‘Aims and Objectives,’ while the ‘Crime Statistics’ and criminal population may decrease, statistics for ‘Extra-Judicial Killings,’ will increase. Research has shown that ‘between 20 10 and 2011’ the ‘Killer Unit’ eliminated eleven (11) Criminal Suspects’ [SL News Online:]. When no administrative action appeared not to have been taken to control their ‘Killing Instinct,’ while prosecutorial proceeding appeared remote from Courts of Law, then ‘US Assistant Secretary of State, Ambassador William R. Brownfield’ spoke to the issue of unaccountability.


Not infrequently, tragedy suddenly strikes. This often comes at the hand of people charged with responsibility for the ‘Protection of Life, Limb and Liberty.’ That which the ‘International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT), has advised those that govern. In its ‘Executive Profile Summary’ that Government shall ‘…Ensure the Police Force is both transparent and accountable [Geneva: ISSAT: February 1, 2015]. Given the ‘St. Lucia Experience,’ those that govern and/or have responsibility for security, may wish to heed such advice. Consequent upon such, this nation may never be deemed a ‘Pariah State’ [The Telegraph: March 9, 2015: PM, Dr. Kenny Anthony: St. Lucia].


Sensing international repercussions as they affect ‘Violations of Human Rights,’ a ‘Commissioned Report’ documented facts that unreasonable suspected criminals numbering, ‘…5 was shot dead in a single operation.’ The ‘Most Damning’ had been the ‘roguish behavior of the Unit. The Report states, ‘…The officers staged a dozen shootings and reported them as murders by unknown assailants, planting weapons at the scenes.’ Additionally, ‘Fake encounters were staged by the Police to legitimize their actions.’ These revelations were not only startling, but also compelled ‘Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony’ to in addressing his nation, that the ‘…Report is extremely damning’ [The Telegraph: March 9, 2015].


Lest this nation’s ‘Police Service’ be viewed and treated like neighboring ‘St. Lucia,’ the time has, perhaps come for review of the operational behavior, actions and activities of the ‘Special Services Unit (SSU). Prime Minister ‘Gaston Browne’ shall never be so positioned as to be coerced by the international community to mount inquiry into the ‘Operational Behavior’ of the nation’s ‘Security Forces.’ Luckily, in the case of the suspected kidnap/killing of ‘Falmouth resident ‘Bruce Greenaway,’ the alleged perpetrators have been brought to the ‘Threshold of Justice’ [ANR: June 5, 2020].


Likened to every other regional and international jurisdiction, when gunshot rang out on the streets and communities, frequently tragedy strikes. Invariably, it not only comes with shocking and lightning speed, but with serious or ‘Deadly Consequences.’ Frequently, some innocent, or not so innocent person, is gunned down. Someone lay seriously or fatally wounded. A son’s or daughter’s life has been tragically snuffed out. Invariably, this often comes by the retaliatory, revengeful and merciless ‘Gunmen.’


Though not necessarily so expected, several ‘Convicts and Criminal suspects’ have all ‘Escaped to Die.’ Instructively, most victims of ‘Police Fire Power,’ have either died instantaneously, or as has often been reported, ‘when being transported to the hospital.’ The latter has been the account of officers with ‘Fingers’ that knows nothing, but ‘Gun Happiness.’ Such happiness often comes when conducting ‘Special Operations,’ either in in the course of apprehension of ‘Criminal Suspects’ or Escapees from legal confinement.’ Shrewed investigation into circumstances surrounding these killings, may very well show that some may either beg for ‘Reality or Justification’ for ‘Use of Lethal Force.’


Even as ‘Combative Policemen and Gunmen’ know that fire shall be fought with fire, Law enforcement shall know when to suppress their over exuberance and apparent ‘Killing Instinct,’ under the guide of ‘Crime Fighting.’ Thus, they shall employ professional restraint. Failing which, may lead to all kinds of operational, inquisitional and possible prosecutorial difficulties. The experience of ‘former Police Constable Keville Nelson’ makes the point’, Being reckless and not foreseeing ‘Prosecutorial Consequences,’ he was charged with, prosecuted for murder, tried by Jury and so convicted. He was slapped a 22-year term of imprisonment; had it reduced by two by the ‘Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC),’ and slapped back on by the ‘London Privy Council’ [UK: jcpc: No. 0021 of 2014].


