Group Calls For Full Investigation Into “Missing” Twins Saga


The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) is deeply concerned that Antigua and Barbuda government authorities have not resolved allegations that twin babies were stolen from Guyanese national, Ms. Keoma Hymer, minutes after they were born at a hospital in Antigua on September 7, 2004, while she was in transit there.

Evidence suggests that that 14 year old twins are alive. One allegedly resides in Antigua and the other in the US. It is inexplicable that this matter remains unresolved. Consequently, CGID has asked the US State Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to investigate this allegation as it potentially constitutes abduction and human trafficking.

Ms. Keoma Hymer is a Guyanese national, from Mahaicony, ECD, who was 19 years old and 7 months pregnant when she boarded a LIAT flight from Guyana to St. Martin on September 4, 2004. The flight in-transited in Antigua where she became ill. She was transported by ambulance to Holborton Hospital in St. Johns, Antigua, now renamed “Mount St. John Medical Center,” and was admitted. Incidentally, Ms. Hamer gave birth to identical twin girls prematurely on September 7, 2004, at Holborton Hospital. After delivery, Ms. Hamer saw her babies alive and heard them cry. She watched as a group of nurse took them away. This was witnessed by other patients. This was the last time she saw the twins.

Ms. Hamer recalls that a short while after the nurses left with the twin babies, a particular nurse returned and informed her that the babies had died. Ms. Hamer expressly told the nurse that she wanted photographs, hence, she must keep the babies and hand them over to her aunt on her arrival. The babies were not handed over to Ms. Hamer’s aunt. No photographs were taken. No account was given about what happened to the twins. Shortly after this episode, Ms. Hamer’s representative returned to hospital to pay the outstanding bill. However, hospital staff advised the representative that there was no record of Ms. Hamer’s hospitalization at the hospital. Hence the refused the payment. Her admission and medical records had disappeared. Later when Ms. Hamer visited the hospital and was also told no record of her hospitalization exists.

CGID herein releases documentation establishing that Ms. Hamer was indeed a patient at Holborton Hospital at the time. Dr. Joseph A. John has certified this fact. Dr. John has also attested that he and Dr. Abbott oversaw Ms. Hamer’s care. He also detailed her medical condition and treatment; albeit his claim of the circumstance of her delivery seems inconsistent with established facts. There are also photographic and medical records of Ms. Hamer pregnancy and travel to Antigua. The claim that the babies had died appear to have been false. Several witnesses have attested to seeing the babies alive at birth. They allege that the babies were neither stillborn nor died after birth, but were allegedly stolen. There is strong evidence that the twins have now been identified. One allegedly lives in Gambles, Antigua, and attends Christ The King School. The other ostensibly lives in Syracuse, New York.

In the attached letter dated June 24, 2019, Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Health, Mr. Molwyn Joseph, advised Ms. Hamer, that this matter is under investigation. On December 4, 2019 Acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Atlee Rodney, informed Ms. Hamer that DNA tests could not exclude the purported parents as the true biotical parents; albeit, the credibility of the Police DNA tests is dispute. This test was ostensibly done in July 2019. Despite numerous requests, the results remained hidden from Ms. Hamer.

Administrators at Foundation Mix School, where one of the identified twins previously attended, have indicated that at enrollment, a purported parent claimed that the child was adopted from the Commonwealth of Dominica. Commenting on this matter, an official from the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare of the Commonwealth of Dominica said: “Our records do not reflect any adoption of the said child.” Serious questions remain unanswered. What are the names of the parents listed on the birth certificates and in which country were the certificate issued? How can a child who is allegedly adopted carry the DNA of the adopted parents? Who collected the samples and supervised the alleged DNA test? If the purported parents had indeed given birth to the twins, where is the evidence, such as photographs and medical records, of the pregnancy?

