Gunmen rob couple of vehicle


Gunmen robbed a couple of a silver Honda Stream station wagon (A50132) at about 4:05AM Sunday on  Federation Road in Grays Farm.

The incident occured near the Gray Farm Police Station.

Two gun men wearing comouflage suits stuck up the couple, place the gun in the male’s mouth  and robbed his female companion of a gold necklace.

The assailants then escaped in the Honda vehicle which they relieved the couple of.

One of the robbers was described as about 5″4′ in height, of medium build and dark skinned.The other is about 6″1′, slimly built and has brown skin, according to police sources.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914.

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  1. Why are these cowards pretending to be law enforcement??? What a terrifying experience that must’ve been. If these lowlifes continue, they just might end up like “Ten Pound” when he went by those apartments in the Lightfoot area.

  2. CRIME. CRIME. CRIME CRIME. Open door immigration policy kicking in our backdoor. The lowlife man dem need to find Christmas presents for the unemployed women dem.

  3. Its dumb remarks like yours makes ppl think Antigua ppl chupit! A foreigners one a do crime ya! Our own a rob n kill rwe! Dey say no work here! But u think a DAT ?!?!? Wen dem can com n rob u a ur things in five ten minutes ….it takes dem 6 days hard labour to get wat dem thief ftom u in five minutes! Dey have no education n reasoning skills! Bosses can’t talk to dem else dem want kill u pon ya job site! Illiteracy is not da end but dey choose to make it theirs! Free second chance program to help u find work n advance ur self! Half a dem never complete primary muchless secondary.. If u ought to do a survey on it!!!!N dey not coming in Da doors!rushing to learn!!!! Packing shelf ! Security work! Baggers! Landscapers! Construction labourers! Farmers! Mechanics apprentice! Out dey but a hard work DAT be!!! U kno how much young ppl come house to house a offer their services to wash dung house n cut yard in dis Xmas season! U kno how many Yardee com a my yard a hustle broom n dustpan n nuh member Dem bleachings a da dollar dem a hunt!!Why u choose to put politics into ur wacky attempt to reason when its ppls personal choice to do ignorance n it nuh ha nothing tarl fi do wit mother raising dem badly or absent father or some psychological excuse! A dem choose fi want rob ppl nar gaston inna power mek dem! A nar Baldwin mek dem! Anar hurricane mek dem! Blame da voices in dem head dem choose fi listen to!!!

  4. So wait if that is the description of the assailants the person they have in custody claiming to be the person fits neither one of the description come on stupid police do ur jobs

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