Grant Says Serpent’s High Recognition Is Not The Same As Approval

Algernon ' Serpent' Watts and Political Leader of the United Progressive Party Harold E. Lovell

Political Commentator Arvel Grant has commented in the entry into politics of Radio Personality Algernon Serpent Watts.

Here is what Grant had to say:

On the matter of  Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watt’s   entry into partisan politics, as the UPP’s candidate for the Saint George constituency  here in Antigua-Barbuda:

(1)  Even tho he is Managing Director, this should not affect the normal operations at The Observer Media Group, if news and current affairs are conducted in a balanced and even-handed  manner eg Observer A.M, Good Morning Joe Joe and Dave Lester Pane in the afternoons.

Programs with an overt partisan profile, may find themselves struggling to attract significant levels of advertisements.

2. Serpent’s impact on the UPP’s chances at the polls!?

A mixed bag of sorts for the following reasons:

(A) He brings a very high name recognition to the table. However, high name recognition is not the same as high: Acceptability,  approval or favourability ratings.

(B) Radio is a very efficient double edged sword. Every utterance has the potential to earn as many friends as enemies. God knows, Serpent will have earned many of those over the past 20 years.

Needless to say, he takes all his friends and enemies with him into the United Progressive Party.

(C) His chances of winning the seat is only as good as the political organization and funding he  is able to put in place

(3)  What must the United Progressive Party do to win the next general elections?:

(A) Mend fences with Joanne Massiah and the almost 30% of UPP supporters who may still be angry with the party’s leadership and the Observer Group, about how Miss Messiah was treated.

(B) Restore its electoral support to at least 21,000 votes

(C) Regain the four seats it controlled during the 90s and win at least five of the seven seats, which abandoned the Labour Party in 2004.

(D) Of course, one assumes that the UPP is paying keen attention to the ongoing registration of voters.

Walk good until next time.



  1. What would he want funding? Thought he and knight vehemently opposed to spending during elections and should be able to convince the populace with their glib!!!!!!!

    • What are you like 6yrs? What do you mean by why he would need funding?? Doesn’t every campaign need it??? Were they “vehemently” opposed to the spending during elections for CAMPAIGNS or they were “vehemently” opposed to the 500 wrapped in red shirts and the larger than life billboards erected every 10ft. Some y’all should just whistle na chuuuuups. Sick of politics in ANU boss. I need to live in a real place where voters KNOW these assholes work for US and not in office to build million dollar homes on prime lands while people like who who love defend live in shit shacks that too want some new wood.

      • @ sick of this place…lol…his mouth should be loud enough to convince people so me need not be preoccupied with funding.

        There is some exploratory work being done by space X, NASA and the UAE regarding life on Mars. That might just be your exit to a real place. Stay tuned

  2. Watching that case in Dominica keenly, because if the court rule against the government it will have ripples affect in Antigua.

    Everyone know the ALP cannot win an election on their performance, only by throwing money around in an election

  3. Who the heck is this “Grant” guy? Never heard of him, but I do know that we KNOW “Serpent”…he has name recognition and we know what he’s said over the years, and because we KNOW him we won’t vote for him. Besides why is he of all people wearing a cross around his neck. He’s a self described SERPENT and he runs a SNAKE PIT. GET OUTTA HERE.

  4. Where do “people” like Cool Ruler and Sick of this place live?. Obviously under a soggy rock some where. Come out from down under and take a breath of fresh air and note the many positive developments initiated by the government post 2014.! Now get with the program!

  5. Reading some yall comments I can tell yall are tearing labour people who don’t have any sense.Look at yall in this critical time during this pandemic crisis.The Government not looking on yall,but wait till election time come then is when they pushing money in yall pockets yall idiotic ass.Where is the helping hand now that yall need it?Yall are some fools.There is always a higher crime rate in ALP time.Check it out.Yall too worried about Serpent been elected as a candidate to run in St.Georges.Whats the big deal?Stop tearing down people.Because yall cant do any better.Yall are some damn fools is what yall are.Look around and see what Gaston Browne as a Prime Minister is doing.Look at Yasco.There are so many talented athletes out there in this Country,but where is the proper facility to support these young athletes.When they go overseas now and perform yall want them to still rep as Antigua bull shit.Gaston need to get the hell out of power cuz the amount of stupidness he a walk and do.Yall better wake up and smell the coffee.See whats taking place in Antigua right now.And he wanted to pass law on bankruptcy.Bull shit.Poor people fu dey work so hard and cant get them money.Antigua done belongs to China.You nah see a sell he a sell out the Country.

  6. @Anon pray tell, name the accomplishment of the Gaston Browne administration. Lester once told him in parliament to stop all the ground faking and get some projects off the ground.
    The country was doing so well according to him and along came covid-19 and exposed the holey underwear. So let’s hear of all the good and I hope you have regular running water.

