Grace Christian, Baptist Academy, and St. Nicholas top Grade 6 assessments


Grace Christian Academy and Baptist Academy are enjoying the distinction of producing the top female and male students in this year’s Grade Six National Assessment.

The Director of Education, Clare Browne, recognized Aliane E. Challenger and Damaya N.J. Bird, when the Ministry of Education released its annual Top 100 results on Friday.

St. Nicholas Primary School dominated the Top 10, claiming five of the 10 coveted places.

Tavez E.T. Edwards from Jennings Primary and Donella Lewis from Mary E. Pigott Primary placed highest among the 14 students from government schools, while Five Islands Primary earned the distinction of having four pupils in the elite group.

Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the Ministry of Education to move to e-learning last year, no Grade Six Assessments were held.

However, the Director notes that, through the efforts of the teachers, students, and parents, this year’s candidates managed to perform at a high standard, with acceptable grades at Level 1 and Level 2 passes – being just below 90 per cent.

Minister of Education Daryl Matthew commended those who made this possible despite a year full of challenges.

Meanwhile, Director Browne notes that male students continue to lag behind the girls in terms of academic achievement.  However, he points out that this is not peculiar to Antigua & Barbuda, but is a worldwide phenomenon.

He says the Ministry of Education is working to close the achievement gap, and the work begins with making sure that boys do not record as many absences or drop out of school entirely.

Accordingly, Browne was careful to single out and highly commend the three male students who are among the four high-achievers from the Five Islands Primary.

Fourteen hundred and fifty-one Grade-sixers in 57 schools – public and private – took part in the assessment, which was done utilizing school work, homework, projects and tests taken during the school year.

Assignment to secondary schools will be made according to assessment placement, plus health, safety, special needs, and residence, the Ministry of Education says.

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  1. “Dumb, Dumber, ALP”

    Private schools leaving the ALP schools in the dust. This is another abysmal failure by the ALP.

    • “Lost ALP generation”

      Bird brain, we’re losing an entire generation of kids under this useless ALP government. Only the kids of rich and middle class smaddy who can afford to pay tuition are getting an education.

      • Oh hush you miserable soul. Must every blasted thing be politics. Private schools has always out performed government schools so this is nothing new. Why must everything be about ALP and UPP you sickening now with that crap.

        • “Public education is a political issue”

          Spoken like someone who can afford to send their kids to private school. Poor people can’t afford that luxury. Education is not a priority for the ALP, and poor people are suffering. It’s the government’s responsibility to provide a decent education to all, and the ALP has failed miserably.

          • You sound like a real braying JACKASS. And yes I went to private school and no my single mother was no frigging rich but she made sacrifices to send me to a private school. You like you grudge people who kids go to a private school and it has nothing to do with ALP.

          • And another thing Mr Jackass since you want make this political private schools were out performing public schools during the UPP time in power (2004-2014) you blooming are.

        • “Thank god for PLM”

          Ms. Jackass you didn’t know government education is a political issue, so your uninformed opinions are irrelevant. ALP jackasses like you bury their heads in the sand while the country burns. Your private education was wasted on you.

          • Guy get a life if you want PLM time then build a time machine and go live from 1971-1976 as I said you are a JACKASS

  2. Dear Education Ministry officials, I am begging you.


    At least try to teach them about the country they belong to before you start preparing them for learning about other people’s culture and history for taking exams. Help them to know something about their homeland. Teach them to show a sense of pride for the land of their birth.
    Look, it is great to be the best in the land.
    Congrats to Miss Challenger for coming out tops. For working hard and learning well what she was taught.
    She is the best in the land, but I just have a simple question.
    Does she know anything about Antigua? If she doesn’t, it’s not her fault. I think a segment on our history can be included in the assessment. Make teachers teach this so the youngsters can be tested on their knowledge of their homeland.
    It can be done. This is not CXC. We set and mark our own exam.
    It is time to start teaching our children all about national pride and civic awareness. We are losing them fast to other cultures.

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