Did the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda gather this crucial evidence? Why was the alleged DNA test done in secret and without credible witnesses? Only tests results from DNA samples collected in the presence of a Judge, Ms. Hamer, her attorney, where the entire transfer chain is supervised by the courts to preserved the integrity of the process, can be deemed credible and legitimate. This process must ensue urgently.

CGID calls for a thorough, fair and impartial Police investigation of this matter, which potentially involves serious criminal conduct if the allegations are substantiated. An alleged party in these allegations currently resides in the US and allegedly works as a medical professional in the York City School system. CGID calls on New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio to direct the NYPD and the Department of Investigations to review these allegations.

Moreover, CGID calls on the government of Antigua & Barbuda to do everything within its power to resolve this matter urgently as it undermines public trust it its institutions. A nurse Roxan Babb-McCurdy, as well as nurse Lynette Daniels, were allegedly nurses at Holborton Hospital and on duty at the time of Ms. Hamer’s hospitalization.

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  1. CGID, excellent work thus far. Keep pushing for Ms. Hamer. I am soooo ashamed of the ABP and the Ministry of Health. They have thus far failed this grieving mother. Oh, how my heart aches for her. God is not asleep. Anything that happens in the dark must come to light. May justice prevail. I am praying for this young woman and her daughters.

  2. I have been reading extensively this STORY for far too long, and I cannot remain silent any more. I for one do not buy your story one bit.

    I am saying what OTHERS may be affraid to say to HET CRAZY ASS.

    This Young Lady Needs To Get Her Head Examined. And, you followers of hers need to stop your nonesense. Just give me a break after all these years, NOW!

    All the monies spent by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to support your madness, you and your Guyanese money hungry, blood sucking group need to be reimbursed.

    Get a grip on reality and get out of this fantasy world you are living in, you know you were a sick woman carrying twins at the young age of 19, and where is the father in all this thiasco? How come he is not fighting the case also?

    Knowing you had a grave illness you try to escape your country to give birth in another country, St. Martin. Which doctor in their right mind in Guyana, knowing you had an prior illness, gave you the ok to fly?

    Those people who are feeding you leads are taking you the FOOL a little further.

    I do hope that all these people who you are accusing and terrorizing for your inability to cope with the death of your twins, and for you not being able to conceive again, due to your illness, sue you and your fanatics heavily for the voices in your heads.

    Seek psychiatric counselling, that is what you need to do and quit your delusions. Antiguans hard earned tax payers monies will no longer support your madness IDIOTS.

    Get a grip on life, and thank God that your life was speared after giving birth to nonviable gestational aged babies. They COULD NOT survive lady (at least back then).

    Perhaps you should have donated an incubator to help other babies who were born during those times at Holberton Hospital, at that same gestational age, who also did not survive, knowing fully well how medically ill your little ass was at the time of your pregnancy. That is why children should not be having children, to me you were a child, and still seem to be by your inability to reason.

    My friend’s baby was born at eight months and did not survive during that time, so your point is, your 1 and 2 pounds babies had a better chance at survival? Give me a freaking break.

    Stop playing blame game and blame your damn self for risking the lives of those poor children when you left your home country to squat in someone elses country, knowing fully well that you were a flight risk.


    • Your points have come across fine and everyone has their opinion.

      Why wasn’t the bodies handed over? Why wasn’t the pictures she requested taken? Why is there no record of her ever being admitted to the hospital? A child or children being born at 7 months and died….wouldn’t they have been old enough to be buried? If you’re a mother, COMMON SENSE goes a long way here!!!!

    • Girl u sound like a damn ass …..maybe u yourself is involve why u speaking so and who knows maybe u have the other child ……So because shes sick it gives people the right to steal her kids ….girl my cousin baby born and weigh 2lbs nd lived so what’s ya point !!!!! When the DNA Comes Bk Wa u go say next? That them pay off the lab? Some a are u dunce and retarded nf

    • I do agree with you there is something wrong with her and the story she is telling the pictures she is posting on Facebook looks far from the child shown on ABS why is she not going this hard in the other twin she knows the address for in the US is it because she know she can’t play this game with the American ppl. Let’s just get the DNA done just to get her to go back in her corner and make a public apology to these ppl.

