Gov’t critical of UPP for bringing partisan politics into COVID-19 fight

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

The government says the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) is bringing partisan politics into the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Antigua & Barbuda.

Cabinet said yesterday that the UPP has done so by publishing statements and making pronouncements on radio that are confusing and are intended to mislead.

The Government says it will now begin to address their “many inaccurate and poorly-thought-out statements.” The cabinet did not identifying the specific statement made by the UPP said to be partisan.

The statement was made the same day that the head of the World Health Organization called on leaders to not “politicise” the situation and focus on saving lives threatened by COVID-19.

The comments by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Wednesday came a day after US President Donald Trump’s criticised the global health agency and suggested his administration could review funding.

With the global death toll exceeding 83,000 amid 1.4 million confirmed infections, Tedros said now is not the time for such threats.

“The focus of all political parties should be to save their people. Please don’t politicise this virus. It exploits the differences you have at the national level,” he said at a press briefing in Geneva, addressing politicians and world leaders.

“If you want to be exploited and if you want to have many more body bags, then you do it. If you don’t want many more body bags, then you refrain from politicising it.”

Pleading for leaders to put aside differences, Tedros added: “Please, unity at national level, no using COVID for political points. Second, honest solidarity at the global level. And honest leadership from the US and China,” he said.

“The United States and China should come together and fight this dangerous enemy,” he said.


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  1. Covid 19 is a 1 in a 100 years pandemic. The UPPites currently barking will never be around neither will they govern this country in the time leading up to the next 100 years. Let them continue to bark. Covid 19 is the new in thing. Leave them on that bandwagon.

  2. Gaston Top Dawg Browne please just admit you are a failed experiment on the people of Antigua
    & Barbuda. You can silence the UPP leaders with your hot air about party politics that is their
    business, they can crumble under your political games not me I am watching you like an night
    owl. I have some simple questions for you 1. What happen to our CIP monies over 2 billion. 2.
    NyamCo monies that you boost about, wha the money gorn. 3. Your 7.4 % economic growth
    what happen ECLAC lies. 4. Gaston where is the stimulus. 5. If W.I.C.O and CUB belongs to the
    people now is the time to use their profits on the people. 6. What has become of our colonizers
    China and Venezuela? Finally what has become of you rich friends you need them now more than
    ever. Oh Top dawg guess when you picket and kicked in state Insurance door wasn’t political,
    when the police said not to march up high street wasn’t political. Guess when you party filed all
    the election court cases that wasn’t political. Dawg you need to go take your meds, because I am
    going to keep you accountable to the citizenry.
    Last modified: 12:

    • We are following the money. We need to know where our money gone. A time like this we need every cent.

    • Why are you so angry, Dane? You need to get a life, cool down a little, and enjoy Resurrection Life this happy Easter. Who mash your corn? Watch de pressure, please.

      • I am sure Mr. Knight would “cool down” if you gave him/us plausible answers, or at least some of them, as to where the CIP monies (our monies) are located. While you are filling in the money gaps perhaps you could reassure the enquiring public as to whether there is any money moving or laundering happening between/on behalf of let’s say THE COLONIZERS, WIOC, NAMCO, CUB and/or GLOBAL BANK? When info is not forthcoming it does tend to make the mind work overtime with all the possible scenarios that may or may not be happening.

    • As a National of Antigua and Barbuda.One has the right to speak freely.As long as that speech is not threatening and or defamed one’s character. Gaston Browne,Antigua and Barbuda were not willed to you.They are not your darn personal property.I have gone on record long before Knight.I have said that you would go down in History as the worst Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.I am basing my assessments on your lacking in leadership and poor performances.I have spent over 50 years evaluating persons in all aspects of their performances in the workplace.To include promotions to the positions of Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents.In my company you would never be promoted,never.Based on your performances over the past 6 years.Your evaluation performance would be an B.E.(below expectations).And you would be put on a 30 days probation.Given certain areas that needs to be improved.After that we would meet again.If you did not meet those goals set previously.You would be terminated.The people of Antigua and Barbuda should terminate you,now.

