Governor General Sir Rodney Williams has prorogued parliament



Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne has advised Governor General Sir Rodney Williams to prorogue Parliament as of Friday, December 16, 2022.

The proclamation from the Governor General is expected to follow shortly.

Proroguing Parliament refers to the act of discontinuing a session without dissolving it.

There is heightened speculation the announcement of the date of the election is imminent.

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    • @ Wong Ping
      Athley Rodney on 08/08/2021 to Gaston and Cutie ‘should I proceed with the plan to tear gas the poor black hungry Antiguans and Barbudans?’

      Gaston and Cutie’s response to Rodney ‘Yes, teargas DEM R_ SS, make certain that you hurt them real badly, let them know that a we run things ya’

      Dem wicked evil and HEARTLESS Vagabonds.

    • @ Wong Ping: That’s just the best of you & your charlotons show casing how limited your vocab & knowledge is about great leaders . Gaston is here to stay and the time has now come to get rid of The UPP blue flies from Antigua’s politics.. Ask Senator Johnathan!!

      • Are we no want no dictatorship. Get rid of he and them. Any Antiguan can be prime minister. Gaston is not God.

  1. It’s either to call the General Election or to destabilise Parliament (something that his associate Boris Johnson from the UK tried to do, and look how he end up? And whey him dey now?).

    Hopefully, it’s the former – but you can never second guess with Gaston Browne!

    50 years of Birdism and Browneism soon up … 🗳

      Hon. Gaston Browne, hope you will set date for election 2023 at the LAUNCH MONDAY DEC.19 2023.
      After election 2023 BRIXTONIAN et Al will go and find a job. BRIXTONIAN your hope for Senator will never happen.

      ABLP. 17 SEATS

      UPP. 00 SEAT ( 12 Candidates lose Deposits)

      DNA. 00 SEAT ( All Candidates lose deposits)

      BPM ( BARBUDA). 00 SEAT


      • @ ERIC (THE RED)


      • @Eric
        Antigua is one of the 10 most indebted countries in the world. Billions in CIP. Over $800mill per year in revenue. Billions in borrowings. A population of about 100,000. The little improvements in infrastructure were funded by grants. What happened to all the money including from loans? You want five more years of this government? Gaston said he go borrow us out of debt but what he means he go borrow the country into poverty and destruction. At some point the creditors are coming for their money. It’s the IMF he will have to go to as when you over you head in debt, nobody else go lend you money other than the Chinese who will take our lands as collateral. You think Antigua can declare bankruptcy?
        We need to be rid of this man. Anybody but he.

    • Brixtonian, I know you guys are very anxious. You have been in limbo now for more than a year. But don’t you know that Parliament goes on recess every Christmas? Our politicians have families to go to also. And they need to spend quality time with their constituents. Perhaps you should go to Christmas party of Maria. You Don’t need no invitation. Just come as you are. All are welcome. And ABLP has plenty ham and turkey to share for the entire nation. UPP and DNA broke, they can’t even buy a tin of sardine for their constituents. So sad. I guess they spent all their monies on the UPP Pull Up campaign. A bunch of broke laggards, losers, murderers and conmen, hoping to get in the treasury with their filthy hands. Not them again. No Sir.

      • @Sideline,
        Where does the ALP get all the money from? You tell me. Are you saying that UPP wants to access the treasury with the their filthy hands like the ALP? UPP has no money because they can’t do like the Labour Party, shake down investors for contributions.
        When business people get tax waivers, do you think they make contributions to the Labour Party? When the government overpay some businesses for services, do you think they make contributions to the Labour Party?
        Yes UPP broke just like the country. It appears that the only political party that has money in Antigua is the Labour Party. Where do they get the money from, we know not from the politicians. Some of it indirectly from the treasury? You won’t find cancelled cheques because the money never went into the treasury in the first place.

    • Dummy, it’s Parliament dissolving as it ways does before an election. Why even mention “destabilizing?” Y’all political until y’all stupid.

      • @ Chups

        And you are not?? Every thread you post on here is political and always criticising others EXCEPT THE ABLP, YOU USEFUL IDIAT.

      • I note with interest @ Chups, that my use of the WORD ‘destabilise’ disturbs you, but Gaston Browne’s ACTIONS on Teargas Sunday on the 08/08/2021, where innocent women and children were ill treated and gassed, does not. wow!


        • … if what your idol Gassy did on that eventual day wasn’t a destabilising action, then I have no idea what that word really means Chupsy …

  2. Beadee Beadee what’s hanging over UPP head? A political dustbin to dump the blue idiots once and for all from our political history.

      • Remember @ From The Sideline, Bluddy Bloke, ERIC (THE RED), and Chups PEOPLE LIKE ME HAVE A PLAN B, if by some sort of miracle, Gaston Browne retains office and Antigua’s economic woes PREDICTABLY gets worse.

        Do you?

        My Antiguan passport says I can continue my business in the CARICOM region. Simple really!

        Hopefully, when ABLP lose big big big come election time black businesses will continue to employ and grow in Antigua.

        It’ll be fantastic to see Antigua grow after 50 years of Birdism and Browneism … I can’t wait, but don’t hide away when you lose though. Pretty please.

    • @Bluddy Bloke
      Hope you don’t get what you wish for. A government that thinks it owns all of the lands in Antigua and Barbuda and politicians can take at will. A government that will not hesitate to have the police use tear gas and shoot Antiguans if they dare defy them. A government that can take your lands at will without compensation. A government that controls the judiciary so that they can act with impunity. A country where the leader and his ministers are the only rich black Antiguans with no visible businesses. (Well the leader has some that the government helps to keep in operation). A country where a significant percentage of the population makes $1300 per month and live in poverty. A government with so much debt that survival of the country is at stake. When the government defaults on its debts, which country will take over?
      No government should be in power for many years as they become corrupt, and are accountable to no one. Antigua may become like some African countries where the military overthrows corrupt leaders and set up military leaders who become just as corrupt.
      When there is a change in government, governments know that they are accountable to the people and are not dictators. What is wrong with some Antiguans that they are so foolish that they think only one party should run Antigua?
      Post article for your supper. But Election Day, vote for change from a mad man. Antigua needs to move on from Birdism mentality.

  3. GB paid off Jolly beach workers whom you did not owe. The government never hired anyone to work at Jolly Beach or Liat, plain and simple. Nuffness make those burdens ended up on the tax payers of Antigua. Then civil servants whom you hired you have treated like dirt. No back pay, no increase worked out . To even go deeper our nurses who risked their lives have not been taken care of . Last night on the news , the minister talking All of a sudden talking about sitting in one room and have a face to face negotiations. I am sure I heard the President of the nurses saying that you guys did not have the respect to invite them to the table. So after elections who says you will. Then there are the scores of local contractors you owe for donkey years and treat them like dirt /beggars. I am making reference to the equipment owner , cleaning companies , security companies, suppliers , the poor school uniform Supplies.
    Then the social security pensiones and the state of our prison and other institutions.
    What about the water situation. I pay for more air than water.
    So during this election cycle and these are not settled ,if they are not paid it will take at the end of another 5 years. Many of you / us will be dead on gone . So as the politicians press home for elections let us press home for what is rightly ours .

    • @Frankly Speaking
      Government funds did not pay off the jolly Beach workers, they said they sold 33% of the company and paid the workers. The government never borrowed from all the other creditors of Jolly Beach either but they also paid them off to be able to take over the property. So what is your point?

  4. Can the SEC still come to Antigua to investigate FTX trading under the table in Antigua and buying land? Will the election prevent them access to our government accounts and arresting anyone for fraud?

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