Greene says he had permission, demands apology from University President


St. Paul Member of Parliament E.P Chet Greene is denying that he illegally entered the University of Health Sciences Antigua over the weekend.

Greene has threatened legal action against the UHSA president if an apology is not forthcoming.

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  1. Meanwhile 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 have taken over the campus.

    -NO STUDENTS on campus
    -EMPTY PROMISES to staff dating back years about imaginary “investors” to rescue uhsa
    -ROMAN SOLDIER destroying the family business
    -PIANO DONATION SMOKESCREEN to give appearance of activity.

    • No Revenu to who !!???
      You mean Greene and Fernandez family mafia I believe
      So now they offer to another person and make money 💰 for there self
      If the university paid something extra to there pockets they will never start the drama .

      What about YIDA what happened there is any work or business happening over there 🤔?????

      Anyway my point corruption is our biggest problem .

  2. You politicians is a joke,
    Who is paying the security guard?
    Who keeps cameras up and running?
    Selling antigua out for nothing.

    • If Chet thinks the public accepts that spin as truth, it tells us how those politicians view the public….

      Chet can your security detail give anyone permission to enter your house without your consent?

      If your security details did that, what would your response be Chet?

      The security detail facilitated a crime. There was no permission…..the police officer is also in breach and must be disciplined….

      This simple matter is unfortunate and should not have happened.

  3. #1 You are right sir. If there is no apology just sue his ass.

    #2 Tell us WHY were you there, and who are this people with you in the fancy assed jeeps?

  4. Well well well despite everything you have written it does not change the fact that Chet Greene did not have permission to enter the property. He is the one that needs to apologize. The whole incident is so dispicable.

    • Just as how it was despicable when you knocked down that little boy and up to this day you have not checked in to see how is he doing!!!

  5. Hey cowboy man calm down you threatened the man just by using your name and who you are even Fernandez brother used the same method.
    However its Gassy mistake that he keeps you around so you can follow his orders and do what you have to do

  6. Why politicians cannot admit wrong doing?

    Why politicians cannot admit they get sick like the rest of us?

    Why politicians cannot admit in reality that they do not know everything?

  7. Enter my property when I’m not around, when you are not welcome to…. I will kick your bum so hard, sue you, take you to court and make sure you pay some heavy fine!!! Plus break your already broken reputation!!! lol

  8. Don’t you need a court order to enter a person’s private property? Why is police escorting you without a warrant. Who owns the buildings that your and your gang trespassed on? Your backside is the one to be sued. The people have a lease for 100 years. You are declaring the lease null and void, so will you have the police escort you to have them thrown out. I guess you can do to them what the government did to the your comrade in Gambles. Take his property and then go to Parliament to expropriate it.
    You and your government think that you are all powerful in this country. Antigua people a sleep and better wake up or they will be treated worse than dogs.

  9. Like him and his leader, power gone to them heads. They are now the almighty. Laws don’t apply to them.. he didn’t think there was need to speak with the owners.

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