Law enforcers shall be reminded of three things. They shall know; (i) ‘…For what purpose the Police exists; (ii) …Its purpose; and (iii) …Overriding Goal.’ From these perspectives, it could never be said to; (a) ‘…Search for; (b) …Shoot on sight; and (c) …Kill with impunity.’ The terminology ‘Sanctity of Life’ is contextually used. It has been the universal understanding that ‘Life’ precious, sacred and holy’ [Wikipedia]. The ‘Constitution Order’ speaks to due regard to such ‘Sanctity.’


In recent times, Law enforcement seemed to have developed a frightening ‘Trigger-Crazy’ pattern of behavior. This may have been evident by clearly telegraphed ‘Messages’ to those deemed ‘Wanted by Police,’ or when declared ‘Armed and Dangerous.’ Inferentially, this necessarily means that ‘Gun Death’ was looming. Therefore, it means ‘surrender voluntarily and peacefully’ or be prepared for a slow ‘March to the Cemetery.’ There are ‘Cases on Point:’ Most recently, there has the killing of ‘Prison Farm Escapee, Shanell ‘Malice, Mabz, Silence’ [ANR: February 9, 2022].


Then there were the apparent ‘Hunted Robbers;’ (i) ‘… Ronald Bloodman 28: (ii) …Kendall Joseph 34.’ News portal reports states; ‘…Both men were shot multiple times about their body in a confrontation with Police’ [Freedom FM: 106.5: February27, 2015]. Then a third robber suspect, ‘Chad Bloodman’ reportedly, suffered similar demise.  The robbery-suspects were alleged to have been involved in the ‘Antigua Public Utilities Authority Credit Union’ hoist.’ Then within 24 Hours,’ the trio were completely ‘Wiped out.’ When third suspect-robber ‘Chad Bloodman’ was ‘Gunned Down,’ the said news portal reported; ‘…Bloodman was shot during a confrontation with the Police at a house in Hatton’ [721 News: March 20, 2021].


Then an operation conducted under cover of darkness, saw the ‘Double Killing’ of ‘Suspected Robbers;’ (iv)…Travis ‘Ten Pound’ Martin-Bailey; and (v) …Jamelle ‘Marlo’ Hurst’ [Wic News: October 6, 2017]. Their ‘bullet-riddled bodies,’ speaks to the ‘Gunny Wrath’ of the Police. Additionally, in a reported ‘Gun Battle’ at his ‘Carlisle’s Apartment,’ disputed by residents, it saw the killing by Police of; (vi) …Bail absconder ‘Kurt ‘Shabba’ James.’ He was also reported to have been wanted for an allegation of rape’ [Commonwealth of Dominica: January 3, 2016: Q95FM News]. If these killings do not now give rise to official concern, then what will?


Undeniably true, with no independent eyewitnesses or verifiable sources,’ as the dead is ‘Forever Silenced,’ only the living may tell tales. Since Police Services have been charged with responsibility for the ‘Protection and Preservation of Life,’ civilized societies, necessarily expects those so responsible to be mindful of; (i) ‘…Incivility; (ii) …Insensitivity: and (iii) …Excessive or avoidable lethal or deadly use of force.’ Concerning; (a) ‘…Accountability; (b) …Transparency; and (c) …Rule of Law,’ justice dictates that acts that have resulted in the calculated, senseless and reckless loss of life, and appear ‘Starved for Justification,’ such acts shall be dealt with ‘Full Severity of Law.’


Dependent upon who presented the ‘Narratives,’ some accounts or stories often seemed ‘Stranger Than Fiction.’ The latest, being the ‘Tragic Killing’ of escaped prison inmate ‘Shanell ‘Malice, Mabz’ Thomas.’ As dead men tell no tales, under cover of darkness ‘Police’ reported that he pulled ‘an Object from his waist. Consequent upon which, it followed that there were deadly consequences.  That which seemed ‘Stranger Than Fiction,’ was that on a dark night, in a frightening deserted bushy irregularly-used roadway, he encountered an unspecified number of ‘Police officers’ that reportedly, ‘…responded to a report.’


