GRENADA: Tourists Warned Against Breaking Covid-19 Protocols


Grenada’s borders, through a phased process, are opening. A legitimate concern for many would-be non-compliant tourists.

Non-compliance in this instance could range from breaking quarantine to not wearing masks. Although our visitors must be welcomed as they escape to relax and explore our beautiful island, they must comply with our laws.

According to Dr George Mitchell, head of the National Covid-19 Response Team, via actions through parliament, the current monetary sanctions for non-compliance will increase. This revelation occurred on Friday, 17 July 2020, when Central Health-Grenada interviewed the coordinator of the National Covid-19 Response Team as part of its online series entitled, “Covid-19 & Those Most at Risk.”

“The sanctions that have been on the books for many, many years were deemed inadequate. Just not enough to deter persons and so this is going to be brought to Parliament,” said Dr Mitchell. He went onto say, “I suspect that very early next week the fines surrounding breaking quarantine etc, will be revised and will be implemented upwards.” Grenada has to take steps to move on.

The way our world economics is designed, we have to smartly create a new normal. Covid-19 will be around for a while and so the process of welcoming tourists to our island is part and parcel of the overall process. Having said that, as far as Dr Mitchell and his team are concerned, if you are coming from what they have deemed as Yellow or Red Zones, meaning that there are active transmissions there, expect to be quarantined for a certain period of time. “Unlike the St Vincent experience, where people were allowed to go home, and they have their peculiarities about them — that they were allowed to go home, Grenada is not about to take that kind of chance. I’m sorry — no.

We are not about to take that kind of chance. If you are coming from an area where there is active transmission, and you want to come and have fun, then your fun, of course, would be enjoying our beautiful island — but from your secured location.” Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health outlined its phased approach for opening the Boarders — Low Risk (OECS Countries), Medium (Caricom, UK, Canada) and High (US or visited the USA 14 days prior to arrival) arrivals would be permitted during different time periods. Our visitors or those returning home, would have to bear additional costs, outside of their airfare, and adhere to strict procedures. In fact, travelling via aircraft requires serious planning. Everyone entering Grenada must have certain things and accept our laws and procedures.