Gov’t Says It Will Do All In Its Powers To Pay Salaries, Wages On Time

State Insurance Treasury Building

Despite falling revenues, the government today gave a commitment to public servants and pensioners to continue paying their salaries, wages and pensions.

Following Cabinet yesterday, the government said revenues continue to fall below required expenditures; however, the Cabinet has agreed that all will be done to ensure that salaries, wages, pensions and emoluments are paid on time at each pay period; and, that essentials are provided to the nation’s many institutions for their safe operation.

The closure of the country’s borders on March 26, 2020, essentially triggered a significant reduction in economic activity and employment, both of which will remain challenging until such time as the economy is fully opened-up.

All government employees and pensioners have been paid their salaries, wages and pensions on-time at the end of March, April and May 2020. Covid-19, the Cabinet agreed, will continue to be a threat to Antigua and Barbuda’s well-being for many months ahead.

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  1. There are persons in Antigua and Barbuda.Who have not received their Social Security payout as of today,May 11,2020.That is shameful.Because those persons have worked for many years and paid into the system.The money was taken out before they got paid.Now they are having a hard time getting by.Those folks depend on Social Security as their only source of income.Now they have not been paid.If anyone wants to doubt me on this matter.I would name the Bank.Where I know 100% for a fact.That persons have not been paid as of today.That is lousy and wrong.Pay the damn poor people their monies on time monthly.

    • It is a fail state which operated on a virtual economy and they are trying to blame immigrants who helped build it !

      • If its such a failed state, why you that born in a big country decide to come to this small failed state when your home still exists?

      • The govt was struggling to pay long before COV19 and was just taking from here to put there etc. I did not vote for this govt and this is exactly why. They only have plenty mouth but no creativity.

  2. @Gaston Trump: This is what I do know.Since Gaston Browne became Prime Minister in 2014 to now.Most persons have become financially poorer.That is a fact not a darn joke.

  3. The social security and pension system of Antigua is f$$ked. The reason is it was poorly designed to begin with, it was modeled after the U.S. system and we can see how messed up the U.S. is now. Unfortunately, Antigua cannot borrow like the U.S. can, so now we have a big problem.

    It is better for Antigua to have a system like Singapore’s Central Provident Fund retirement system. Antigua needs to do a big overhaul of its system now, or the country will be bankrupt pretty soon. Actually, it is already bankrupt and we are trying to get out of it, but we can’t do it if we are paying $12,000 a month pensions to former MP’s. The math doesn’t work.

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