Group mounts protest against animal cruelty outside Parliament while House Speaker lends support inside Chamber


REAL NEWS: As a small group mounted a protest over cruelty to animals, outside the Parliament on Monday morning, Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt, Q.C. was inside lending his support to their cause and calling for jail time for those who continue to abuse animals.

The protesters – supporters of Dogs and Cats of Antigua – had vowed, last week, to take their concerns to the lawmakers during the October 24 sitting of the Lower House.

The group is hoping that its protest will force the Administration to enforce laws against animal cruelty according to the country’s Animal Health Act.

Reportedly, Chapter 6 of the Act addresses “Animal Welfare and Stray Animals” and prohibits the maltreatment of these creatures. It says, “No person shall torture, beat, injure, mutilate, neglect or treat with cruelty or overload an animal.”

According to the group, it will continue to protest until the treatment of animals in Antigua and Barbuda is addressed.

In lending his support to the cause, Watt says the maltreatment of animals here has appalled him for quite some years. Accordingly, he says it gave him some joy to see the group take this action, proving that not everyone treats animals badly.

A lover of animals, himself, having two dogs, Watt says that instead of fines being imposed, persons found guilty of cruelty to animals should be incarcerated.

The group’s aim is to protect animals from all kinds of abuse, including poisoning, stoning and attacks by cutlasses.

Earlier this month, the media published stories of two incidents involving dogs: one in which a pet was horribly burnt in an apparent acid attack and the other in which the animal’s face allegedly was cut open with a cutlass.

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    • Why you do not mount a protest against human cruelty. You people seems to want others to do your biddings for you. I am the owner of a pet. That pet is a member of my family. I would protect it as I would a human member of my family. Nuff said!!

  1. Yes people to wicked i had a lovely dog tied i had no nabours until this man build some apartment the bog burst the chain for one day bridge back dog i told me my dog lost i said to him the next day i will get a chain to tie the dog you know the man killed my dog i go to him and he said yes he killes it because he tell me tie the dog one day one day and my dog was a pet dog god be with him .


    “The founder of Dogs and Cats of Antigua says she won’t apologize for the harsh comments meted out to the musician who burned a dead dog and joked about eating it.”

    Joy Farell issued a DEATH WISH/THREAT against Krokus for an already dead dog. Why she didn’t call Pringle to come get it instead of issuing DEATH upon an indigenous Antiguan??


    “You are a piece of s…”.
    “I Wish someone would get a hold of this bastard and f him up then burn him”.
    “If I could I would kick you a… You have no f-ing sense of decency”.
    “I would love to watch you get burned alive”.
    “I hope he dies a gruesome horrible death”
    “Unfortunately sick ignorant people still exist, point is to get rid of them”.


  4. That woman already showed her TRUE COLOURS. Her heart is ugly. Wishing DEATH on a human being, exalting an animal above HUMAN LIFE.

    JOY FARRELL had this to say about “Krokus” of Burning Flames:

    “You are a piece of s…”.
    “I Wish someone would get a hold of this bastard and f him up then BURN HIM”.
    “If I could I would kick you a… You have no f-ing sense of decency”.
    “I would love to watch you GET BURNED ALIVE”.
    “Unfortunately sick ignorant people still exist, point is to get rid of them”.

    “Burning Flames member David “Krokus” Edwards said he did not kill a dog in a video which went viral and was only joking when he said he was cooking the dog to eat it.”

    JOY FARRELL IS a D-I-S-G-R-A-C-E!!!! of a human being. Ironically, not even a dog would behave so DESPICABLE!!!

  5. The Police have yet to prosecute any individual since this law was passed, let alone investigate any occurrence.
    There will only be a solution when they stop ignoring the problem.

  6. With everything going on in the country, you never see these people standing up for anything. You never hear them talk about the situation in the prison where humans are living in squalor.
    Human welfare don’t bother them, only animals welfare.

    • These “colonizers”,never cared about indigenous african descendants,these settler/colonizers have one thing in common,our mutual destruction one speaks about how our ancestors were cruelly abused for their benefit,still to this day,these cold,callous psycopathic settlers that are living lavish off ofour ancestors’blood sweat and tears,always see themselves as the moral compass fortherest ofthe world,hypocrites indeed

  7. People have different passions. Your concern or passion may be different from another’s. For some it may be animals, for others it may be humans or protecting Mother Earth. Instead of bashing someone for their special interest, how about being pro active for what you believe in. Be part of the solution instead of the problem. People are quick to be nasty when behind a keyboard, yet don’t speak out when they see something that bothers them. They walk away, don’t speak up out of fear and tip toe around the situation. Too much of that everywhere. We as humans become complacent. We take beauty and litter it with trash or destroy it. Only a handful of people do what it needed to make a change. So again…..if you are being part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    • People have different passions,but If a person loves animals,which I do,it should be a holistic love for all of creation,not just animals,I knowthat they dont have a voice,but they(animals )are more protected and have more rights than some human beings

  8. You’re off topic Rosy. People that don’t care about animal welfare in most instances don’t give a dam about human beings either.

    Here are some facts for you.

