Gov’t To Make Another Attempt To Force Hurricane Victims To Leave Barrymore Hotel


Barbudans still in occupation of the Government-owned Barrymore Hotel may be forcibly evicted from those premises.

Though this was not officially revealed or confirmed, come Wednesday 15, May, 2019, another attempt was said to be scheduled to remove some ten families from the inoperable facility.

Even with public officials and a heavy police presence, earlier attempts to evict the occupants led to a stand-off that ended in futility after the Barbudan showed defiance, apparently strengthened by the presence of their parliamentary representative Trevor Walker and media workers who showed up to witness and report on the developments.

The facility was reportedly refurbished to house some of the Barbudans who were evacuated form the Sister island following the almost total destruction of the houses during the passage of hurricane Irma.

The storm rated with intensity of ‘Category 5,’ struck the island on September, 6, 2017, leaving one infant dead and a trail of infrastructural and agricultural destruction.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, speaking to ABC news was quoted as saying, ‘The hurricane hit Barbuda like a bomb.’ Against this background, residents were evacuated from the island.

Many Barbudans have since returned and have been putting their lives together.

Those that are yet to return were said to be having difficulties rebuilding their homes or securing work or alternative accommodation on the mainland.

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  1. Tarl. Something real sweet and sexy over at Barrymore. So sweet that people don’t wanna leave.

    Hopefully there are no young females caught up in this situation at Barrymore. It would be real sad if they translate this mentality to relationships: fight to stay if a man wants you to leave.

  2. So does this mean that I can move in to the hotel also? Why can’t I get free housing like they do? I guess I am stupid to be paying my mortgage, working 10 hours per day and paying my bills for my house.

    It’s almost 2 years already since the hurricane, enough excuses! Get a job and rent a proper home, just like every other Antigua citizen does!

    • I guess you are stupid to be trying to work for what you want if you look at it from the vantage point of a Barbudan. Lazy setta people who want to be spoonfed and have everything handed to them. Remember they can get land over in Antigua, but the same does not go for Antiguans wanting land in Barbuda (only in recent times it was changed in the Parliament). So milk the gov’t and keep your house in Barbuda on rent while you mooch off the gov’t and people of Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. This is really getting to be ridiculous. You mean to tell me that the government is afraid from some bad publicity and having bend over backwards to help these people they cannot be touched. I wonder why any of us abide by the laws of this country. Since some people seem to get away with murder. This is not right no matter how you want to look at it. Sympathy time is longtime gone.

  4. What is the point of moving them now?. Hurricane season is coming again and the second phase of funded homes construction in Barbuda is to be started. Put the technicians in the new Royalton.

  5. Go to court and get an eviction notice and then evict them. What were they doing in Barbuda before the hurricane? They can go back to doing that and Trevor Walker can assist them with housing.

    • Trevor who? He is busy profiting from his gas station and maintaining his facade of pretending to care about them.

      • Was a hurricane shelter built in Barbuda? Shelter them there. By the way what is wrong with Trevor running a gas station? Is he getting concessions from the government?

        • He can be a good “corporate citizen” and give back to his community by donating or building shelter from his profit made by the residents patronizing his gas station.

          Tap “play bruk” like Richard Lewis.

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