Greene Asks Why Gonsalves Is So Keen On Collapsing LIAT

MP Paul "Chet" Greene

Foreign Affairs Minister EP Chet Greene is questioning why the St. Vincent Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is so keen on collapsing LIAT.

“For the life of me I can’t understand how someone so steeped in Caribbean integration, someone who is knowledgeable about the integration process, would be so moved as to collapse a regional institution in preference for what is clearly a localized arrangement that will benefit a single economy, St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” he told a local radio station.

Gonsalves has been actively promoting  two St. Vincent Airlines to take over the route that LIAT once dominated. Prime Minister Gaston Browne says both Gonsalves and Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley have shut down talks aimed at a new LIAT.

“Yes, nobody wants to hear the sound of the word loss or losses, but when you look at the global trend of the airline industry, since COVID, a number of airlines have folded. I don’t hear of anything being put on the table except narrow island interest where PM Gonsalves is saying he has two airlines – One Caribbean and SVG – which can fill the void left by LIAT,” Greene remarked.

Greene is calling on the Vincentian Prime Minister to reevaluate his position.



  1. Why did you allow your daughter to enter Antigua when she had COVID19?

    That put us all at risk. You should never have allowed that to happen.

    • Ralph is a snake in the grass. Nothing tarl worse dan realizing a friend is actually a FRENEMY. He likes to ramble and babble about regional integration, but talk is cheap!!! Mia has an excuse because she is Bajan and everybody know how dem day pompous and badminded by nature. But Ralph you teach me a serious life lesson.

      • What a jackass. You say this about Bajans and their PM and expect them to grant the meeting your PM begging for? If his tantrums reflect your comment you and him will get nowhere fast.

        • No jennyass. Calm down. This is not about local partisan politics. Even Senator Tabor has spoken about the pomposity of Bajans. If you think it was just on a whim that Ralphie and Meow suddenly decided to abandon LIAT, you are sadly mistaken. Watch out for people like them two.

  2. Because Liat is a failure. Must Caribbean people continue to pump hard earn tax dollars in the bottomless pit called Liat? If Antigua is so flush with money that PM Browne can continue to pump money into the failure called Liat then Mr. Geene I suggest to you and PM Browne to take it over and make it the Airline of Antigue and Barbuda

    • Well well Vern Smith you miss the whole Bottle and not just the pint (ah mean point) … Here’s a clue for you though *LIQUIDATE*

    • I fully agree. When St.Vincent was flushing millions and millions of dollars every year to LIAT, which was not getting anywhere, nobody said anything. Man, people is just fed up with this dead over their backs called LIAT. St.Vincent PM have even been attacked that the hospital needs more attention while somuch money going into LIAT. I think Antigua PM is just looking out for their own interests and not the group of countries interest as an whole.

  3. Folks let us look back.Antigua had its own Airline some years ago.They even had a Jet.It was under the Lester Bird Administration.I do not remember the name of it.It lasted a miracle minute.What has become of that jet plane.Airlines are very costly to operate.In these times of financial famine in Antigua.One cannot just throw monies down a cesspit and find diamonds.The country is very,very,short on liquid assets at this time.It is so financially broke.The Pensioners and Retirees have not been paid as of today 07/08/2020.I have friends in Antigua and their Social Security have not been deposited into their accounts as of yet.That is rather an unfair situation.The Prime Minister is asking the LIAT workers to take a 50 % hair cut.That is a very expensive hair cut as I have ever heard of.Why the Cabinet Members do not take a 50 % pay cut.I guaranteed you they were all paid on time the end of June.Only the poor and down trodden gets to hold the shitty stick every month.We the people need to turn that around,very fast.

  4. One Caribbean and SVG Air is going to fail just like LIAT because Mia is going to bail out on Ralph in the most opportune time. RedJet …. FAILURE
    E.C. Express….. FAILURE
    AIR Jamaica……FAILURE
    CAL……Hanging on a thread with Trinidad Government pumping millions and giving concessions.
    InterCaribbean… Always need Maintenance
    WinAir …… Always Late

    Ralph and Mia are setting themselves up for Disaster.

  5. When are these people going to realize that no island in Caribbean wants to do nothing/business with Antigua anymore. Gaston and his Ministers need to wake up and smell the bush tea. These Caribbean leaders are thinking about themselves and their people and it is high time that our government here in Antigua and Barbuda start to think the same.

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