With some ‘Constitutional Exceptions,’ it states; ‘…No person shall be deprived of his/her life intentionally, save and except as may be authorized by law in any of the following cases: (a) ‘…Defence of the person/property; (b) …In effecting a lawful arrest/prevent escape of lawful detainees: (c) …Suppression of insurrection (coupe-de-tat): and (d) …Lawfully preventing a serious crime or act of war’ [CO: 1981: Section 4].  In the event of fatality, it has been the ‘Judicially-Noticed’ pre-requisites that where situations demand or circumstances dictate, that whether or not ‘Defensively or Protectively,’ where persons shall be deceased, there shall be; (a) ‘…Due process of law; while (b) …The principle of natural justice shall be given judicial regard.’


In most democracies, it has been accepted that good policing practices are essential to developing and garnering public support. These are further strengthened by trust and confidence in the ‘Administration of Justice.’ Thus, as judicial systems allow all persons, including members of the ‘Security Forces,’ the ‘Presumption of Sanity,’ none shall, with reckless abandon descend his/her wrath upon any person, neither emotionally nor impulsively. In recent times, ‘Escaped convicts and Criminal Suspects,’ appeared to have always come under the receiving end of ‘Police Marksmanship.’


Likened to those institutionalized, as well as those in the wider society, there has been as much ‘Danger’ as there have been ‘Tragedies.’ These not only come suddenly upon the citizenry, bringing to them devastating consequences, but also ‘Circumstances of Suspicion.’ Not infrequently, ‘Gullible Media Personnel’ appear to have always been fed information that those engaged in ‘Police Gun Battles’ had ‘Confrontational Encounters’ with criminal suspects.  These reporters would wish listeners and readers of the news that these ‘Special Unit Officers’ were endowed with more skills than those they kill in ‘Dodging Bullets.’


Instructively, ‘Media Gullibility,’ invariably appears compounded by mediocrity and reeks of professional incompetence. For in these reported ‘Combative Incidents,’ neither the Police have reported casualties among themselves regarding gunshot injuries or loss of life. Seemingly ‘Protected by Grace,’ they have always escaped either ‘Gun Battle; …Early Morning Gunfire; …Nighttime Encounters or from a …Hail of bullets.’ True or false, these ‘Battles’ have always raised serious concerns and questions. None appears more troubling for both an aggrieved, distraught and traumatized woman ‘Winifred Thomas,’ mother of ‘Prison Farm-Escapee, Shanell ‘Malice, Mabz, Silence’ Thomas 34.


In some ‘Gun Battles,’ likened to ‘Escape Artist Harry Houdini,’ members of the ‘Security Forces,’ often came out unscathed and without loss of life. Instructively, the ‘Prison Farm Escapee’ was not only aware of his religious background, but also his position as ‘Chairman of the Prison Visiting Committee.’ His assistance was to guide safe passage back into the penal institution. Reportedly, he had been in communication with his mother, arranging his return to ‘Legal Confinement.’ In that conversation he had reportedly refuted ‘Police Claims’ that he was seen armed with a ‘Firearm’ in the ‘New Winthorpes Community.’ Logic dictates, that his second encounter may have revealed or confirmed such possessed weapon as opposed to ‘an Unidentified Object’ [ANR: February 9, 2022].


Seemingly given special privilege to be on the ‘Diamond Prison Farm Gang.’ Savoring an apparent unsupervised opportunity, to dash for his liberty, had eventually turned out to be fatal. Privileged information revealed that the ‘Escapee’ was not only fearful of the ‘Lethal Weapons’ expected to be possessed by members of the ‘Security Forces.’ but also of the personnel who possessed them. Thus, he may have had very good reasons to have harbored feelings and beliefs, that the ‘Shadow of Doom’ was hovering.


From professional knowledge, clearly a troubled youth seized an opportunity to regain his liberty. He was reportedly serving a lengthy prison sentence. Judicially, he was convicted for; (i)’Kidnapping two females, ages 42 and 24: (ii) …Aggravatedly robbed them; and (iii) …Attempted to murder them’ [March 3, 2017]. Today, prima facie evidence has suggested an apparent ‘Extrajudicial Act’ may have been perpetrated against him. Such however, shall be left to the determination of a ‘Coroner’s Inquest and 5-member Jury’ of good and lawful men and women.


