Gov’t urged to give Scotland Yard assurance Antigua will not not seek death penalty in Nigel Christian’s murder trial


Antigua-born lawyer Wayne Marsh is urging the Gaston-Browne administration to give Scotland Yard the assurance that Antigua will not not seek the death penalty in the Nigel Christian murder trial.

As a condition to offer help with the investigation — Britian has requested a guarantee that the death penalty will not not be sought should a party be named guilty.

According to Marsh, Britain’s request is in keeping with human rights principles.

“As we know, the Privy Council on many occasions has signalled its displeasure with the mandatory death penalty, and given the nature of the killing of the gentleman in this situation — to maintain that we will not give a commitment not to seek the death penalty may not necessarily be the best thing for the image of Antigua and Barbuda,” Marsh told Observer Radio.

“So, I would urge the government and the people of Antigua and Barbuda consider giving that assurance to Scotland Yard so that they could secure speedy and thorough and impartial investigation into the death of Mr. Christian.”

The death penalty remains on Antigua and Barbuda’s statute books but it has not been imposed since 1991.

Christian was abducted by four men from his home in McKinnons around 5:30 pm on Friday, July 10. He was later found on a dirt road at Thibous in the vicinity of New Winthorpes area, with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body.



  1. Is Mr. Marsh a member of the committee in talks with Scotland Yard. Does he have information on the progress of these specific talks?

  2. These things are determined by the court upon conviction and should not be dictated in advance to Antigua and Barbuda by another country. if THEY DON’T WANT TO HELP, then call in the Americans or our friends in China. Neither of these have any problem with the death penalty.

  3. Wow my day has been spoilt! No death penalty? So what would be the justice for the nature of this young man’s death? Is it feeding & providing comfort for the murderers/perpetrators with tax payers while they are behind bars…… I do hope this will not set a platform to allow others to commit a similar act. My condolences are extended to family & friends of the deceased!!!

  4. It is sad when a member of the court can make such a call to the executive arm of government. Doesn’t he know that politicians cannot tell the DPP nor the Judges what to do. Even if the DPP goes for the dead penalty, it’s up to the sentencing judge what the punishment will be for the crime. He is a real idiot. And educated fool.

  5. Have you not noticed the recent sentancing fiasco? The more evil you are, the less you get! Fact!!!

  6. Notten tarrrrrl go so!!
    You gave us our Independence and you still want to tell us what to do?
    Find the criminals first then we make that decision after.

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