  3. If the twin were adopted, then some legal process had taken place. According to this article the twin were mentioned to be born in Dominica and Dominica has no record of it. There are so much information in this article to analyze bit by bit. To make it short someone who is now in high office has to be involved, and that is why the DNA test results have this outcome. I know America don’t take information like this easy especially when the person is an immigrant (don’t born in there country) living in their country. Antigua authorities need to solve this quick and fast before America authorities find the other twin and start blasting everything on their news networks.
    Those two parents that have the twin girls need to assist the authorities quick and fast before their faces plaster around the world on/in news media. Give the young lady her twin pickney and them.

    • You do realize much of what this article is based upon cannot be considered evidence? The DNA tests itself confirms the child was not adopted. Someone claims that the school records say such and such but obviously that’s not what the police found. Do you wish to believe the evidence from the police or the one from a unnamed, hence unverified source? Come on this is boxing not all fools day

  4. This needs to end. It is not that hard to find concrete proof to support her claim. This has been allowed to go on for far too long if you ask me.

  5. One wonders if those supporting this lady take the time to understand what she is suggesting. An entire hospital aided in stealing her children. I read Dr John as saying the babies were stillborn. The accusation now extends beyond the hospital to now our police force and possibility the company which did the DNA test. Anyone consider the kind of treatment and care needed for babies born 2 months premature? They have to nto be hospitalized for weeks (at least a month)and receive not only oxygen but food intravenously. Who in their right mind would want to steal children in such a state? Those calling for US law enforcement involvement are actually insulting the people of A&B

      • You mean like when the mom trying to fool the person she wants to be the dad hence lies about the date of conception? Look what you suggest is not true. Babies born 2 months premature cannot leave the hospital next day. No earlier than 3 weeks before the expected delivery day

        • One of my siblings was born 7 months back in seventies and in 3 days my mom said he was out of the hospital. I heard my grandmother said that my sibling skin was so raw that they called him Mackerel (Nickname). I head stories from older fokes especially women in my communities that have and known of babies that were born at 7 and 8 months back then and survived without being in a hospital. So please Tenman, try and sit down with someone in their eighties and seventies and find out more about premature babies born home and survived. It is not all of them died after birth. This young lady, as old people does say, her womb is crying-out for her babies. Only a mother would know that her babies had never died. Some people said that she is crazy or maybe not. A good investigation will bring-out the truth to all this.

      • As you said it isn’t always the case but remember that the mother was taken off the flight and taken to Holberton because her illness. As one somewhat familiar with Holberton, it was definitely not a place for what could be described as a high risk pregnancy and I do not recall hearing of any “baby thefts” happening at that hospital. I totally agree with tenman and think consideration needs to be given to the fact that there are women who are or become mentally unbalanced from the death of a baby or lack of having same. The testimony in the above from Ms. Hymer comes over as he said/she said hearsay since there does not appear to be any recording to verify any of it. The question in my mind is what does Ms. Hymer hope to get out of this beyond social media publicity that is guaranteed to attract conspiracy theorists. Holberton may have had issues but to the best of my knowledge baby trafficking was NOT one of them.

    • Yep and unfortunately it seems catching by especially those who fall easy victim to conspiracy theories. I gather the general belief here is both Dr abott and Dr John are so hard up for cash that they aided someone in stealing 2 preemie babies. These babies were so cute that they all hatched this plan at the last minute (unexpected delivery). Give me an aspirin Anyone wishing to do something like this would want children who would call for less care, hence less at risk. The kind of cash this would have called for, there are easier and cheaper options.

  6. Some of these comments on this thread are so dumb, yes everyone has their own opinion. However the fact remains this woman was not given evidence her of her children death, no death certificate no dead bodies nothing. Seriously she has a right to go to the ends of the earth to find out what really happened to her twins. Some of you people are really evil and corrupt. Let it had been one of you and you would’ve been singing a different tune.