The ‘Act’ compels a ‘Coroner’ to conduct inquisition into deaths that were not of ‘Natural Causes.’ The law unambiguously states, ‘…A Coroner, where there is in his/her District the body of any person who died in any prison or as to whose death an inquest is prescribed, ‘SHALL’ hold an inquest as to the ‘Cause and Circumstances’ of such death, whether the District Medical Officer does or does not make a report thereon’ [Section 10: Coroner’s Act: Chapter 105].


The ‘Wipe Out Unit’ has gained notoriety for conducting night and daytime operations, where ‘Criminal Suspects’ were often said to be the first to open fire on its members. None seemed to have possessed the skills of ‘Criminal Marksmanship.’ They were all ‘Shot Dead.’ Telegraphed deaths might be that of escaped prison inmates, whose liberty lasted for less than 24 hours. Issuing public warnings through ‘Police Press Reports,’ ‘Escaped Convicts’ were often declared ‘Armed and Dangerous.’ This advises citizens to protect themselves from harm and danger. Thus, none shall seek to ‘Enrage or Engage’ them in any way.


Among those so declared were. (i) ‘Prison Escapees,’ convicted murderer of ‘Ben and Catherine Mullany, Avie Howell 34’ [July 14, 2008] and (ii) ‘…Convicted kidnapper, aggravated robber and attempted murderer, Shanell Thomas.’ The latter needed, no prayer, but safe return to his institutionalized residency. Considering what the term ‘Armed and Dangerous’ means in Police language, reasonable inferences may have been drawn that there was neither any desire on the part of the ‘Prison Farm Escapee’ to encounter heavily armed officers with possible ‘Killer Instinct.


The heavily armed officers reportedly requested him to surrender. Since there were no independent ‘Eyewitnesses Account,’ t may have been a ‘Fatal Mistake’ not to so surrender.  Instead, he reportedly ‘pulled from his waist an object and advanced toward them.’ Then taking ‘…defensively action, he was shot’ [ANR: February 8, 2022]. Though not a ‘Medical Practitioner’ in making ‘Pronouncements’ or issuing ‘Medical Certification,’ with a career in Law Enforcement and Criminal investigations, and visitations to innumerable ‘Murder Crime Scenes,’ it is to professional knowledge that a ‘Bullet’ to the ‘Head and Heart,’ often means, ‘…Instant Death.’


For reasons of acts of criminality, including money laundering, trans-shipment of narcotics, human smuggling and trafficking,’ the small island- nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ has always been subject to ‘International Scrutiny.’ Consequent upon a pattern of ‘Operational Behavior’ by ‘State-established ‘Operational Units’ within the ‘Police Service,’ the nation runs the risk to be sanctioned for which might be seen nationally and internationally as ‘Extrajudicial Killings.’ From professional experience, and unlike some regional jurisdictions, has never been the culture, neither of the leadership of the ‘National Police Service,’ nor those comprising its membership.


As neighboring ‘Organization of Eastern Caribbean State (OECS), St. Lucia’ reportedly experienced escalating crime, the governing administration established a ‘Special Crime Unit’ within the ‘Police Service.’ This was said to have been with the view of bringing stability and respite to the populace. Members were said to be ‘Merciless and Deadly’ [Grenada]. Reportedly, they had brought immense sorrow and endless grief to law-abiding citizens, particularly, families of those that may have been ‘Profiled for Death.’ There were both ‘domestic and international worries’ to the then governing administration. To the citizenry, the ‘ORC Unit Operations’ may have been rightly equated to the then most feared ‘Eric Gairy Mongoose Gang’ [1967-1979].