  3. just gee me wan break gaston, no body else politicise things more than u … the bunch of misinformation thats out there is due your government… you go on the air say one thing , Health Minister say another thing and then u will run your mouth off on facebook & ur radio station or wherever before putting out something that’s detailed that everybody can understand and dont have to question because it came out right the first time.. thats why u all have to keep going back to change this and that on everything u all put out. Health minister said a few weeks ago that the ward at old holberton was completed , then are u say we now can do our own testing but yet still sending things to trinidad .. are u run off are u mouth to much … wait until everything is in place make sure its up and running and then make the announcement are u look like fools coming out saying this and that and know it aint true… u all are a bunch of inept fools that was just lucky to get into government u all just lucky that that all the other parties are as inept as u …

  4. Well said Mr. Knight, this prime minister must and will pay for playing on the weak emotions of some of the citizens of our nation.

    God not sleeping

  5. What is more important to the PM? Concerning himself with what UPP says or do not say or coming up with a stimulus package to help struggling Antiguans? The St. Lucian prime minister just announced a stimulus package to help his people. Where is yours? You are just trying to deflect from your incompetence. It at times like this that we know who the true leaders are.
    You did away with PIT to benefit yourself and your rich friends. Think of the millions lost to the treasury which could be available. Of course you would have stripped the treasury of these funds too.
    What economic powerhouse? This country has had its resources so mismanaged with no accountability and this crisis has shown the fraud that has perpetuated on the ppl of Antigua and Barbuda.
    Why are you worried about UPP? They are not the government. ABLP is.
    Please account for the people’s money.

  6. Tired of the empty noise well said. The ABLP is the government for 6 years now and all they do is complain and compare themselves with the UPP. It reminds me very much of the idiot Donald Trump constant comparison with the brilliant and intellectual Barack Obama. Please ABLP start governing and stop complaining. Also, like the rest of the OECS the country requires nothing less than a comprehensive stimulus package, or are we no longer bigger than them and is the Economic Power House.

    • Charles Tabor: Ivor Ford would be coming after you again.He is the Constitution.And the Constitution is he.No one in Antigua and Barbuda knows more about the Constitution than Ivor.Not even the drafters of said documents.He was the fly on the walls.When the discussions were on going at Lancaster House in Jolly Old England.

    • I will suggest that DANE KNIGHT and CHARLESWORTH TABOR form a Political Party. I have never known two Persons knock one head than these two Guys. These Two Guys are haters of the Government . The Government cannot do anything right for these Guys. I wonder who They would like to run the country . Antiguans gave you Guys one seat in the last election and 2023 the ABLP will take all the seats . Running your BIG mouths on Radio and Social Media DO NOT win election. That is the reason DANE KNIGHT and CHARLESWORTH TABOR will be shouting from the other side for the next 30 years.

  7. Chuck, why don’t you just join up with the party and government elected by the people, and work together for the common good, especially at a time such as this. Kick the political game to the curb and work together with the people’s government to work together in defeating our common enemy, this evil virus. Come on. Join in. You will be welcome.


    You are nothing but a LOUD mouth. You find all sort of things to say about this Government . You go on your Radio program( which you use to spread PROPAGANDA) I hope the first Law suit you will receive will stop you in your tracks. Also you will drag Observer into the Law suit also. In this Crisis you just CRITICIZE all the time. There is nothing that this Government can do to please you. I believe you should get a life and you will see life in a different setting. I know We must have Opposition but You oppose for opposing sake. I do hope that the Government will sue you someday. I heard that there is a Law suit should reach you soon. This is the only way you would learn. Stop spreading FAKE NEWS on your Program.

  9. Dane Knight You have displayed IGNORANCE over the past years. You should study Journalism 101. That will open your mind how to speak and not always talking without PROOF. This shows that you do not have an open mind. You are a very obnoxious Person. Hope you change your ways soon. At this moment I believe that you are damaging the Observer Brand. You and Serpent please smarten UP.

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