Greene Wants Those Responsible For Greenaway’s Death To Be Brought To Swift Justice



I join with the family members of the late Bruce Greenaway and with
ALL the residents of my constituency (St. Paul) in recognizing the work
done so far by law enforcement agencies in investigating the untimely
death of Mr. Bruce Greenaway.

Now that the cause of death has been ascertained by Medical Science
(autopsy), we await a full report on the outcome of the investigations into
the circumstances leading to his death, and expect that appropriate
criminal charges will be brought against those responsible.

Without prejudicing the next steps in this case, I as Parliamentary
Representative for the deceased, on behalf of his grieving family and
indeed on behalf of the entire island community anticipate absolutely no
delays in bringing the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice.
I caution against any action which could trespass on the patience of the
people, while reminding that justice delayed is justice denied.


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  1. This killer(s) must be brought to justice. Bring him/her/them before the hanging judge. If and when found guilty, the hanging judge must order “hanging by the neck until dead”, according to the laws on our books.

  2. And we lament the deaths of blacks in the USA, yet we perpetuate the same thing on our own people. It’s a hurtful thing. May the killers reveal themselves then go mad, then die, knowing that their bodies will be languishing in a funeral home for years.
    Rest in peace.

  3. I am very much impressed with the Govt minister of the St. Pauls constituency, who has sent out a clarion call for the swift justice for his villager, who died from strangulation…. Yes, a life is sacred and all lives must be respected and should be given that recognition regardless of who the person is or whereever they come from. Now, I must admit that on the otherhand, I am surprised and disappointed to see that the minister has presented himself on the frontline to seek justice and rightly so but for many other tragical deaths in the past, not a word is been heard from the very said minister or others. I am now force to believe that the minister’s plea is not only for justice but its a guise used for political support…

    • @Bluddy Bloke
      You don’t know why the minister came forward. What ever forced you, “… to believe that the minister’s plea is not only for justice but its a guise used for political support…” forced you to utilized the negativity you have been subconsciously carrying for a long long time. Your dirty mind!

      This is what I would say, “I it very nice to see that the minister came out in support for justice for Son of his constituency.

      Since this is a first, as far as I can remember from a minister, I would think that the family in his constituency asked him for his support as they push for justice and he obliged. This shows how gutsy the minister is because he know that some dirty minded persons like you would pull the political card. This minister is one of the most rooted community man in Antigua and I could see him pulling for justice regardless if the person died in a red shirt or a blue shirt.

      Needless to mention that Mr. Green is not hungry for political support. It’s a safe seat for ALP.
      I wish he would take it further to rally hundredths of people in St. Johns in a march for justice. Everyone holding hands marching together regardless of the party.

      It is the same way I would like to see that on Labor both parties make their speeches/presentation but all end up going to the same beach.

      Cheers to Minister Greene!

  4. Chet is been politically correct by calling for justice. When nothing happens he can always say i was “calling”. SMH

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