These Police-related killings, have not only raised suspicions as to the surrounding ‘Circumstances,’ but also prompted cause for concern. These concerns, not only impacted citizen safety, but also showing scant regard to the ‘Sanctity of Life.’ According to ‘Police Press Reports,’ encounters with the Police, often in poorly lit or isolated bushy, these criminal suspects and escapees, were all killed by ‘Police on Patrol.’ That which remains irrefutable is that teams on the ‘Special Services Rapid Response Unit (SSU),’ are known to have always killed them. The Constitution has made it sufficiently clear of the circumstances under which loss of life may result. It states; ‘…


The Ambassador was quoted in the ‘St. Lucia Media’ as saying; ‘…Actions and activities by some- by no means- all that have contaminated the entire institution.’ Then of grievous concern was said to be, ‘…Inordinate delays in holding Coroner’s Inquests.’ That which appeared to have negative impact or ready acceptability, were said to have been results that were said to have been reek of suspicion. This was due that no officer was held accountable, liable or prosecuted.’ Its enacted and invoked ‘Global Magnitsky Act’ [2016]. This Act not only allow the ‘United States’ to impose sanctions on ‘Human Rights Offenders’ anywhere in the world, but also provides for: (i) ‘Freezing Assets; and (ii) …Denial of entry to the United States.’


There has been growing citizen’s concern over the apparent ‘Bloodhound Instinct,’ particularly of those assigned to the ‘Special Services Rapid Response Unit (SSU).

Not infrequently, ‘Police Shooters,’ have demonstrably shown impunity and sheer stupidity, speaking to ‘Perceptions of Firearms or Shiny Objects,’ opening fire with deadly consequences. To the officers so acting and consequences of death have resulted, nothing is more ‘Troubling and Traumatic.’ Firstly, there are reports of ‘Gun Battles’ or ‘Gunmen Shoot-outs with Police,’ or ‘Gunmen shoot at Police.’ These reports frequently state that ‘Police return Fire.’ Then frequently no ‘Guns or Shiny Objects’ were ever recovered and seized. Testament of which, was when the ‘Notes of Operations’ never reflected that which was perceived as a ‘Gun or Shiny Object.’ Such may reflect badly for credibility of accounts, truthfulness,


Then in desperation and fear of ‘Culpability and Prosecution,’ many, have found themselves seeking or endeavoring to establish a ‘Gun Manufacturing Factory.’ that every man ‘Senselessly Gunned Down,’ whether or not dead or alive, shall have one in his possession. Then there is weeping, mourning and gnashing of teeth. Surviving relatives, loved ones, friends, neighbors, workmates and colleagues, are left to ‘Mourn and Grieve.’ It is time to wash the wounds, make funeral rites arrangements, then bury the dead. A chapter in the departed one’s life will have been written. Then as time moves on, it is history for posterity to be informed just what had transpired and that which then obtained in society.


Domestically, the State’s agencies and agents are often seen in the eyes of law-abiding citizens as brutal, coldhearted and deadly. Then internationally, they will have positioned the nation to be seen as encouraging and/or condoning its agencies and agents in carrying out ‘Extrajudicial Killing.’ Procedurally, this were to be followed by; (a) ‘…Criminal investigations; (b) …Apprehension of murder suspects; (c) …Charge; and (d) …Criminal prosecutions; or (e) …Killings by the Police, the holding Coroner’s Inquests’ [Coroner’s Inquest Act: Chapter 105: Section 12]. This has been for the purposes of determining inter alia; (i) …Justification: (ii) …Criminal liability and prosecution; or (iii) …Misadventure.’ Media workers would never be told ‘Shot and wounded or Shot and killed.’ Then when these Police reported ‘Gun Battles or Shoot-outs’ were all over, most ‘Police Shooters’ have found themselves groping or scrambling to show justification for their individual and collective actions and ‘Consequential Deaths.’ Proper ‘Use of Force Policy and Training’ may help to reverse this pathetic behavior and trend among ‘Operational Units’ with an apparent liking of ‘Gun Battles and senseless killings. ***


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  1. What a long boring article. I’m sure there’s some nuggets in there. I’ll have to reread when I have the time.

    • If you wan hide from some Antiguans put it in writing. If you want to know your rights.READ If you want to know other people rights.READ.

      To them who kill at will, yes, the trigger-happy folks !?/if the lives you took were guilty the eternal father is on your side as defender, BUT if NOT he will surely be your judge AND when the blood of the innocent begin to haunt ?0u…let’s just say I HAVE HEARD STORIES


        Read a few. You are more intelligent and appreciative than most.

