Greene to constituents: To say that our national economy is under pressure is an understatement

St Paul MP EP Chet Greene

St.Paul MP E.P Chet Greene has sent a heart to heart message to constituents in which he warns them about the dangers of not taking COVID-19 seriously:

Dear Constituents:


I address you amidst rising numbers of positive Covid cases, deaths and great uncertainties for our nation and world. To say that our national economy is under pressure is an understatement and a shared concern for us all.


Whilst we rue the deaths and destruction wreaked upon our families and communities by this never before seen pandemic, I remain optimistic that there is a light at the ‘end of the tunnel’ as medically researched and presented vaccines provide protection against hospitalizations and deaths and the possibility of opening up our tourism based economy for immediate and long term benefits to our people.


Our St. Paul’s community is one of the most significantly impacted by the fallouts of this pandemic, based on our multi-billion dollar tourism infrastructure and the livelihoods that accrue to our people daily, weekly, monthly…..around the clock.


I urge us therefore, out of a clear understanding of our own best interests and preservation of the health and well-being of our community to avail ourselves, everyone of us, of the available vaccines and to denounce and condemn any person or persons; organization or organizations and any attempts which seek to score cheap political points at the expense of the health and well-being of our community and country.


A demonstration of this understanding of our personal and national best interests and love for our families, communities and country will drive us to achieving herd immunity and the restoration of normalcy sooner rather than later.


I count it a blessing to be your representative in this most difficult period of human history and give God thanks for our community and each one of you who, I pray will place a premium on our shared and combined responsibility in fighting and winning this war.

Save lives


Save our country -Vaccinate before it’s too late


Yours in daily service

Hon. E.P. Chet Greene MP

St. Paul Constituency

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  1. Hello Cheat:Chet: When are you going to step aside as the President of the NOC in Antigua. How much does that position pays.Why do you guys love so many positions of power. For power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. Mr. PM, Please get us the Cuban vaccine!! You have so much mouth and waving your finger bully at us, why not wave that same finger and mouth of yours to WHO and CDC to approved our Caribbean scientists’ vaccine from Cuban. Let them know that your people are in dire need of the Cuban vaccine. Yes, vaccines are here on the island that we can choose from but we want Cuban vaccines just like we have Cuban nurses and doctors here. We have the right to say what we want because we hired you and your ministers to work for us. So, do the job or you get fired coming next election.

  3. Chet what is going on with all the water pipe failures in English Harbor and the subsequent road destruction? No one sees or hears from you in Falmouth & English Harbor. Please show some interest in one of the most economical significant parts of your Constituency.

  4. WHARF RAT I understand the position of President of the NOC is paid about $4000 to $5000 US a month. Anyway, Antigua us really a strange place because no place else in the world would a Minister of Government be holding such a position. It is as conflict. Moreover, being a Minister of Government is a full time public job and Minister are not even allowed to be on Boards. Check the Code for Ministers of Government in England and you get an idea of what I am talking about. Only in Antigua such nonsense is allowed to happen.

    • @Tabor: The reason that is allowed to happen. The people like it so,the Corrupt Political practices in Antigua and Barbuda. Where Registered Voters sold their Voters Cards for crumbs from the ABLP Tables in the 2018 Elections. I do believe the time has come for those persons to be Prosecuted to the full extent of the Laws of the Land. I am living in a Country where Elected Politicians have to divests themselves from their personal Businesses. They cannot sit on any Boards,as they do in Antigua and Barbuda.Why is that allowed to happen? Is Maria Browne still on West Indies Oil Board.There are Cabinet Ministers on the NAMCO BOARD. There were Cabinet Ministers on LIAT’S BOARD,see how that turned out. They are all raking in the dough,while the poor gets poorer,daily.

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