    • Saving millions of local people deposits left in jeopardy by UPP(Abib), Buy WICO, Save CUB, almost completed a new Port, Antigua now has the capacity for the largest ships in the world(continue to make tourism better), got Royal Antiguan from an Animal shelter to ROYALTON after UPP gave it away… Stop the Ministry of health from paying 40k per month by refurbishing the old Administration building which there are now housed(upp had plan to make it a parking lot, Ablp also got the car park building up under construction when upp stopped construction since 2009 but only lost power 2014, brought Antigua and Barbuda the forth landed Campus of University of the West Indies, DECRIMENALIZE MARIJUANA, significantly REDUCE CRIME(compared to post 2014 with 19 and 20+ murders per year), Get back the gave away Antiguan and Barbudan people Spectrums that UPP blessed Digicel and Flow with, give 5 time the Scholarships upp gave in their 10years vs Gaston’s 6 years, made ABS look like its watchable again, small business loans made availablefor young entrepreneurs and land for the Youths.. … i have so much more but I got to go to work……. but before I go, thank God for Gaston Browne or else LIAT would have a very been dead today

  7. Good narrative by the commentator. He may garner a couple hundred more votes than the previous candidate as both will be from the same area, however his popularity in the media will not translate into a win. Lots of work to do…..Lots of pavements to pound.

  8. Interestingly, Serpant has placed himself in a very per curious position… He has no other choice but to win his seat in the general elections and also improve UPP’s outcome… His tenacity & his popularity has now placed that burden on his back. If on the other hand he loses his seat and moreso, UPP loses the election, his credibility and confidence that many has in him will drop from a high to a drastic low to the point where his reputation as a popular radio personality and his radio program will dwindle…….

  9. Serpent has my support 100%.Set up your Political Contributory Account,now.I am ready and very able to make my CONTRIBUTIONS.BY THE WAY I COULD GIVE ANY AMOUNTS I WANT.

  10. Mr Grant, for some time now, I have been reading and listening to you making your pronouncements on Joanne Massiah, and how UPP badplay her.
    Tell me, Sir. Do you know the real reasons why Joanne Massiah is not in the UPP today? Don’t you think you should tap chat your suppositions and talk to people who know about what really cause Joanne not to be in the UPP today?
    You see, I was like you. I was vex with UPP for what they did to her, so vex that I gave Gaston my X in the last election (not again). But I was curious, because certain things did not add up. So I did my research. And I found out a lot of things. Like, do you know that left to Lovell, Joanne would still be in the UPP? He tried all kinds of unity meetings but she walked all over him. It was the membership that said enough, no more meetings with Joanne. It wasn’t Harold. He had said she should lead because she won a seat that a dog in blue clothes could have won. That is all Saint East and St Luke. The constituents say they feel like they lost the seat because she lost some 700 votes from the last election. He only got serious with her when she started to beat him up in the press. And even then “honorable Harry” was still trying to mek up because of what people like you were saying.
    But the membership did not want her. They voted 90 something to 2 to kick her out at the Cobbs Cross general meeting. Enough was enough. Do you know that when the leadership race started, Joanne was only talking about herself and not her team, so she was losing all the branch members votes, and losing badly? When she saw she was losing she and her people stopped turning up at the branch meetings to select the leader, so they had to shut them down. At the General Council meeting at Freedom Hall to announce the two teams, she and her people refuse to go up to the front of the hall and they start to cuss out Baldwin, then took to the street and noisily finish it there. Then she started her mysterious bonds with Gaston Browne (the big money from the Weatherill deal? Remember she was turning over dirt with her spade?). He was the one who told her that she won her seat, not Harold, so she should be leader. That gave her a big head and she started giving trouble. Is not now the Top Darg making trouble in the UPP. What you do not know is that Harold had suggested she be the leader because she won, and the membership said a big NO. They knew her. You don’t. Then she started going on the radio and cussing out the party, especially Harold. Compare Evergreen now. Like Mr Ryan said, a woman scorned? Then she would go to Central Executive meetings and mess them up. Then she would turn up at General Council meetings and next thing the meeting broadcasting live on another party station. At one, they had to stop using the mike because of that.
    Not enough room here to tell you the rest, and because she is a lawyer, I could get myself in trouble because I would have to show the proof and put my sources in trouble.
    The point is stop shooting off your mouth about 30% people who want Joanne and vex how bad she was treated. Nobody treat Joanne bad. She expected some of the women to go with her against Harold because she was a woman. She was shock when this did not happen. Even her best friend (the one causing all the trouble in the UPP now) went with Harold. If you ask UPP people about Joanne going back to the party you will hear a big NO. Only outsiders like you and the couch analysts and them making this a big deal. Do your research or dry up.


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