        Not sure that many readers understand that the ‘COMMENTARY’ focuses mon on the ‘…OPERATIONAL BEHAVIOR OF THE SECURITY FORCES’ than mere focus on the ‘…GUNNED DOWN ESCAPEE.’

    • With respect to you the author of this article, I find you are bit too verbose, unnecessarily. Of course your writings may just be above my IQ, but it seems to me that you are trying to prove to your audience that you are a very proficient writer. Perhaps you are. However, for an online portal, the length of your articles, the choice of words used and the manner in which your articels are written tend to make your articles very monotonous & many times cause us, the reader not to comprehend everything that has been said. It will be nice to make your articles more concise and more to the point.

        • He isn’t Antiguan! However he was on the police force doing nothing but taking tax payers money. Now he’s retired and know everything about the job he didn’t or should I say couldn’t do.

          • STUPID CRAB TALK?
            Chose to reply to this comment.
            Some ‘Crabs’ always have difficulty with ‘…READING.’
            Not sure you added anything or even understood anything that is written here.

            But you are really not alone.

            This was exactly what some ‘…Stupid Crabs’ had been ‘Talking’ about yesterday.

            Just smiled at them as they climbed on each other.

      • Agreed. Layman terms would have made this a better read. I’m sure most persons stop reading after the second subtopic.

  2. Why did he escape prison- word on the street is that a young lady was threatened and he intended to harm the young lady and he new boyfriend.

  3. Pompey, you’re a horrible writer. As soon as I saw the drawn- out writing and the unnecessary bolding of words and the “quotation” of unreliable sources such as Wikipedia, I knew it was you and had to go back to the top to check the byline. You’re not writing an essay for academic purposes (although your writing would require more modification for that), you’re not collecting evidence or putting something together to present in a court. A true mark of intelligence is knowing when something is appropriate and for the life of you, you seem unable to adjust your writing according to the platform or audience. This style of writing just makes you look dunce and you insist on it as if it’s something to be held on to. You’re just making yourself look dunce.

    • 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Your so right 100%. Did Pompey do a good job when he was in the force? Please can someone answer the question


      You could not have said it any better.

      A ‘…JACKASS’ was ‘BRAYING’ all day about the writing of ‘…RAWLSTON POMPEY.’

      Got to tell the ‘…JACKASS,’ well, that is very ‘…INTELLIGENT BRAYING.’

      Thumb Up.

      QUESTION: ‘…Just what is your contribution?’

  4. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The Afrocentric method seeks to uncover the masks behind the rhetoric of power, privilege, and position in order to establish how principal myths create place. The method enthrones critical reflection that reveals the perception of monolithic power as nothing but the projection of a cadre of adventurers.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

    The Venerable RP strikes again! Would encourage all to patiently engage! “As a man, I undertake to risk annihilation so that two or three truths can cast their essential light on the world.” ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

    That what transpired in St. Lucia was a Crime against Humanity is without question, sadly went unnoticed by most of the People of African Descent living on the Caribbean and Lucayan Archipelagos, but not so by the North Atlantics who’s ostracism of that SIDS Police Leadership and Government was swift and total! That is a Learning Opportunity!

    Extra-Judicial Killings on the Rock! “Domestically, the State’s agencies and agents are often seen in the eyes of law-abiding citizens as brutal, coldhearted and deadly. Then internationally, they will have positioned the nation to be seen as encouraging and/or condoning its agencies and agents in carrying out ‘Extrajudicial Killing.’” – Rawlston Pompey! This a Teachable Moment! Learn about what happened in St. Lucia and How it affected their Government and People!

    The A&B Press in their efforts to garner clicks and harvest rewards have been found wanting! Not only have they no clue as to where they stand in the process but their avarice has led to gullibility!

    This mere voice in the wilderness makes note that not once has the Venerable RP written the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB)!

    Friends, Country WoMen, Rastas, JFII will mention the RPFAB and GoAB! There are huge consequences!

    Each time a person of African Descent is killed on A&B by the RPFAB, the GoAB, in effect, casts a vote of no confidence in the judiciary! Each time People of African Descent are denied trial, the legal system of the country is undermined! Each time the ‘Special Services Rapid Response Unit (SSU) is allowed to randomly “kill” a suspect, GoAB creates a Frankenstein! Each time the RPFAB takes the lives of People of African Descent without the due process of law, GoAB itself becomes a lawbreaker and reduces itself, in a sense to the level of those that it is trying to punish! An inevitable consequence of this process is that the legally constituted Executive Administration greatly loses its moral authority to government!

