Gun-Wielding Robbers Steal Cash from Eatery in Bolans


An eatery in Bolans was subjected to an armed robbery on Thursday evening, during which the perpetrators made away with a sum of at least XCD$1,800.00 in cash.

According to reports, the robbers, who were carrying firearms, entered the establishment and demanded money at around 7pm.

Shots were fired before they escaped on foot; fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Law enforcement officials have launched an investigation into the incident and have been scouring the vicinity for any leads.

Anyone who has information regarding the robbery is urged to get in touch with the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913.

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  1. This is getting ridiculous and out of hand now. As tax payers we now demand a response from the police authorities and the government.

    This criminal scourge must be halted.

    Antigua is turning into lawless society, and if the above incumbents can’t do the job, step aside and let others who can, or in a few years time we’ll all by saying we shouda, couda, wouda … by then it’ll be way too late!

    A patriot Antiguan demanding safe and security wise governance for all citizens.

  2. Antigua has always been a lawless society.
    The Politicians rob the people every day.

  3. Why are we surprised that these deplorable acts are happening and becoming more frequent ? The Good Book did forecast that as we draw closer to the end of times that the heart of man will become even more evil and wicked. This is exactly what we are experiencing now.
    Sad to say it will only get WORSE. I mean, it will reach the point of these events taking place as we have never seen before. As the saying goes: “We aint seen anything yet”.

    For the people who perpetrate these hideous acts; they will have to stand and give account for their actions. They may escape the justice of mankind but NO WAY…and I REPEAT: NO WAY WILL THEY ESCAPE THE ETERNAL JUDGMENT CALL.

    So as you read this and think that you have escaped with some precious loot. Why gain the temporary loot and loose your soul. YOU FOOL ! Your name will be called on one day soon to give account.

    The time to repent and change is NOW. Once there is life, we have hope. Unfortunately, the majority of humanity will chose to continue in the evil path and refuse to accept the Creator’s way of love.

    Mankind is hell bent on the evil way even though we have seen and continue to see the terrible consequences of that way.

    The Spirit of God is slowly being withdrawn from this earth as man continue to make up his mind to pursue evil rather than good. God will NOT force us to follow HIS way.

    The time is at hand. Wake up, People.
    There are but just TWO ways in life: GOOD and EVIL.
    We chose one. No middle ground.
    Which way will we chose?


  4. The police very well knows these individuals who carry out these crimes, one whole circle of them. They better go look for these persons and stop harass the drivers with parking tickets, they need to go look those with the drugs and who jumping people house and robing people.

  5. Poor Rodney The higher ups aren’t even bringing new ideas to the table One and only known solution Stop and search The force needs fresh heads not the weary old men who doesn’t know how to come up with working solutions to fight crime Raise? Did you say raise! To do what come to work at 8 and leave at 11? No drawing board no nothing No police visibility on the country! Or are you just here to watch the promotion list Adding square pegs to round holes Did not take notes at a crime scene why? Improve your crime fighting strategies!!

  6. policing in antigua is reactive not proactive so the punchline will never change.
    “if anyone have information contact CID department.”
    if police was on patrol in villages 24/7 would stand a chance to act quickly and solve some crimes or even prevent.

  7. Contract Out the Security
    ” Homeland Security” or SP..
    Vigilance Tells of Future.
    Diversified Entrapped
    Scrunting fir Survival Minimalism

  8. Get a licensed firearm

  9. Business Owners.join a Gun Club.Learn to use a Gun and get a License to carry. When those of Criminal Minds come into your establishments to steal. They would be surprised when you pull and fire for their chests areas. Always aim for the largest parts of the body. Those rampant continuous stealing at will must stop,now.

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