    FACT: Domestic violence, child abuse, and animal abuse frequently occur simultaneously in a family.
    FACT: Women with pets may delay leaving a dangerous environment for fear of their pets’ safety.
    FACT: Individuals who commit pet abuse are more likely to become batterers.
    FACT: Animal abuse often is linked to the severity of IPV. (intimate Partner Violence)

    The Link Between Animal Abuse and Serial Killers

    “ Researchers, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have often found a link between animal cruelty and domestic violence, child abuse, serial killings and the killings by school age children.
    While some children may sometimes torture animals or be cruel to them to impress peers, serial killers have been known to torture animals purely for their enjoyment. That is why animal abuse is considered to be a sign of a MENTAL DISORDER and children who abuse animals should be taken seriously and action should be taken to deal with such behavior. Although there are several factors that contribute to someone becoming a serial killer but the one constant most of them share is animal abuse.”

    • It has to has to do with a holistic approach,we need to approach such topics with a broader vision.certain sectors of this society push for animal rights and protection,which I agree with.but advocating for stricter sentences on anIsland with such horrid prison conditions,begs to differ,why not advocate for more humane prison conditions,but I understand,if certain sectors of this society commit a crime,they would never see the the inside of HIS Majesty’s prison.So some people tend to have a narrow selfish vision,and are only concerned with what pertains to them,the beginings of narcisistic tendencies

  9. I remember when they came to a small volcanic island and took out the animals and left the people behind, who do you think was taking care of those very same animals that they took, the very people they refuse to help? I just shake my head when I hear the phrase ” animal lover”. They will pass a homeless person on the streets, and go straight to the dog and feeds it, saw that craziness in the very same Antigua last year. I feed the dogs and I feed the homeless, love is omniscient!

    • I guarantee those “animals lovers” give more to the homeless than most. I am living proof.

      What the ancestors did was wrong but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  10. People have different passions,but If a person loves animals,which I do,it should be a holistic love for all of creation,not just animals,I knowthat they dont have a voice,but they(animals )are more protected and have more rights than some human beings

  11. Men of other races have shown themselves capable of accepting the paradoxes of human existence.We Caucasoids possess a uniquely inadequate psychology in this regard.We are unable to accept paradoxes and inconsistencies.For us,they become conflicts.We are uniquely incapable of coping with intellectual conflicts and paradoxes within our own minds,we cannot tolerate dissention in others

  12. Caucasians to the rescue!!!

    How did I know that these people would be sticking their ugly noses into our affairs. Again!

    In America they hunt and kill defenceless and beautiful animals; and in the UK fox hunting is still a legal activity and look at a sport.

    These – banner waving – crackpots witness children going hungry here in Antigua, and they NEVER bat an eyelid.

    I wish they would be just as vocal against cruelty for all children.

    Why do we continue to pay any attention to these duplicitous hypocrites?

    They dress and feed their dogs better than many of the world’s suffering children. Tarl!

    Caucasians to the rescue – give me a damn break from these WHITED SEPULCHRES …

  13. I am astonished by certain comments! But what do human rights have to do with animal cruelty? Why those who believe that human rights are not respected on this island don’t make their own protest and leave in peace these volunteers who are doing so much for the stray problem and that are trying to make the Antiguans understand that animals also have their rights and should be protected and not abused? More and more tourists are saying they do not want to return to Antigua because they witness incidents that are truly cruel to animals. In every civilized country, animal abuse laws are implemented in earnest, and those who do not comply face often very serious consequences including jail time. Why Antigua should be different from the rest of the civilized world?

    • Ok, @ Susanna Salvia, I note that you don’t want to equate animal rights with human rights. However, that’s your perogative.

      But I’m really concerned that you fail to address the brutality and cruelty against animals in developed countries that kill beautiful creatures just for sport?

      Why post this unbalanced diatribe without addressing your own legalised killings of animals?

      It makes you people sound – as I mentioned before – like out and out hypocrites. As always!

      Please get your own house in order before criticising Antiguans … pretty please!

      • What an ignoramus, how do you know she doesn’t address animal cruelty and support human or animal welfare causes in other countries? You definitely don’t speak for all in Antigua. I usually like your posts and stance against Covid Vaccine tyranny etc but you have now lost all credibility.

  14. Antigua would be a richer Island if they cleaned up their act!
    Let’s face it, tourism is a HUGE part of the Islands income.
    Make it a paradise worth visiting.
    The locals do not nurture the beautiful place that mother nature has created!!
    There is trash everywhere you go.
    Starving, dead or injured animals EVERYWHERE!!
    People who live way below the poverty line.
    Make your government support you all in making that change.
    It would be beneficial to everyone!!

    • How condescending and patronising @ Julia, I can tell that you probably live in a gilded cage and a parallel universe to the indigenous populous of Antigua & Barbuda.

      Your ancestors were (and you still are to this day) the masters of mayhem and cruelty to the animal kingdom, where many species became extinct; and yet today, you portray yourselves as great animal lovers.


      • Oh, by the way, can you respond to my question that I posted to @ Susanna Salvia about the legalised slaughter of animals for hunting and sport in the USA, the UK and many parts of Europe?

        Susanna seems to have gone into hiding …

      • Very good comment,the people ofAntigua and Barbida are reduced to thelevel of unlearned children.very goodcomment Brixtonian,hypocrisy at it finest,total amnesia about their past atrocities.

        • I thank you for your positive and commendable response @ Rosy, I’m glad that you can also see and understand another viewpoint about these “so-called” animal welfare protestors … have a great day!

  15. @Brixtonian – you’re not going to like to see how the chinese that are soon to infest Antigua create their meat/poultry entrees.

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