Group wants Antigua to consider money transfers that would include Bitcoin


Cabinet Notes: Ambassador Johanne Hesse invited three local businessmen and three money-transfer agents to hold a virtual zoom meeting with the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda.

The group is planning to offer services in money transfer that would also include Bitcoin cash or dealing with crypto currency that would be transformed into fiat currencies.

Crypto currency is the way of the future, the team declared, and the group wants Antigua and Barbuda to be on the cutting edge of this new currency transfer and exchange system.

The Attorney General agreed to have the group meet with lawyers in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, in order to ensure that their plans accord with The Digital Assets Business Act 2020.

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  1. Hell no. I can’t buy a damn thing with crypto-currency. It is not regulated by any government or governing body. There is no stability. It is just a form of stock investment that goes up and down. Not a real currency that one can spend in Epicurean or any retailer to buy goods.

    • Boldface once said, wanna ya know ya just nah know. I have been using bitcoins for years to buy goods on amazon and ebay and trust me it is better than using a debit card or credit card. They have cryptocurrency that are stable and are called stablecoins. Facebook is planning to introduce one name libra. The biggest problem I have is to convert bitcoins to fiat because the fees ae so high.

  2. Isn’t Mr. Hesse the ambassador to Yida or something so? When will he give the people an update on YIDA??

    That’s what I’m more interested in hearing about right now.

  3. Not so common, that is why the US Government is not so keen on Cryptocurrency, because they will not be able to control other Nations because
    the US$ will lost its power if Cryptocurrency replace the Fiat currency.

    However, weather you like it or not, no one can stop it now, that is where the young tech savvy generation World over are into right now.

    Either the Old Soldriers that control the Fiat currency will die out, or the Fiat currency itself will die, either way it is going to happen, because that is the future for the young.

    PayPal, Money Gram, Microsoft, Amazon all pump millions in Bitcoin, JP Morgan who was so against bitcoin realise it can not be stopped, so he fall in line, just like the ABLP Comrades do, 😄.

    Bit coin is really Bullish right now, it cost $15.600.00, it is predicted that it should be $20.000.00 by the end of 2020

    If you do not learn to make money while you sleep, you will be working for money until the day you die, also Warren Buffet invest in cryptocurrency.

    Look at it this

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