GREENE: Haulage price hike for cooking gas ‘unconscionable’


The recent announcement by a major hauler of cooking gas that he intends to raise his haulage fee by $20.00 per 100-pound cylinder has ignited a quick response from the government.

Trade Minister E. P. Chet Greene made it clear that this decision does not have the approval of the government. He described the move as ‘unconscionable’ noting that it comes at a time when the government has been working hard to keep prices in the country from further escalating.

“I understand that the haulers are independent contractors, but this move does not find favour with the government. While the price of gasoline and diesel increased by just over $3.00 per gallon, increasing the price to $20.00 per 100lb cylinder far exceeds that of the increases in fuel,” he stated.

According to the trade minister, about 500 cylinders of propane are delivered weekly in Antigua and Barbuda. Based on this average, the hike in haulage fees would amount to approximately $40,000.00 of additional expense to consumers each month.

Minister Greene is also worried that the unapproved increase could have a knock-on effect on the economy as it could lead to increases in other items and services.

He pointed to the poor timing of the increase, which has come at a time when the government has called on all sectors to cooperate to stabilise prices as the coronavirus pandemic remains a threat, which is now compounded by the global economic impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The price of fuel and LPG, or cooking gas, is controlled in Antigua and Barbuda. Therefore, the government has reminded that there ought not to be increases without its consent. POINTEXPRESS

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  1. U have the gall to b talking about conscience, as the late, great Tim Leonard Hector would say, ALP have a cash register instead of a heart

  2. A hike in anything has ripple effects and only poor people suffer. Most consumers affected are those in the lower level spectrum of the economy.

  3. So why y’all don’t subsidize the gas price with the money y’all plan to use for your raises… Chupz

  4. I guess everyone is trying to take advantage of a bad situation. Next the gardener would increase his fees because the fuel going into the lawnmower is more expensive. Why not pass on the cost of doing business to everyone? And in the end, everyone wants to have a salary increase. The question is, is this price hike permanent? Because if it isn’t, will those that raise their fees and prices, and fares bring them down again when the price of fuel is back to “normal”. And will those that wanted a salary increase take a salary cut at that time?
    I guess not.

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