    • I am thinking that if one of us experienced the death of a premature baby (or full gestation) at Holberton or any other hospital for that matter, we would have paid for the burial and requested the death certificate at the time. If the babies were abandoned and buried at the public’s expense then it is quite possible that the (no name) certificates might be difficult to locate.

  7. There is obviously some truth to this .. someone is guilty and afraid why is the other side so silent? if someone accused me of stealing my adopted child I would just give them a DNA test, something is definitely being hidden all this cannot be coincidence
    And PS Ive heard lots of story about guyanese nurses stealing babies

    • You missed this part:

      “On December 4, 2019 Acting Police Commissioner, Mr. Atlee Rodney, informed Ms. Hamer that DNA tests could not exclude the purported parents as the true biotical parents;”

      In other words Ms. Keoma Hymer is not the mother

  8. Sexybitchneedstorolloveranddead

    You knowing who I am will prove what? Lady, you better do not try and test a woman like me. Trust me.

    #268 My opinions stand, and yes I work for the government of Antigua and Barbuda, and we have been following this mad woman’s case since the inception.

    Doctors kept cellular phones at Holberton Hospital in those days to take pictures of patients’ dead babies?

    So they kept the stolen babies hidden in a warm cooler until they were big enough?Give me a blasted break you postmortem depressed women.

    Tenman and Jeb, you both are rational and educated beings, unlike the unfortunate gullible, idiotic few.

    • When people are stealing babies, they would normally have everything set up in a house where they can transfer the babies after birth. Yes, I watch a lot of America programs of missing babies at birth to be talking this way. Anything possible when people are making millions from stealing babies.
      Antigua and Barbuda hospital is not a facility that kept good record-keeping so anything possible that her files maybe lost or stolen. Yes, I am working for the government of Antigua and Barbuda for 23 year now.

  9. Tek dat inna are you nen-nen.

    I hope you FART-OMER followers listened to the ABS News last night.

    Jeb and Tenman, stop wasting your precious time to convince these ASSHOLES any longer, as they are worst than the Scribes and Pharasees who crusified the Christ for trying to teach them the truth.

    Remember that IDIOTS will remain idiots until the day they die no matter how hard you try to educate them or help them.

    No wonder why other Caribbean island people call Antiguans fooley, because are we run with every foolishness dem feed are we wid, turn our backs on our own, and try to cut each other’s throats.

    Jeb and Tenman, I applaude you with highest respects for informing the chatroom of your knowledge and for enlightening the darkness.

  10. It’s really a shame the dumb minds we have working in government. It truly is ridiculous that y’all out here spitting nonsense. We’re any of you there?

    Firstly, there is too much unanswered questions for it to all be a coincident. The mere fact that the hospital have no records for this young lady I’d absurd. If the flight have evidenced that she was taken off the flight and taken to the hospital in an ambulance at that should show a record. Even if her babies died and she’s just being delusional, where are her records?

    The people are not saying that her claims are legit, we would like to know why the secrets around these women and the child?

    Some of you out here cannot be parents at all and as someone rightfully said, had it been your child you’d be singing a different tune.

    We all live in this country and see the ridiculousness that happens and the cover up so why we out here acting like it’s not possible.

    I would really like to see what some of you idiots have to say if this woman turns out to be the child’s biological mother.

  11. I came across this situation recently and i caugh my attentionl..Im an Antiguan that lives in the States and i can say for certain:
    1. I have learnt in life ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING is possible once ppl are invloved.
    2. People r capable of anything, therefore u have to believe the unbelievable even if it does not make sense.. and what u may try n figure out 2 make sense in ur logical mind will not make sense beacuse we cannot get into those ppl head or state of mind at the time of what occurred. Family, friends, loves n trusted onces can n will lie and decieve. PPL r sick complex sociopaths! Reality is stranger than fiction
    3. We will NEVER EVER know the full truth for may reasons..

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