GPS Tracking Used To Monitor Returning Nationals In Quarantine


The Ministry of Health utilizes GPS tracking to monitor returning nationals in self-quarantine.

That’s according to local dentist, Dr. Soumi SenGupta, who was one of the passengers on the first international flight to land in Antigua & Barbuda since the country reopened its borders last week.

“I was invited to go online and enter all my data. They now are tracking my cellphone”, SenGupta told state media. “The Ministry of Health is tracking my cellphone to ensure that I stay in quarantine.”

The American Airlines flight travelled to Antigua from Florida in the United States last Thursday.

The dentist had glowing reviews for the screening process at the V. C. Bird International Airport.

“This is by far… the best run set up I’ve seen. Florida would be embarrassed. I mean, you guys, it’s impressive. It’s like a military operation”, SenGupta told state media.

“The best of the best, the G7 countries, have been talking about introducing these kinds of systems. Antigua’s already doing it. Britain isn’t doing this, Germany isn’t doing this”, he added

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  1. I would never do this ! Test the people and let them go about their business ..why would I want the government tracking my every move.

    This Thing is getting ridiculous now man.

    Either test the people and let them go once they are negative or leave them the hell alone and reopen your borders and be medically prepared..

    Everyday is some other brilliant idea by the government that doesn’t make sense.. you are beating a dead horse we are over it!

    • When those bigger countries do things like theses yall dont have problems with it and if yall do yall keep yall mouth close and cooperate. So stfu

  2. So just leave your phone home and go out ? There have been several reports of people on the first flight out and about.

  3. So the cell phone is surgically attached to you? SMH. Whats to stop someone who isn’t attached to there phone like 90% of the world from leaving it at home when going out? And ANR your picture of the ankle tracker is a good idea cause that’s attached to the person and if removed the authorities would know if the seal or strap is broken.

  4. Not criminals. Just irresponsible selfish people who are probably suicide prone or don’t give a damn about the health and economic welfare of those of us WHO LIVE HERE!!!

  5. Yall take everything mek problem… if this was introduce or even keep up with i would assume its incase of a community spread they could trace back

  6. So like…. Who’s going to sit and moniter All those passengers while they are here?

  7. Makes no sense to vacate in A&B if am going to be a prisoner, if you are that worried should have kept your borders closed and not have ppl waste money to be confined, your economy will still be impacted negatively when ppl share their negative experiences via social media.

  8. To Angie T. In retrospect perhaps the borders should have remained closed IF ONLY to keep out the likes of you. It is so hurtful that decent, law-abiding, healthy islanders have to continue to make harsh but necessary sacrifices because of a few selfish people(?) who think they can threaten to destroy us through dead minds, idle fingers and social media. Shame on you!

  9. I have just heard it on good authority that they ARE NOT TESTING AT THE AIRPORT, JUST TAKING TEMPERATURES. Can the government please clarify?????

  10. Wow even in small Antigua GPS is being used to track people. Is this a sign that the small Islands will also implement 5g chips in humans. Turn to Jesus

  11. So what stops an individual from turning off the GPS on the phone or simply leaving the phone at home. It’s a good idea , it just has loop holes.

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