Gov’t hits roadblock in bid to sell Alfa Nero as vessel is sanctioned by the U.S.


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet invited seven officials from the Ministry of Legal Affairs to address all the intricacies related to the seizure and sale of the superyacht Alfa Nero. The Cabinet is determined to ensure that every step taken by the several arms of Government—involved with the ultimate task of disposal of the vessel—will cause future pitfalls to be avoided, at this point.

The legal team has made the application to ensure that the Alfa Nero is de-listed as a sanctioned vessel by the USA, so that it can be free to enter the waters of the USA and will also ensure that the vessel will not be seized again.

The Antigua and Barbuda flag is now flown by the vessel. Insurance has also been secured. The negotiations with the Captain and crew has also been concluded. Liabilities incurred by staffing/crew, WIOC re-fueling, provisioning and some maintenance upkeep will fall to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda—the newest owner.

When the vessel is sold by auction, the monies received will meet these obligations; it is likely to leave Falmouth Harbour and Antigua in a few weeks.

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  1. Leave in a few weeks? America a one ass or what?

    America better know we have plans for the monies we will keep from the sale and not send to Ukraine who is being bombed back into the stoneage.

  2. So basically Gaston wants it? But USA blocking him?
    Why on earth would they keep it here so long then?
    I’m missing a lot of details but somebody can fill me on below

  3. Unlike the Ukraine, Antigua and Barbuda haven’t paid enough bribe money to the ‘states for political favor.
    You gotta give the u s government some credit however, they are equal opportunity oppressors.

  4. I checking this is a bigger bully, bullying a bully…

    The USA will always find a way to get piece of the pie. I can never understand greedy nations. Weh.

  5. So you mean the boat is going to stay there and be a a threat to the environment?
    The only way to solve that issue was to sell the boat, there was no other option. Now it is sitting there?

    Now what?

  6. Let’s see if it ends up in Porkston Brown’s hands or one of her family members. Then hopefully, the Russians will do what they are known to do.

  7. @Dominica – the usa doesn’t merely get a piece of the pie, it takes the entire bakery by force and without due process of law.
    Your assessment is undeservedly kind…

  8. I am always just amazed at how things are done in Antigua. After the much hasty Parliamentary session which saw the Speaker suspending the Standing Orders and ramming this matter through parliament as if the buyers were lining up at the door and waiting to take hold of the vessel. Clearly the folks within the office of Legal Affairs are lost as to all the requirements and is making the government look less than credible and sensible in all of this. We have a way of hurrying things here for expediency sake while caring very little about due diligence, rule of law and norms. There has been much incompetence in the overall handling of this matter.

  9. @Caustic I just knew some madness like that would ensue. They speak about corruption, but the USA ah boy… that one is mother of corruption.

    • @Dominica – the disturbing thing for me is Antigua’s alliance with communist china.


      • China support Antigua on so many occasions. What has the USA done for us lately. Anyways their days under the sun is numbered, young people are smarter and truly knows who the real enemy is.

  10. The Gaston Government claims the Owner has abandoned the property. No proof presented as to why is it the case.
    Gaston government either gets duped and scammed or makes things up. We are to really think a multimillion yacht has been abandoned.
    They further claim they also claim. For a country where the lawyers are quick to point to Acts and the Section on Pages this and that ; where is the law that supports the Gaston Brown Government actions
    The article says “so that it can be free to enter the waters of the USA and will also ensure that the vessel will not be seized again”.
    There has been no announcement of a successful bidder; but the yacht will be on its way to the USA shortly.
    Only for the “Uneducated, fools and poor”

  11. So all the so called members of the bar had no idea of how this would or should play out ..I have said for months that if Antigua prevented the vessel from leaving at the request of the United States via its sanction, then the vessel is not abandoned its held hostage at the request of the United States and they should be responsible for all fees relating to the vessel up until they come and get it or allow the owner to reclaim it ..Antigua have no dog in this fight ..them too nuff..take the issues up with America 🇺🇸…YOU CANNOT GET A WINDFALL FROM THE SALE OF A VESSEL SANTIONED BY A THIRD PARTY NATION ..A YOU DUNCE BAD

  12. The plot thickens, oh what a tangled Webb we weave, when we are trying to deceive..
    Bunch of useful idiots😆
    Stay tuned for another episode of the old and the restless!!

  13. Apparently there is a reading comprehension problem here. No, the USA will not get any of the proceeds of the sale. The yacht is currently sanctioned since it was Russian owned. Now that it is flagged in Antigua, the sanction will be removed. Don’t worry, Gaston and his cronies will get plenty of money from the sale.

    • @Tropical Pleasure
      You watch and see the US will not remove any sanctions. They will never sanction the sale to allow Antigua to hold on to the proceeds. The best they will do is collect the yacht and take it to the USA. But they now realize, as Gaston will, that it is very expensive to maintain a yacht.
      Sorry Gaston. Your thoughts of a quick sale and easy money not working. Your greed did not allow you to do the due diligence with the Americans. That yacht is going no where for years, unless the owner claims it. I can tell Gaston that the American congress will be in no hurry to give you free money. Is Gaston, the smartest man in Antigua, not tired being fooled or making a fool of himself?

  14. @Dominica – the usa is the mother of all corruption…what are your thoughts of the persecution of Trump if you keep up?

    It’s wonderful chatting with someone who gets it, the very best to you and yours.

  15. @Tropical Pleasure – the usa will “sanction” the transaction until it gets what it wants, yes?
    Please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…I don’t know everything.


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