Governor of ECCB, Timothy N. J. Antoine, Conducts Country Outreach Mission in Antigua and Barbuda


The Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), Timothy N. J. Antoine continues his 2023 round of Country Outreach Missions with consultations in Antigua and Barbuda.


Governor Antoine commenced his engagements by meeting with the Honourable Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, on 12 June to discuss key issues. 


The Governor and his delegation visited the ECCB’s Mentorship School, T N Kirnon Primary on 13 June where they met with staff and students.

They also conducted a tree-planting exercise at the school as part of the ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Celebration events.  


Today, Governor Antoine paid a courtesy call on the Governor General’s Deputy, His Excellency Clare Roberts.

The team is also making a presentation to the Cabinet of Ministers on the ECCU’s Performance and Prospects under the theme: Repositioning for Resilience and Sustainability and is to meet with the Leader of the Opposition as well as members of the Barbuda Council that same day.  


The ECCB delegation will engage with Social Partners inclusive of civil society, labour unions, churches and youth, followed by the members of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce on 15 June. 


The live interview with Governor Antoine dubbed: Conversations with the ECCB Governor, will be broadcast on Thursday, 15 June from 8:00 p.m. on ABS Radio and TV and will be streamed live on the ECCB’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.   

Director of News, Sports and Current Affairs, at ABS Television/Radio, Garfield Burford, will engage Governor Antoine in discussion on a range of issues.

During the broadcast, Governor Antoine will take questions from the audience.

The public is invited to call or send questions via the ECCB Connects social media platforms.  

The Country Outreach Mission to Antigua and Barbuda will conclude on 16 June with engagements between the ECCB team and the Antigua and Barbuda Bankers Association, followed by a session with the media.

The ECCB delegation will also visit Barbuda as part of the Mission. 

The ECCB’s delegation includes Chief Director (Policy) – Tracy Polius; Head of Advisory Services, Governor’s Office – Dr Emefa Sewordor; Country Economist – Kevin Woods; and Senior Technical Assistant, Corporate Relations Department – Marlon Bristol.  


As part of his 2023 round of Country Outreach Missions, the Governor visited Saint Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis in February-March and the Commonwealth of Dominica in May.  

Check out the ECCB Connects Facebook Page to follow the Governor’s outreach in Antigua and Barbuda.







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  1. Great news. I would like the Governor to focus more on the service our local banks are providing to their clients and examine their policies for opening a bank account in this country. There are too many obstacles placed in the way for people to open an account or simply for making any change such as adding a signatory.
    Thereafter I would like them to focus on public education of the people as to the working of the ECCB and how it is we do not have a foreign exchange problem like many other Islands right here in Caricom have. Antiguans can freely spend money overseas with their credit card without having a care in the world. Not so long ago one had to have US Dollars in the bank in order to back any purchase on the credit card. These days, you just go online and buy goods on AMAZON like you stupid and get it delivered right here at your doorstep if you would want to. And even AMAZON is giving you the option if you want to pay in EX Dollars or US Dollars. What we also need to understand is the entire concept of economic growth of the country. What it means for the average man. For many people think that it means that people will have more money in their pocket. And there is the issue of educating us to start using the Dcash. Many countries in Africa and Asia such as China are already using DCash in many places. Especially businesspeople will not run the risk of having too much cash on hand and risk to be robbed. DCash is money safe in the bank at all times. It’s not the same as bitcoin. It is backed 100% by the ECCB as a legal tender.

  2. Never thought the day will come I agree with you.
    Not only do I concur, but I’d go further.
    The ECCB is among the Caribbean institutions that’s failing in their mandate.
    Rather than regulating they are prohibiting. The ECCB is pressured by the US to adopting draconian policies that it may seem US citizens are not subjected to. While the regulations are not different ECCB member banks are not under any pressure for providing good customers service.
    As a regulatory agency they are failing the Eastern Caribbean not differently than LIAT.

  3. What about the OECS policy holders in CLICO? It has been over 14 years and no solution. People are suffering and even dying. What is the position of the Governor of the ECCB on this matter. A similar situation to LIAT.

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