Gov’t Points To Enrichment Scheme On Barbuda Council


The government is accusing the Barbuda Council of using the granting of leases as an enrichment scheme for some.

The state is on the view that the Barbuda Council has been leasing large acreages of land without the approval of the Cabinet or the Governor General as required by law.

It is alleged that the leases are then being sold to private operators at significant amounts greater than the required lease-payment.

“In other words, there is evidently in operation an unlawful and unethical scheme by the Barbuda Council to enrich selected persons. While the leases are void ab initio (from the very start), the matter will likely come before the courts,” the Cabinet warned.

The Solicitor General appeared before the Cabinet upon invitation to address the issue of lands being leased in Barbuda and other concerns.

“Buyers are warned, however, not to purchase leases from Barbudans who are purporting to have valid leases,” a brief statement from Cabinet said.

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  1. Wait! Stop the press am I reading right the real estate company call ALP allegedly accusing the Barbuda people of out doing them on the sale of lease. If this is true congratulations is in order for the Barbuda people, you have out manoeuvred the masters at their own game. Labour party administration it’s do as I say not as I do Barbudans.

  2. It is interesting how the cabinet can identify enrichment schemes.

    Perhaps they can look into the following and call the solicitor general for advice…

    Road construction
    Land clearing operations
    Land swapped
    Housing scheme
    Diplomatic and regular passport sales
    Port investment deal
    Income vs assets
    Michael Freeland

    Money is just burning while cost of living gets exponentially out of hand and a dear few good people have access to abundant wealth.

  3. The Prime Minister gave a direct order to all ministers to engage in creative enrichment. Well the council members took him up on his offer so they can’t be blamed.
    The blame for this scheme is to laid squarely at the PMs feet.

    The rational for this enrichment scheme for government ministers is that when they leave office that they are unemployable, so they are encouraged to get rich quick on the backs of the taxpayers.

    • Talk about “creative enrichment”…if you have not seen South Mall lately it is most certainly worth going to have a look and reflecting back onto the state of that “investment” just prior to the ’14 elections. The expansions and additions etc. seemed to start right after the election and has kept on going ever since. One can’t help but wonder what happened to the debt that credible word on the street said existed prior to this in your face rags to riches project!!

  4. Gaston you maybe the “Top Dog” but the Barbudans are the “Pit Bull’ when it comes to making decisions concerning their lands and land-leases.
    Cabinet need to take the plank out of their eyes before they can take it out of anyone else eyes.

  5. The council needs to stop playing with this asshole and bring the issue back here to the privy council regarding it’s granted powers over land and push for total independence from that up and coming communist Chinese outpost.

  6. Enrichment in A&B gone wild……The Cabinet members should clean their own shoes bottom before messing (no pun intended) with the Barbudans. Not condoning the behaviour if it’s true. The irony of all this is that the politicians are getting wealthier each day while the citizenry are scrunching to survive. There is a saying that one tief nah lub fuh see one nudda tief ah tief more dan eh. When will this advantage end?

  7. Very good jobs Barbudans.You have pulled the rugs from under this Big Dawg Administration.You have out witted them at their own game,known as Enrichment.Now the DAWG and the Kitchen Cabinet filled with “girly men”cannot take it.Keep on doing what you the people of Barbuda are doing.When the Big Dawg and the Cabinet come a barking throw them some bones.

    • When they come calling ask them to walk with the True Hurricane Irma Relief funds bank statements,and send who ever was attempting to dispurse the $9 million back to accounting school.

  8. That picture of Barbuda above part of it looks like the face of an animal.Could it be the TAP DAWG?

  9. No wonder why the Barbudans want to run their own affairs. They have been always allowed to be lawless. And this will have to stop somehow someday. Too much bobol going on down there. Let the Land Registry go there and due their audit. And we will see that none of them have paid for any lease of land.

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