Grade Six Secondary School Placements Set for Friday

Director of Education Clare Browne

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will release the secondary school placement list for Grade Six students on Friday.

The list will be distributed to all primary school principals, who will in turn provide parents or guardians with the information.

Following widespread consultation with stakeholders, the Ministry took a decision at the end of April to cancel the 2020 Grade Six National Assessment, in light of the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While making the announcement, officials revealed public secondary school placements will be made using data generated at the school level from continuous in-school assessments, specifically from class work, homework, projects and tests.

The 1,451 registered students were assigned to secondary schools through outstanding achiever placement, health and safety placement, special educational needs placement and place of residence placement.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is advising members of the public no distribution of placement results will be carried out at the ministry’s headquarters.

As it relates to Grade Six transfers, Director of Education Clare Browne maintains these will be granted only in instances of errors of placement or for health and safety reasons.

Further, parents will be required to write to the Director of Education requesting the transfer and the letter must be counter-signed by the student’s primary school principal, before delivery to the secretariat of Director Clare Browne.



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