    We are still in the throes of Mental Colonialism! “Because it is a systematic negation of the other person and a furious determination to deny the other person all attributes of humanity, colonialism forces the people it dominates to ask themselves the question constantly: “In reality, who am I?” The defensive attitudes created by this violent bringing together of the colonized man and the colonial system form themselves into a structures which then reveals the colonized personality.” – Frantz Fanon!

    “Beware the Ides Of March!”

  5. Birth of a child and maybe growth up to probably age 10 makes many parents to say they are working to leave things for the children. When the child becomes a teenager and the challenges start they making sure the child don’t know the PIN to their account and whatever assets they have that they were seeking to ensure exist for that same bouncing baby.

  6. …nothing, as in #no #thing
    …‘tis, the only thing
    …which happens by mistake!
    …all others are by
    …as, time is left in its own wake!

  7. Great article again Rawlston Pompey and quite objective coming from a former Commissioner of Police. Extrajudicial killing should never be condoned.

  8. I am certainly in agreement that the police should defend themselves if and whenever they are been shot at. However, it seems to me that many times in incidents like these, the convicts end up getting a fatally shot from the police especially when they are on the run and they do not surrender. The question is, is it really necessary for the police to shoot to kill? Aren’t our policemen trained to shoot to disarm the perpetrators by shooting them in the legs or arms so they can be apprehended rather than shooting to kill? Each persons life is sacred whether that person is an escaped convict or not.

    • Oh boy.
      No cohesiveness in that story. It’s all over the place.
      The police should wait until one of them get shot at, before they shoot at criminals.
      Where is the link between the story and the GRABLINE Headline?
      Good points in there but you got to dig deep to comprehend because of phrasing and punctuation Mark’s.
      I give a grade C for Effort

  9. The Antiguan piece…..Unless others are privy to information other than what is revealed in the media regardless of their past/current profession, one can summarize and form an opinion after having TIME to assess/evaluate. When a convicted/incarcerated person escapes from prison there cannot be any good for his escape……even if he escape to attend Bible school. The officers are human beings so when confronted with these situation especially with an armed escapee…’s a split second between LIFE and DEATH for them which one would any of you choose…..your life or an escaped armed convict? Just recently there was an escaped prisoner (by and for whatever reason was his escape) it is alleged he took another innocent life.

  10. Seems Pompey is waiting for the police to be shot at, wait until one drop downs and dies, then the rest shoots the shooter in self defense.

  11. One thing is certain there are many killers in our communities. Policemen that kills while on duty are no less killers than those that are imprisoned.

    Mr Pompey please tell me how many killers are in and out of the force.

    For our communities sake I would like to know who is in my neighborhood.

  12. Ok. Where can i buy the book. Because that was a 500page novel. Also, would it have been ok for the man to kill the police officers? People who support criminals are also criminals themselves

  13. The sheep dog’s bark and bite is only to keep the flock in compliance, not an attempt to have some lamb chops.

  14. Agreed. Layman terms would have made this a better read. I’m sure most persons stop reading after the second subtopic.

  15. Poorly written article. There is a more effective way of conveying legal information while connecting on a human story. This article completely misses in the mark in what could have otherwise been an interesting read. There is a total disconnect between the headline and the actual content.


      Once told a story and the teller had said:

      ‘…Some Donkeys can’t, and have never written an article, yet they bray and complain;

      …Then some’ kick;

      …Some bite; and

      …Some gallop;

      You offer nothing, you write nothing, not sure why you are …Braying and Complaining.’

      Perhaps, some water.
      Aint getting no ‘…HAY.

  16. Oh boy.
    No cohesiveness in that story. It’s all over the place.
    The police should wait until one of them get shot at, before they shoot at criminals.
    Where is the link between the story and the GRABLINE Headline?
    Good points in there but you got to dig deep to comprehend because of phrasing and punctuation Mark’s.
    I give a grade C for Effort

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